How to Add a Success Message to your Online Forms

Heloise Montini

Having a form submission success message can be the level up your business is waiting for. That’s because your client feels appreciated after a message and this is a game-changer.

Let us imagine that you have a form on your website, it can be a simple form like the contact form or long forms such as client intake forms, then a person that is visiting your website decides to fill it out.

So, what comes next? You send them a confirmation message, with a well-written text, saying thank you. A message that informs your customer that the form was submitted and that you are going to respond very soon. That person feels appreciated by your business and can even decide to refer to it to some friends.

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That is what a success message is – a message that says to your lead that the form was filled correctly and has been sent. You say it by telling them how grateful you are for their time and interest. It is a simple attitude that can have a bad consequence if it’s not there, as you lose any potential client that feels disrespect or lost by your lack of information.

It’s good manners and also a good practice that makes your client realize they don’t have to wait for your response since it came quickly. In this article, we’ll give you ten examples of the best thank you messages you can send after form submission, explain why a success message is so vital and give the step by step on how to add a thank you message to your form.

Best Thank You messages to add after a form submission

Let’s put our imagination to work. You are a customer, or even a job seeker, that just filled out a long form. You took several minutes, or even a whole hour on that form. You expect some kind of recognition for your effort and time dedicated. You also desire to know if that was sent correctly. And that is exactly what a success message does.

That is an important topic since according to NewVoiceMedia research the main reason that makes customers switch brands is the feeling of unappreciation. Also, 27% of the interviewees said they would switch if they were kept in hold for too long by a company.

In your message you can add some art or even gifs, making it more personal and less basic. In some cases, it makes sense to have more information about your business where it makes more sense to add elements like your company logo and contact information, such as phone number or a link for an online chat.

Check out our ten examples of success messages for your forms so that you can transform leads into paying customers:

1. Inform your client how long you’ll take to respond

Use this opportunity to tell them how long you will take to get in touch personally. By doing this your client can trust that your business is serious about the forms they filled out.

Dear [your client name],

Thank you for getting in touch. We got your request and within 2 business days, we will get in touch. Meanwhile, take a look at our blog. We separated especially for you a few of our top content.

Best regards, [your company name]

2. Tell the visitor where to go next

Show the visitor what the next steps will be, so they don’t get lost and can be secure on where your process is going to lead them.

[Client name],

Thank you for filling our form. You are very important to us. Now we are gathering your data and will contact you soon. While you wait, why don’t you check this content from our blog we separated only for you?

Best wishes from our team.

3. Make the client feels like they belong with your business

Any new client is a part of your business. It is important to remind both you and your client of that. They are as important as anyone else in your team.

Hello [client name]

Welcome. We are very happy to have you with us. Here is a little more information about who we are, and a few links about our story and cases of success. We hope you find in our business what you are looking for. In a few hours, someone from our staff will be getting in touch.


[Your Company]

4. Tell your client how you appreciate that they chose your business

Your client just found you among several other businesses online. And they decided that you were the best option for them. You can show how grateful you are for that choice and ensure the client that this trust is worthy.

Dear [client name],

We are thrilled to hear from you. It is an honor to have you in our database. Thank you for choosing us. We are processing your request and will return your contact as soon as possible. Meanwhile, here are a few links with stories to entertain you about our business. We also want to invite you to follow us on social media.

Talk to you soon,

[Your company]

5. Give instructions and more information to assure a good customer experience

A simple thank you for contact us is, sometimes, enough. But, a call-to-action can assist your business much better. One of the ways to do so is anticipating your client’s needs since they may be in need of something urgent, so, offer them a number to contact your staff.

Dear [Client Name], We just received your message. Thank you very much for writing to us. We are working on your request and will get in touch as soon as possible. If you have any urgent issues, please contact our staff by phone – [your company contact phone]. We are happy to be in your assistance. Kind regards, Your friends, [your company]

6. Give visitors something special

We have one more sample of a call-to-action message. But now is not only for your client, but also to make sure your business is increasing the income. No one can resist a good offer and that is good marketing for your business.

