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How to Add a Success Message to your Online Forms

A success message is one of the ways you have to delight your lead and convert them. It is both a thank you message and a confirming message that also brings information about the next steps and how long it will take for you to reply to your lead, among other details you can add like your company logo and contact information.

Sending a confirming message after the form has been submitted is a quick and effective way to convert leads into customers.

All thanks to something known as customer experience. And MightyForms lets you perform this task in no time, just by following easy steps you can have a fully custom message to each of your leads, automatically.

Stay tuned for these tips, with examples you can use, and all about the importance of having a well-made Thank You message set after form submission.

thank you message after form submission - MightyForms

What is a success message?

A form’s success message is a piece of communication that says to the lead that the form was filled out correctly and has been sent. But that’s not all. You can tell them how grateful you are for their time and interest. It is a simple attitude that can have a downside if it’s not there, as you may lose prospects that feel disrespected or lost by your lack of information.

To avoid it, you send them a confirming message, with a well-written text, saying thank you. A form’s success message that informs your customer that the form was submitted and that you are going to respond to their inquiry very soon. 

How the success message can improve your business

A thank you message can be the game-changer your business is waiting for in order to take that boost. That’s because you can retain more customers using a confirm message than if you would send nothing. It is a good ROI for your company.

You can use e-mail, pop-up, redirect the lead to a new landing page, or SMS. In the case of a payment form, or even booking forms, where the user made a purchase, you can even send the confirmation message after the form submission and you can attach a PDF copy of a receipt.

One successful case of using a thank you page is the Brazilian company Klickpages. They saw an increased ROI of 293,66% just by using a thank you page for their lead capture forms.

Remember to always personalize the message with form data, to give it uniqueness. If you’re sending an email you should know that a personalized subject line has a 26% higher chance to be opened

Using a customer’s first or full name in your confirming message can also be considered personalization, and you should know that 90% of American consumers find this very appealing.

Best Thank You messages examples

Let’s put our imagination to work. You are a customer, or even a job seeker, that just filled out a long form. You expect some kind of recognition for your effort and time dedicated. You also wish to know if that was sent correctly. You expect a form success message. And for that reason, you should also set up a confirming message to your leads and clients.

Check out our examples of success messages for your forms:

1. Inform your client how long you’ll take to respond

One hour or three days? No matter how much time (just don’t take a whole month), what matters is that you’re telling how long it will take until you deliver an answer to your lead’s inquiries. It is a good contact form success message example.

Dear [your lead name],

Thank you for writing to us. We got your request and within 2 business days, we will get in touch. Meanwhile, take a look at our blog. We’ve selected, especially for you, a few of our top articles.

Best regards, [your company name]

thank you message example MightyForms

2. Tell the visitor where to go next

Show the visitor what the next steps are or what they can expect from you, so they don’t get lost. A great example of a job application form success message.

[Applicant name],

We just got your application. We’ll analyze your information and come back to you within 5 business days.

In case you’re approved on this first step, you’ll be invited to an in-person interview with our team.

Best wishes!

thank you message example MightyForms

3. Make the client feel like they belong with your business

Any new client is a part of your business. It is important to remind both you and your client of that. A great example for payment form confirm messages.

Hello [client name]

Welcome. We are very happy to have you with us. Here is a little more information about who we are, and a few links about our story and success cases. We hope you find in our business what you are looking for. 


[Your Company]

thank you message example MightyForms

4. Tell your client how you appreciate that they chose your business

Your client just found you among several other businesses online. And they decided that you were the best option for them. You can show how grateful you are for that choice and ensure the client that this trust is valued. A good example for those using payment forms success messages as well.

Dear [client name],

We are thrilled to hear from you. It is an honor to have you with us. 

We are processing your request and will return your contact as soon as possible. Meanwhile, here are a few links with stories to educate you about our business. We also want to invite you to follow us on social media.

Talk to you soon,

[Your company]

thank you message example MightyForms

5. Give instructions and more information to ensure a good customer experience

A simple thank you for contacting us is, sometimes, enough. But, by ensuring a good customer experience can be more effective in order to generate loyalty. One of the ways to do so is by anticipating your client’s needs. One more example that is great for a contact form success message.

Dear [Client Name], 

We just received your message. Thank you very much for writing to us. 

We are working on your request and will get in touch as soon as possible. 

If you have any urgent issues, please contact our staff by phone – [your company contact phone]. We are happy to be of your assistance. 

