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Receive donations online from your supporters with MightyForms. Customize your donation form with your own design, or use a free donation form template.

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Why start with MightyForms

It’s powerful

MightyForms has a lot of useful features and integrations to empower your workflows.

It’s secure

We at MightyForms don’t record or store sensitive payment data from your submissions.

It’s trendy

You can customize your order form to look cozy and fittable to you brand styling in few clicks.

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Recurring Donations for Creators

From non-profits to streamers, video creators, and more online entertainers, donation forms are a quick and easy way to manage donations. If you need ongoing support you can make it easier for your donors to give automatically with subscription payments.

Keep sensitive payment data safe through Stripe and give your donors the flexibility to set how much they can contribute and for how long. Create an attractive Donation form with MightyForms, and manage donations through Stripe Customer’s Portal.

Raise Money Online for Church Events

Connect your forms with PayPal or Stripe and start a fundraiser event in minutes. 

MightyForms makes it easy to share your donation form in many different ways, from creating a unique landing page and easily sharing on social media, to creating a pop-up or embedding a form field in an email.

Set up a fixed donation amount, or allow your donors to set their own donation value.

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Secure Payments Forms for Non-Profits

Your priority is your campaign and your business. Count on MightyForms high-quality security measures that will keep your data secure and encrypted.

MightyForms makes sure our processes and systems are kept to standard in data privacy and data security, with end-to-end SSL encryption, routine checks, and secure servers. So that you can focus on telling your story and doing your good work.

How to create Donation Forms

Drag & Drop

Start from scratch or from a ready-to-go template and customize the fields.

Connect your accounts

Make sure you have a PayPal or Stripe account to connect to your MightyForms.

Receive donations

Automatically receive donations and thank your donors with a custom message.

How MightyForms improves your donation form:

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Fields Mapping

You can manage your payment submissions with MightyForms native database or set up a mapping between form fields and system fields in Stripe and run your processes there.

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Abandoned Form Recovery

Whether your clients need to save & resume their submission later, or if they abandon your form, you can send an auto-notification inviting them back. Send a personalized gentle reminder or even a discount.

Form Analytics

Our reporting system will show you statistics from your users and for every step of your form, highlight problem fields, and make sure your conversion rate increases.


Automatically send out PDF quotes or receipts after each form submission. Email & SMS notifications can be set up to include submitted data and notify yourself, your team, and your clients.


Use customers’ data more effectively. Automatically send it to the tools you’re using in your everyday business processes.

Simple pricing

Stripe payment is available for ALL of MightyForms plans (including the Free plan), for a small 1% fee per transaction.

Donation form templates

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