Hello [client name],

Welcome to our community. We are glad that you joined us. For this reason, we are giving you a special welcome offer. On this message, you can find a link to a coupon to use on our website.

Have a nice day,

[your company]

7. Ask for immediate feedback

In order to have healthy growth it is important to know if you are going in the right direction. Ask your client to assist you with this issue is the best way. Just don’t make it a long feedback form. Make it simple and easy, something that will take less than two minutes. Better if it is only one question like “how did you find our form to be filled” kind of question.

[Client name],

Thank you for getting in touch. We will respond to you very soon. We also want to know your opinion about our company. Please take a moment to answer our survey. It will take only two minutes.


[Your Company]

You can choose to use shorter notes, as well, since you remember to be polite and keep your client in the first place. You can use something like these three samples:

“Welcome” note example

As a short note you are only ensuring your client they matter enough to you to make sure they hear from you immediately. Make them feel welcome to your team. Place a call-to-action to make sure they can really come to know your business better.

Welcome to our community.

We are happy on having you on board.

Why don’t you follow us on [social media] as well?

Respectfully [your company]

“Thank you for sharing your information” note example

People are trusting in your business with their personal information, the least you can do is be thankful for that and make sure your client understands that the information is secure with you. Security is one of the most important things nowadays.

Thank you for filling our form. We will keep your information safely. Feel free to follow us and leave some comments. [Your company]

“We will contact you soon” note example

Tell your client your next step, assure them that you are going to contact them about their issue. And, of course, invite them to know your business better by navigating on your website.

Thank you for contacting us. We are organizing to get in touch as soon as possible. Meanwhile, check our blog for further information.

Set a pop-up for just after your client submits the filled form or conduct your lead to a landing page. That is a choice that must be made according to your brand marks and ideal.

Keep reading because a form submission confirmation message is one of the ways to offer a good customer experience.

Why you should add a thank you message to your form

A thank you message is often a missed opportunity in businesses. Any form success message you add can only be as good as its goal. The goal can be to convert a free user into a paid one by offering a coupon, to promote an upsell by suggesting a new purchase or even to grow your audience by inviting the lead to sign up to your newsletter or follow your social media.

These goals are all possible as long as the thank you message is still relevant to the form that was just filled out, whether it’s sent after a contact form, survey form or even a client intake form, etc.

Why you should personalize your message

According to research conducted by Epsilon in partnership with GBH Insights, 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with companies that have a more personalized interaction.

That number can give you an idea of how important it is for your business to have a thank you message added to your form with form information embedded. Having a thank you message shows concern and respect for the person that dedicated their time in order to fill out your form.

The success message is also one of the ways that you can use to boost customer happiness by creating a personalized experience. That’s because of the feeling of being singularized which the message provides when integrating form data to the message, adding the visitor’s name.

Automatic message after form submission example - MightyForms

Thank-you message to promote brand trust

First of all, keep in mind that personalization leads to loyalty and trust. Why? Because you are giving them a unique experience in solving their unique problem. And they are willing to share their information with companies that they trust. In other words, make sure your web form is secure and easy to fill out and the thank you message is clear and rewarding.

According to the same Epsilon research, 68% of the interviewees are willing to give their information to companies in exchange for offers, discounts, and recommendations. And they prefer such experience by email.

It is your responsibility to offer the best experience for your client. Therefore, struggle in work on having the trust of your leads and always show to your client how much they matter to your company.

A simple thank you message can change how the client views your business and can convert them into real clients that are always coming back. So, make your simple message something with an unforgettable first good impression.

Thank-you message to gain more engagement

Sales Business

The thank you message is an important part of the strategy for your business customer engagement. It is the first impression the client has of your business. It is, as said, part of one of the most important things to assist the client in the steps that they take before making a decision.

The thank you message is more than just a note saying “Thank you for contacting us”. It can also be a call-to-action, an invitation to do more with your business than fill your form.

