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Payments, Subscriptions and Donations

Easily create comprehensive order forms to sell your products and services, or collect donations for your projects.

This payment method supports Stripe Customer's Portal which provides subscription and billing management features that allow your customers to fully manager their subscriptions, manage addresses and see invoices.

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Optimize and Recapture lost leads

What most people don't realize is that there is typically a huge churn of web form users that happens during the filling process that can range from 40 to upper 80 percentile.

By asking for contact information at the beginning of your form, our powerful Autoresponder tool can send a Resume submission link to your lost leads. Send the link with a custom message via SMS and email, and get a second chance to convert a lead into a client.

Connect to leads in real-time

Set up automatic email and SMS notifications with our Autoresponder, to leads and Sales leaders.

Send data automatically to CRMs, and add leads to marketing campaigns. Track submissions being filled out in real-time.

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How MightyForms works its magic to analyze and track the performance of your web form processes


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Create new or import your existing form or survey into our builder. Integrate it with your workflow apps, and share it with the world!

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See the detailed analytics of how users interact with your form and get suggestions from our AI on the problematic areas.

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Apply suggestions as you see fit. Utilize A/B testing, Abandoned Form Recovery, custom notifications, and drive up your conversions!

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Show, Hide or Skip

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Make it easier and faster for people to fill out your form by customizing the fields shown based on their responses.

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Generate quotes and receive payments from your order forms, calculating prices based on submitted data.

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Keep your contact lists and CRMs updated by automatically sending specific form data to them.

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Import your products
Set up Calculations
Send PDF quotes and receipts

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Sell subscription packages
Monthly or Yearly
Enable Coupons

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Fixed Payments

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Set a Fixed Price
Accept any card
Customize the Thank-you message

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Over 2.000 integrations via Zapier
Google Analytics & Tag Manager
CRMs and Cloud services

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Success Page & Redirects
Email & SMS notifications
Logic Rules

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Recapture lost leads
Customize messages
Save & Resume

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George G


Star - MightyformsStar - MightyformsStar - MightyformsStar - MightyformsStar - Mightyforms
Nov 09, 2020

"Streamlined approach to form building and optimization"

Man in a burgundy shirt

Andrew D

Zapier & Integromat Certified Expert

Star - MightyformsStar - MightyformsStar - MightyformsStar - MightyformsStar - Mightyforms
Nov 04, 2020

"Fantastic, easy to use form builder with all the layout a input features you need!"

Omar A


Star - MightyformsStar - MightyformsStar - MightyformsStar - MightyformsStar - Mightyforms
Nov 18, 2020

"Onboarding of new prospects to relevant departments using conditional logic, resulted in a 90% reduction in employee time usage."

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Ralph P

CEO & Founder

Star - MightyformsStar - MightyformsStar - MightyformsStar - MightyformsStar - Mightyforms
Nov 09, 2020

"Most dynamic intelligent form builder on the market"

Harleigh A


Star - MightyformsStar - MightyformsStar - MightyformsStar - MightyformsStar - Mightyforms
Nov 19, 2020

"Helpful way to reduce my workload with auto forms and spreadsheet integration"

Drew L


Star - MightyformsStar - MightyformsStar - MightyformsStar - Mightyforms
Nov 13, 2020

"Stripe Integration is awesome. There are no other products that work this well. Great form for accepting Stripe payments through the website."

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Scott O

Customer Experience Manager

Star - MightyformsStar - MightyformsStar - MightyformsStar - MightyformsStar - Mightyforms
Nov 05, 2020

"Quick and easy!"

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Nico (Eileen) P


Star - MightyformsStar - MightyformsStar - MightyformsStar - MightyformsStar - Mightyforms
Nov 05, 2020

"It is incredibly easy to build a powerful, modern and mobile-ready Form with a lot of Options, Icons and Tools to choose from."

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