Abandoned Form Recovery

Over 80% of users abandon a form after beginning to fill it out.

Abandoned Form Recovery is a Form Analytics tool designed to let you keep track of submissions as the form is being filled out, even if it’s abandoned.

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Form Abandonment  

There are multiple reasons for why the majority of leads abandon online forms, but it’s hard to fix a problem if you don’t have the proper insight. Abandoned Form Recovery keeps track of all form submissions, Submitted, In Progress and even Abandoned, so you can see the data and where users dropped off.

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Lead Generation
Data Capture

Never lose another lead by activating the Abandoned Form Recovery feature on your online form’s Advanced Settings. Every time a user starts filling out your form, the Abandoned Form Recovery will update their progress in your form’s dashboard. You can also send custom notifications to users that abandoned your forms with a link for them to continue their submission process.

Form Submissions

Keep track of all form submissions in one place. With just one click, all data can be exported as a CSV file. You can also integrate your form with Google Sheets or Outlook, where all users’ submissions are sent in real-time.

Secure User Data

MightyForms recommends all its users to always be transparent as to when you collect user data and how you handle it, especially in accordance to the data protection regulations of your specific country. Regardless of the user’s progress in filling out the form, all data submitted with MightyForms is protected with end-to-end SSL encryption.

Empower  and automate

Abandoned Form Recovery is one of many powerful features that MightyForms offers so you can grow your business with workflow automation and lead generation.

Free Templates

Save time by choosing a ready-to-use template from MightyForms’ catalog.
We offer order form templates, contact form templates, application templates, survey templates and more. You can use as many templates as you like and even customize each one so they more accurately represent your brand.

Recover Abandoned Forms Templates

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"Most dynamic intelligent form builder on the market"

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"Helpful way to reduce my workload with auto forms and spreadsheet integration"

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"Onboarding of new prospects to relevant departments using conditional logic, resulted in a 90% reduction in employee time usage."

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