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Why you need a Custom Contact Form on Squarespace

The internet is full of possibilities for those who are aspiring to start or grow online, selling products, services, or even influence. 

Squarespace is one of the many platforms that allow their users to easily put into practice the dream to succeed as an online business. And to help you along the path, we present the possibility to have a custom contact form for your own Squarespace online business.

But, if you’re looking for the perfect platform to establish your business, and still have no idea how Squarespace can help you, we are going to clear the way.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is Squarespace, after all?

Squarespace is a platform that allows users to build their own websites. They are focused on small business owners.

Mac with Squarespace website on screen

It was founded in 2004 and now counts with over 2.6 million accounts, among websites and e-commerce. So, you can count on its solid base and trust on it when deciding for Squarespace as your website hostage.

How does Squarespace work?

If you’re concerned about your own device supporting Squarespace,  put your mind at rest. No download is required so you can use the service. It’s an online solution, with its own server and no software needed.

As with most of the no-code platforms, you don’t need to know how to code so you can have a fully responsive and beautiful website. All you have to worry about is which template you’re going to start building your online business.

Building a website with Squarespace
Managing your own business online gets easier every day. And right now is the perfect time to start. 

With the Covid-19 pandemic still as part of our daily routine, businesses and customers are migrating online. This means - the moment to start your own online business is now.

In this article, we focus on the importance of having a contact form on your business page and on how to build the perfect one, with free templates.

Why your Squarespace website needs a custom contact form

Contact forms are an easy way to open your business to visitors, working as a gateway to start a conversation. You can do a lot with a well-made contact form. More than just receive messages from leads and potential customers. 

Get to know and understand your audience

Here goes a fact: without your audience, your business doesn't exist. So, the best place to put your efforts is into gathering an audience. Loyal customers that believe in your work and enjoy being part of your audience.

And once you start to have an audience you must understand them, getting to know their expectations and anticipating their needs.

Form Analytics Geo example - MightyForms

When you have a well-made contact form you get a channel where you can interact with your audience and have a good acquaintance and understanding of them.

Boost lead generation

Contact forms are also great to capture more leads for you. They work by allowing a new visitor or a customer to send messages to the business. And you can ask if they accept to receive news from your business in their email, amplifying your mailing list.

The best part is - these are all quality leads.

Since they have a real interest in your business, big enough to send you a message, once they subscribe to your mailing list, you have bigger chances of captivating them and convince those leads to convert into paid customers.

Help visitors 

Sometimes visitors get interested in your services or products and want to know more about them. That’s when you step in allowing users to reach out to your business through a contact form.

Let the visitor send you the questions they must ask before they make up their mind to make a purchase. This is also great for user experience since it provides an open way for the user to reach the business, showing professionalism.


One way or another you must let your business open for the lead to start a conversation. Contact forms avoid the need to leave an email address on the contact page. Which increases the security for your business. If you opt by adding an email address on the contact page you’re at risk of a bot accessing it and sending you spam.

But, a contact form avoids it, especially when it has an automatic reCaptcha, such as MightyForms forms.

Then you can free your mailbox from spammers and have only the necessary emails, plus the messages sent by the leads.

Automate tasks

Your contact form can do much more than just receive messages for your business. Why settle for the basics when you can have a powerful, automated, and beautiful contact form on your well-built contact page?

You can use your contact form, for example, as a tool to automate client intake, customer relations, or user experience. All with a human tone, as always. After all, you don’t want to sound like a scary bot.

When you automate your contact form you can alert your team every time of a new submission, thank the lead for having sent a message, organizing any file sent with the form, or even forwarding the message to the proper team using logic rules.

In any case, leaving your contact form on autopilot is the best solution to reduce tasks and do more with the form.

How to create a contact form for Squarespace

Squarespace allows you to build a contact form with their templates. But, if you want something different, more personalized, and that comes with integrations, and that can be easily automated, you can simply copy and paste your MightyForms contact form code to your Squarespace contact page.

Follow the next steps to have a beautiful, useful, and on autopilot contact form on your Squarespace page.

Step 1 - Create your Contact Form on MightyForms

You must start with the basic step. The first thing to do is to create or access your MightyForms account. And then, it is time to build your contact form. 

You can start from a template or from scratch. Customize all the form’s design, letting it resemble your business characteristics, using its color scheme, typography, and never forget to add your logo. 

Create a contact form with MightyForms

Change the form’s background, leaving it with a beautiful appearance, which helps you on the task of convincing people to fill out the form. And to capture their attention.

Don’t forget to automate your form using integrations and features that allow you to use your forms indepth. We’ll discuss this when talking about customization.

Step 2 - Copy and paste your embed code on Squarespace

Now is the time to add your bright form to your Squarespace page.

Without leaving your MightyForms dashboard, you can see at the top of your screen the button for “Share”. Click on it. Then you will copy the embed code.

Copy the Embed Code.

Now, you have to go to your Squarespace. 

Use Code Blocks to add your HTML form code to the page. Go to your contact page, click in insert point, and then click on Code on the menu. Paste the embed code to the text field.

Voilá. You have your simple copy-and-paste code embedded into your Squarespace page.

Step 3 - Track your form’s performance.