Kind regards, 

Your friends, [your company]

thank you message example MightyForms

6. Give visitors something special

No one can resist a good offer and that is good marketing for your business. You can use this in your e-commerce, as an online bakery, as an example, to create an up-sell or cross-sell opportunity. Use coupons by Stripe to create your own and offer special discounts to your audience.

Hello [client name],

Welcome to our community. We are glad that you joined us. For this reason, we are giving you a special welcome offer. In this message, you can find a link to a coupon to be used on our website.

Have a nice day,

[your company]

thank you message example MightyForms

7. Ask for immediate feedback

Do you want to know if you’re on the right path? Ask your client for feedback by using an NPS question along with your confirming message

[Client name],

Thank you for getting in touch. We will respond to you very soon. 

We’d also like to know your opinion about our company. Please take a moment to answer our survey. 


[Your Company]

thank you message example MightyForms

You can choose to use shorter notes, as well, as long as you remember to be polite and keep your client in the first place. You can use something like these three samples:

“Welcome” note example

Make your leads feel welcome to your business. Include a call to action to make sure they can come to know it better.

Welcome to our community.

We are happy to have you on board.

Why don’t you follow us on [social media] as well?

Respectfully, [your company]

thank you message example MightyForms

“Thank you for sharing your information” note example

People are trusting in your business with their personal information, the least you can do is be thankful for that and make sure your client understands that the information is secure with you. 

Thank you for filling out our form. We will keep your information safe. Feel free to follow us on social media or ask any questions. [Your company]

thank you message example MightyForms

“We will contact you soon” note example

Tell your client of your next step, assure them that you are going to contact them about their issue. And, of course, invite them to know your business better by navigating on your website.

Thank you for contacting us. We are reviewing your request and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible. Meanwhile, check our blog for further information.

thank you message example MightyForms

Why you should add a thank you message to your form

A thank you message is often a missed opportunity by businesses. To make use of the full power offered by MightyForms forms you can set realistic goals to capture leads and convert them, using your special message. The goal can be to convert a free user into a paid one by offering a coupon, to promote an upsell, or even to grow your audience by inviting the lead to sign up to your newsletter or follow your social media profiles.

Why you should personalize your message

According to a research conducted by Epsilon in partnership with GBH Insights, 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with companies that have a more personalized interaction. So, it is a good thing that MightyForms lets you embed form data into your success message.

The success message is also one of the ways that you can use to boost customer satisfaction by creating a personalized experience. That’s because of the feeling of being distinguished which the message provides when integrating form data to the message, adding the visitor’s name. 

how to customize a success message for a form submission on MightyForms

Thank-you message to promote brand trust

According to the same Epsilon research, 68% of the interviewees are willing to give their information to companies in exchange for offers, discounts, and recommendations.

A simple thank you message can change how the client views your business and convert them into loyal clients. Placing a CTA into success messages is an effective way to capture more customers, especially if you add coupons or free content like an e-book. 

Thank-you message to gain more engagement

The thank you message is an important part of the strategy for your business customer engagement. It is the first impression the client has of your business. The confirm message is more than just a note saying “Thank you for contacting us”. It can also be a call-to-action, an invitation to do more with your business than filling out your form. It can be how you start the relationship with your audience and how you delight them, increasing your sales.

How to add a success message to your form

By now you must have realized that having a real relationship with your client is essential to your business growth. And also noticed that having a well-written message is not very complicated.

Now, let’s take a step-by-step on how to build a success message into your form with MightyForms.

First things first – you must already have a form published in your MightyForms dashboard. You can easily create your form both from a template or from scratch.

On your form builder, go to Settings. The Success Page Settings is the first option on this tab. Enable it by switching it ON.

Choose the fields you want the information added to the success message, such as First Name (to personalize the message).

Then, you write (or paste) your message, adding your logo, or then creating a custom redirecting page message.

Add a video, images, gifs, anything that you believe can generate engagement and that shows your business identity.

 See how simple it is!

Tips on how to write a good form submission thank-you message

Besides having a great grammar knowledge, there are other tips for your form confirmation message to be outstanding.

Have a professional email address

By having an email address that lifts up your business you can show to have a more trustful image and authority to your clients. For example: instead of having a simple and generic email address like [email protected] you can use an email address that calls out for your brand like customer@[yourbrand].com.

Notify your team

Consider connecting the form to your staff with notifications so they can know when a form is filled out and can take action in order to offer the best consumer experience. You can automate this process with the autoresponder or logic rules.