Setting a success message for your contact form can let your leads be more comfortable in doing business with you, as an example. It is as simple as a contact form submitted success message but can introduce your business and create a trustful relation with your new client.

It can be a pop-up with a short message as “thank you for being incredible” and an invitation to follow on social media or can be a complete email or redirect to a landing page with information about the business.

It doesn’t matter which one you choose for your form. You must have one message and you should include on it the invitation to the client to be part of your brand. Generating, with this attitude, loyalty, and engagement.

How to add a success message to your form

By now you must have realized that having a real relationship with your client is essential to your business growth. And also notice that having a well-written message is not very complicated.

But, in case you are still in doubt, according to the 2018 State of CX Management report, 73% of companies with above-average customer experience have a better financial return than competitors. Therefore, keep in mind that it is not only about doing something nice for your customers but is also about getting results.

Now you already know the importance and how to write a thank you message for your client. Let’s take a step-by-step on how to do it to your form. It’s so simple that you can do it in only three steps. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist and you can do it by using the WordPress plugin or at your MightyForms dashboard.

First things first – you must have already started to build your form or have one published in your MightyForms dashboard. You can also choose from a variety of ready-to-use form templates.

Success Message and redirect _ MightyForms

Now that you have your form published and we already gave you several reasons why you need to have a success message embedded in it, let’s build your message.

To set up a success message while you are editing and upgrading your form using MightyForms tools you go to Settings, on the top of your screen. There you click on Success and switch the option on, this enables the editor where you can build your message.

Now, all that’s left to do is write your success message. You can use one of the samples we gave above, you can mix them up or create your own. You can also add images, gifs, and videos, whatever makes your message more interesting. Remember to save your message once you’re finished.

See how easy it is? With MightyForms you can do both redirects on a landing page and same page pop-up messages so your client can experience the best of your business. Make sure your message is clear and direct, adding a personal touch like your client’s name. This simple action can improve your income and gather more clients.

Tips on how to write a good form submit thank you message

thumbs up gesture


People will notice if you are spelling wrongly. And they won’t trust you because of that. I mean, how can anyone trust in a company that ignores simple grammar? Be aware of this and use a grammar corrector program.

Have a professional email

By having an email that sets up your business you can show to have a more trustful image and authority for your clients. Example: instead of having a simple and generic email like [email protected] you can create a more respectful and that calls out for your brand like [email protected] Here’s how you can set up the autoresponder and add your own professional email as the sender.

Give necessary information

You can send essential information in your thank you messages. Such as how long it will take a person from your business staff to contact the client. Also, you can give more information about your business and about what you have to offer for your client. You can add links that can help your client or that brings interesting information.

Notify your team

Remember to connect the form to your staff notifications so they can know when a form is filled and can take action in order to offer the best consumer experience. You can automate this process with the autoresponder, or with an integration.

Be personal

Studies show that 80% of consumers “are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences”. Remember that information. It is very important to be aware of what your public wants in order to generate more leads and create loyalty.

Be grateful

Without leads, your business doesn’t exist. Be assertive in your thank you message. Show how grateful you are for your client to have decided to chose you.

Send more than one email

At least one email is ideal that you send after a person fills up your form and receives your success message on the page. And that is after your success pop-up after the submission button is pressed is sent. But you can as well send more emails after the first, telling more about the company and about its products or services, before actually getting in touch with the client. That assist your lead to come to know your business better.

Be mobile-friendly

When you have 77% of the U.S. population owning a cell phone you can realize the importance of being mobile-friendly. And a lot of these people are using their phone for a new purchase. The same goes for your forms and your business. Be friendly and responsive when building your message. Remember that MightyForms is responsive by default.

How to convert leads into customers with a success message

A message to those who spent time filling up forms is like a warm greeting. You like it when you are treated with kindness and respect. You always come back to a place that treated you well. And more than this, you spread the news, you tell everyone you know about how great your experience was.