Now you have a beautiful and useful form on your Squarespace page. All that is left to do is to track it using the analytics and Abandoned Form Recovery feature. Never miss a submission with the notification enabled. And remember - your form can work for you, as long as it’s automated.

Start collecting leads and receive messages with your brand new custom contact form on Squarespace.

How to customize your Squarespace Contact Form

Let’s now talk (finally) about how you can leave your form beautiful, functional, and on autopilot. After all, these are the reasons why you’re looking for a form builder - so your contact form can not only be impressive but also can work for you (not the other way around).

When customizing your form you must always be logged in your MightyForms dashboard.

From the dashboard, you can change the form's looks, and add any feature and integration. 

Changing the form’s design

You can change the form background, color scheme, and typography. All so you can customize the contact form to work better for your goal and to create a business identity.

Start by adding all the fields you need. 

Remember that it is a contact form, therefore, it must be simple and straight to the point, otherwise, you can lose leads. All because users want to understand the reason why you’re asking each data for them. It’s a matter of security. 

Web Form design - MightyForms

A few actions you can take to make your forms fillable and reduce the abandonment rate:

- Avoid asking for a phone number can reduce your abandonment rate; 

- Use logic rules, aka conditional logic, to accelerate the process;

- Reduce the number of form fields.

To add a new field you can simply drag-and-drop it or add by clicking on the plus sign next to the field name.

Resize the field and change the placement, according to your needs.

Then you can change the form’s appearance, using the Catalog from existing Themes or by creating your own.


Choose an image to illustrate your form’s background, something that is related to your business, and, at the same time, compels visitors to send you a message.

Change the fonts and the shape of the fields. Customizing the form is easy, and also important, so the form can be unique and represent your brand.

And, if there are any changes you don’t like, simply undo the step.

You can Preview your form before publishing it, to check how it looks and even test your autoresponder.

Use integrations and features

Now let’s talk about how you can use your contact form for Squarespace in-depth.

Logic Rules  

Let’s start with Logic Rules. You can enable it, for example, so the proper team is notified of a new submission. You can have the sales team alerted every time a person says their doubt is about sales. Or you can hide/show fields according to the previous answer.


The next on the list is integrations. Here is where you can automate your forms with thousands of other services using, for example, Zapier or Webhooks.

To store files sent with the form, you can use Dropbox or Google Drive. To automatically set a scheduling, you have the option to add the Google calendar. MailChimp personalizes your mailing list and Stripe allows you to receive payments. 

Let your imagination run free. Use your creativity to do the most of it. And make your forms complete with messages, automation, working for you.

Success Message

At Settings you can select to send Custom Thank-you messages to the lead with a success page, having the possibility to redirect them to a new page.

Enable the Abandoned Form Recovery feature to track all your forms, learning when a form is abandoned, and at which field. This allows you to improve your form, so it can work better and gather more leads.

Squarespace - Pros and Cons

When choosing a platform to host your website is important to be aware of every aspect concerning it. You can’t just go for it on the first platform you see. To help you with your decision, we’re going to talk about good and bad points of SquareSpace. Make sure you read our articles about WordPress and Wix as well.

The bright side of Squarespace


Squarespace counts with more than 100 templates for your choice. All templates are modern and beautifully designed, ready for your use. They are also responsive from default. All of these are attractive both for visitors as for SEO.


You can easily customize all the blog content on-the-go. And even create your own logo, simple, yet very professional. And you can improve the pages using a lot of integrations, including with Zapier. All available to design the website with business looks, identifiable by users.

Email-Marketing tool

You can create your email marketing campaigns straight with Squarespace, making it easier to build up your campaigns.

The downside of Squarespace

Payments for Online Commerce

Or better said, the lack of possibilities, unless you’re on one of the Commerce plans. as an example, there’s no possibility of payment for all currencies. If you’re planning global e-commerce you may not have the currency for all countries.

No auto-save

There is no chance for mistakes here - you must save each step if you don’t want to lose it. There is no auto-save for Squarespace.

No phone support

Their support is made for those who prefer message systems, like email or online chat. But if you’re old-fashioned and like a human real-time connection, like through phone support, Squarespace may not be for you.

Free Contact Form templates for your Squarespace page

MightyForms has dozens of free contact forms for you to use, customize, and make them yours. Easily transform the contact form templates with your Squarespace identity, making it easy to be recognized by your audience.

Information Request Form

The good reason why to use this contact form template is for the numerous possibilities it offers. It’s a plain template, waiting to be customized according to your goals. And it has a good number of fields, enough for you to capture new leads and for the visitor to send you their requests.

Contact Form Detailed

With a detailed contact form, you have the possibility to gather more data and even collect files from the visitors. You can use it when you expect to receive messages with photos from your products or services, using as feedback, or when you allow the user to send through contact form documents, let’s say maybe a contract.

Contact form with a map

It’s the perfect form if you want to look open for visitation. Giving your location is like putting a Come  Visit Us sign. And it also works very well for local SEO, increasing your business shot to show on local searches.

Final Thoughts

Squarespace is an important space so you can grow your e-commerce, and should not be ignored when looking for a possible platform to establish your own online business. And is always important to remember that even if you’re not much into web forms, a contact form is a must-have on your page.

Learn more about how to build the perfect contact page, to go along with your master contact form for Squarespace.

Start building right now with MightyForms.


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