Get qualified leads with an easy-to-use form builder. MightyForms offers a more powerful toolset of features that helps you recapture lost leads and onboard them to your sales funnel and CRMs

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Capture leads with forms that are:

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With a drag-and drop ease, you can create unique forms that reflect your business. Add custom HTML and CSS for extra customization.


Create a personal and engaging experience with smart multi-step forms. Call leads by their name and speed up the conversion process.

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Never miss a beat. Set up a custom success page or redirect, or if you prefer, send a custom HTML email or SMS notification.

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Shorten the top of your sales funnel with forms that can calculate quotes on the spot - and accept payments online.

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Go where the leads are. Embed your form in landing pages, email messages, pop-ups, or share the link on social media.


Keep increasing conversions with data-driven strategies. Form Analytics & Reports track every piece of data from submitted and abandoned forms.

Lead Generation Templates

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Forms that target B2C and B2B lead generation

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Recover lost leads - automatically

Lost leads mean lost money. Recover leads with an automatic message if they abandon your forms.

Enable the Abandoned Form Recovery feature to track submissions field-by-field. You can even send partially submitted form data to other apps that will help you check performance analytics and properly track lead history.

Offer a personalized experience

Speed up lead generation with pre-filling forms and Recall information. 

Nobody wants to be just another number on a sales client sheet, they want to receive proper attention and prompt service.

Take advantage of success messages and notifications that can be customized down to the HTML.

Quote (and sell) in real-time

Customize every point of contact with your potential client, whether you focus on B2C or B2B lead generation, and create a real-time interactive experience.

Logic rules and payment integrations allow you to automatically calculate quotes , and request online payments.

All of this with your own branding.

How it works

MightyForms works to analyze and track the performance of your intake processes


Create a form or survey in our builder. Integrate it with your workflow apps, and share it with the world!


See the detailed analytics of how users interact with your form and where your form has it's weak zones.


Utilize A/B testing, Abandoned Form Recovery, custom notifications, and drive up your conversions!

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Be creative, be yourself and start the conversation

MightyForms allows you to bring your high-quality lead generation strategies front and center.

We want your own branding to stand out at every step.

Let your creativity shine and create forms that can increase, capture AND convert new leads.

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