The same goes for your business and it’s clients. If you treat them well they will do marketing for you. They can spread the story of how great your business is.

But you may be wondering how a simple message does this job for your business?

We already talked a little bit about it – it is the customer experience. And your automatic response can and does assist you in creating new clients.

Messages as customer service

The success message you embed to your form can change the entire perspective the client has from your business and product. You are working with the customer since the beginning, even before the purchase choice is made, which allows your business to adjust to the client’s personality. The perfect definition of customer service.

Not always a customer is expecting to have a quick return from a form they just filled. It is, although, a good surprise when they receive the message. It creates a real connection, even if it is only an automatic message as long it is well made. The concern you are showing is enough for quiet down the anxiety from waiting for your company to contact. So, when you finally reach the client, they already know about the business a little bit more and are more prepared to talk with it.

It is a great part of the responsibility you are assuming with your client. You are guaranteeing to them that you are serious about your relationship with them as well you are showing how important the client is for your company. It is like an exchange of information between both parts that leads to reliability.

For a client, this kind of thing represents a serious brand, like a place they also can belong to and that can do business more than once. That is how big companies are always growing – through the best customer service they can offer to their clients.

Welcome On Board image

Form success messages to generate brand-loyalty

According to the 2017 Customer Service Report, 96% of customers appoint customer service as an important part of the decision to be loyal to a brand. The same research also pinpointed to digital trends, as email messages, should be an important part of the customer experience choice from companies.

Remember when we said that your client can be your best way to marketing your brand? Well, another research, conducted by Temkin Group shows that loyal customers are four times more likely to refer a brand to a friend.

On the other hand, a bad experience with a company can be very costly to the company. That is because 41% of the customers that had a bad experience spent less with the company.

You, of course, want to succeed. Because of that taking a few actions, that are simple actions, can conduct your business to the right side of the force, improving your profits and leading your brand to growth. And a message can be the first step on the right way to assist you in your path.

Inform the next steps after a form submission

You are getting in touch with your customers just after they filled a form, but before being an actual human talking to them. So, on this step, your possible client is still considering if they will or will not close a deal with you.

Inform your client on the next steps they should take or about what is going to happen next. How will you contact the client? How will the conversation be like? It is your responsibility to offer as much information as necessary for conducting your business in the best way, both for you and for your client.

Be specific and clear when giving the precise information that you must deliver in a first message. It is a welcome or a thank you message but is also the first official contact that the client has with your business.

Convert your leads into customers through a call-to-action in your message

People don’t like to be kept on hold. Since you are sending them the first message just after the form being filled out, you are already on speed to make a good first impression. That gives your business many positive points. Now you can add a strong call-to-action (CTA) in your message since it can give you more results.

We gave a few samples above on how to write a good message. But it is up to you to add good things to it, like products you are selling, promotions and special offers or links from your blog.

By using a CTA you improve your chances to get results with your lead and convert them into paying customers. You can even convert some of them into loyal consumers.

Be responsive, direct, but also simple in your CTA. It has to have a connection to your message and, of course, to your business.

There are a few things to keep in mind when building a CTA to your success message.

Quick Tips for a well made CTA:

Use a strong verb, something like “buy” or “subscribe”

Give some incentive, such as an offer

Use emotion in your favor, when your product allows you to do so

Use the fear of missing out (FOMO) in your brand favor by divulging a unique product or doing a sale

Give incentives to make an upsell

We said a little bit about it above – incentives can get you real customers and, even better, loyal customers, people that will refer your business to friends and family. Such a thing is great for your business to grow.

How do you do that? There are several ways to give incentives through a form message. You can offer a special discount for those that fill your form; you can say that for each person that fills the form through a link sent with the message your consumer will get 20% off, or you can say that the first visit/meeting is for free. Your incentive will depend on the kind of business you have.

