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Custom online business forms or surveys are priceless tools that help you better communicate with your audience, consumer base, and even your own team.

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Create business forms for multiple departments:

Marketing & Sales

Boost qualified lead generation.

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Human Resources

Optimize workflow automation.

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Legal department

Improve data collection to PDFs.

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Free Templates

Save time by choosing a ready-to-use template from MightyForms’ catalog.
We offer order form templates, contact form templates, application templates, survey templates and more. You can use as many templates as you like and even customize each one so they more accurately represent your brand.

Business Templates

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Powerful forms 24/7

Get the support you need to create business forms that attract more responses and optimizes your workflow. With native integration options, dozens of apps and automation tools, and hundreds more accessible through Zapier, you can create online forms and surveys that improve your data collection and security.

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White label

You work hard on maintaining your brand. Which is why when you are communicating with your audience through an online form or survey, you need to make sure your brand is accurately represented. Count on complete control with a form builder that lets you customize your forms’ look and functionalities with ease.

PDF filling forms

There are so many documents within companies across multiple sectors that need to be filled out, signed and saved for a set amount of time (or even forever). You can create an online form from a PDF document, and automize the process by having MightyForms fill out the PDF form with the information submitted. This creates a much smoother process that allows you to focus on your company’s growth and success.

Custom e-mail and SMS notifications

In this digital age, no company sleeps. Customers can interact with your brand any given time and they need to feel that they can count on you. So if after each form submission, you need to send a thank you email to the user, notify your sales team, send data to your marketing team, alert your customer service representatives and get an SMS alert immediately.

MightyForms has an intuitive autoresponder tool that you can customize however you like with the data submitted.


Rest easy knowing that MightyForms offers you a tool that gives you complete control of the data you collect with your business forms and makes sure it is secure in your online database until you decide to store it elsewhere. MightyForms also makes sure that the exchange of data is protected with end-to-end SSL encryption.

Phone and e-mail support

The support you need for the growth you want. Our users have access to our support team through the Live Chat icon present on our website and on the form builder app. For our users that choose a Pay per Cycle plan, we are also available anytime via e-mail and phone support. Feel free to send us questions or feedback, we are more than happy to help.

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Get started right away with our ready-to-go plans that are tiered to suit businesses of all sizes. Take advantage of our year-round offer and easy-to-use builder so you can start creating custom forms that boost your business.

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