Be mobile-friendly

When you have 85% of the U.S. population owning a cell phone you can realize the importance of being mobile-friendly. And almost half of cell phone owners had made a purchase using their mobile in 2020. The same goes for your forms and your business. Please note that MightyForms is responsive by default.

How to convert leads into customers with a form confirmation message

A form confirmation message to those who spent time filling out forms is like a warm greeting. You like it when you are treated with kindness and respect. You always come back to a place that treated you well. And more than this, you spread the news, you tell everyone you know about how great your experience was.

The same goes for your business and your clients. If you treat them well they will refer to you. 

But you may be wondering how a simple message does this job for your business?

We already talked a little bit about it – it is the customer experience. And your automatic response, with custom data, can and does assist you with your customer experience efforts.

Confirm Messages as customer service

The success message you embed in your form can change the client’s entire perspective of your business and product. You are guaranteeing to them that you are serious about your relationship with them as well as showing how important and unique the client is for your company. 

Form success messages to generate brand-loyalty

A good experience with a brand generates loyalty.

A research, conducted by Temkin Group, shows that loyal customers are four times more likely to refer a brand to a friend. 

On the other hand, a bad experience with a company can be very costly. That is because 41% of the customers that had a bad experience spent less with the company. 

You, of course, want to succeed. Because of that, taking a few simple actions can improve your profits and lead your brand to growth. And a message can be the first step on the right way to assist you in your path.

Check your consumer’s brand loyalty by conducting an NPS survey.

Inform the next steps after a form submission

Inform your client on the next steps they should take or about what is going to happen next. How will you contact the client? What will the conversation be like? 

Be specific and clear when giving the information that you must deliver in a confirm message. It is a welcome or a thank you message but is also the first official contact that the client has with your business.

Convert your leads into customers placing a call-to-action in your message

People don’t like to be kept on hold. Since you are sending them the first message just after the form is filled out, you are already on track to make a good first impression. That gives your business many positive points. Now you can add a strong call-to-action (CTA) in your message since it can give you more results.

Using a CTA improves your chances of getting results with your lead and converting them into customers. You are inviting them to further actions within your business, that can be an up-selling or cross-selling after they submit a payment form, or just a “get to know us better” by adding social media icons in a contact form success message. Redirect them to your shop or blog, and reduce your bounce rate as well.

Give incentives to make an upsell

We mentioned a little bit about it before  – incentives can get you customers and, even better, loyal customers. Such a thing is great for your business to grow.

There are several ways to give incentives through a form message. You can offer a special discount for those that fill out your form; you can say that each person that fills out the form through a link sent with the message will get 20% off, or you can say that the first visit/meeting is for free. Your incentive will depend on the kind of business you have.

Types of Form Thank You messages

There are three ways to contact your client through a form confirmation message.

Keep the format and style of your thank you message close or the same as your form, to build an identity for your brand. Your client associates those things and notices if you are being consistent.

1. Text message pop-up

You can choose to just add a pop-up as your form.

The message shows up on the same form page and gives the client the certainty that the form was sent. You can say that an email will follow that message or simply say “thank you” with a few more words, as we displayed above. Remember how important the customer experience is when the client is evaluating if they are going to choose your business or not.

2. Redirect to a landing page

Another option for you is to build a personal landing page for the filled out form, including a personalized message. This landing page can contain any characteristics of your brand, like the color scheme and typography.

You are choosing to use a completely new page to mark a success form sent to your customer, so make sure to use it well, adding all the characteristics we mentioned as personal special offers, blog links, and anything else you judge necessary for a good customer experience. Use MightyForm redirecting settings to conduct your lead to the new page automatically.

3. Pop-up and redirect combined

This is the way you combine both experiences with your client. First, you have a short message saying that the form was submitted then you can redirect to a different page with more information about your business and interesting things that the client may find about your business. Or even you can redirect them to your blog, as an example. 

Sending thank you messages automatically through MightyForms

An act of kindness that is easy, simple, and quick to do, and gives you a deserved return. You can raise your conversion rates, have more satisfied customers, and even generate loyalty. All with a confirmation message. As long as you follow these tips we just gave, you can count on boosting your business.

Automate your messages, and let MightyForms perform the task for you. Write the custom message or build the personalized redirecting page, enable it and rest assured that your customer satisfaction will increase, helping your business grow.


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