You are not obligated to offer some kind of incentive in your message, but it is very interesting and can generate a good response for your business, elevating, as an example, your income and the number of people reaching you out. It is one of the ways you can use to convert leads into paying customers. In other words, it is great for your business growth.

Unique Selling Proposition in your message

A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is when you describe to your client reasons that make your business unique, even the best of the segment you are in. You must struggle in your first message to convince your lead that you are the best option for them, and emphasize this. The simple fact you are sending a message already works in your favor.

What makes your business different? That is the question you should answer here. Is that you prioritize your client’s desires and needs? Great, now, leave that clear in your message. Show your client that by choosing you they are doing the best choice ever.

But you are not able to do so unless you know for sure you are the best choice. You are the first consumer of your own product or service. You must pinpoint what makes you so special and great. Sell your brand before selling your product.

USP requires you to sell a feeling or ideal, not only a product. For example, if you are a lawyer you must advertise hope, not just a success rate of processes. If you are selling clothes, start selling personality too. And the list goes on. Look for what big brands do, and reproduce in your small business so you can grow as well.

Think differently and offer your own angle on what’s working. And put that in your message. Connect that idea to your CTA. Then notice your growth.

Types of Form Thank You messages

There are three ways to contact your client through a form confirmation message. You must choose at least one kind of communication with your client. They can not be left on hold without any information from you. They need to know if the form was sent correctly.

Having a nice and informative message can only assist you in your path to conquer a new and loyal client. The ideal is that this message comes immediately after the submit button is pressed.

Keep the shape and pattern of your thank you message close or the same as your form, to make a constant and build an identity to your brand. Your client associates those things and notices if you are being consistent.

1. Text message pop-up

You can choose to just add a pop-up for your form. That is ok and is a simple practice that can generate leads for you. It is a simpler way, with a shorter message.

The message shows up in the same form page and gives the client the certainty that the form was sent. You can say that an email will follow that message or simply say “thank you” with a few more words, as we displayed above. Remember, anyway, how important the customer experience is when the client is evaluating if they are going to choose your business or not.

2. Redirect to a landing page

Another option for you is to build a personal landing page for the filled form, including a personalized message. This landing page can contain any characteristics of your brand, like the color scheme and typography.

You are choosing to use a completely new page to mark a success form sent to your customer, so make sure to use it well, adding all the characteristics we mentioned as personal special offers, blog links and anything else you judge necessary for good customer experience.

To redirect with MightyForms you can insert the link of the landing page on the appropriate field and save.

3. Text and redirect conjoined

This is the way you combine both experiences to your client. First, you have a short message saying that the form was submitted then you can redirect to a different page with more information about your business and interesting things that the client may find in your business.

This is a very complete and nice way to interact with your consumers. You can both give a success message and a welcome and thank you landing page.

4. Use of gifs, image, and video in your message

Let your creativity run freely here. Use any media you think is worth using. As long the image is connected to the information you are adding to the message, it is ok to use it.

That is an important point to highlight since is not a good idea to use, let’s say, a gif if it can’t relate to your content. Sometimes it can only mess up the good work you are doing. Also, don’t overuse this resource.

Images can let your message lighter, funnier and more personal, since you chose the right one, got it?


5. Customized with customer data

We talked about it, remember? We used a lot of data from researches, a few sentences above. Here we are again, just because it is very important for your business. You must add some kind of personalization to your thank you message. There is not enough emphasis on this subject. And which way is better than using the data from your form?

Embed your customer name to the message and they can feel how well your business is treating them, after all, is individualizing them. It gets the sensation of having a message made especially for you, the feeling of being unique. Who doesn’t like it?

Personalization is the key to the consumer experience, which is the key to your business growth. One thing is associated with the other.

Remember our tips and your success message is going to be exactly the kind that your business needs and deserves.

Now you know everything about how to build a success message, sign up for MightyForms for free and get to work.

Heloise Montini

Heloise Montini is a journalist and SEO specialist. She writes about travel, news, and, as a hobby, creative writing. She is always available for new challenges and learning.