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25 Best Contact Us Page Examples and Best Practices

The Contact Us page is one of the most visited and, therefore, one of the most important pages on any business website. Here are the best practices to create the best contact us page for your business, plus 25 examples of contact pages that nailed it.

Marketers tend to prioritize blog content, landing pages, and overall web design, first. Because of this, the contact us page can often be neglected. It is common to see modern and beautiful websites with contact us pages that are still in the last decade.

People browsing on the web become potential leads when they find your website, and become interested in contacting your business. Therefore, you must be prepared. And having a great contact page, well-built with elements, features, and with a useful contact form, is what you need to gather more leads to the business.

The page itself is a call-to-action (CTA). And whether your website is hosted on BigCommerce, Magento 2, WordPress, etc.,  you must stop neglecting it and follow our tips to have the best contact page for your business.

What Is Contact Us Page

In simple words, the definition of a contact us page is the page designed specifically for visitors to find ways to contact the business. You can do this with displayed information, like phone number and email address, and/or through a contact form.

Which is best: Displayed Contact Information or a Contact Form?

When analyzing online businesses you’ll see that some simply list their contact details (email, phone number, address, etc.) and others include a contact form for the user to fill out.

The best contact us pages include contact forms are best, since they can protect your email from spam, and they can easily automate tasks based on the information submitted.

When in doubt, include both, displayed contact details and a responsive contact form. So users can choose how they want to contact you.

Contact forms are easier for the visitor that wishes to contact a company. A contact form allows the lead to submit their information, having no need to open their own email, or having to spend time on a phone call. Another advantage is that with a form the company can be contacted at any time.

For the company, using a form is also easier and practical. Through it, the business can direct each lead to the right department and gather any information and data.

A contact page loses a lot of lead generation potential when only the company is email displayed. It should include a lot of information and directions about the reason why each person can contact the business.

Pay attention to the strategy you are choosing for the contact us page. It’s what starts the conversation between your business and new leads.

Why Use A Contact Form

There are a lot of reasons to use contact form on a business website. We are going to list five top reasons for you to start to use contact forms in your contact us page today.

1. You can automatically notify your team

A contact form is an excellent way to notify the team when a person sends a message. That is because you can set an alert for each new message, as well you can organize all the emails with integrations, like Zapier.

Include fields for possible reasons a person can contact the company and use Logic Rules to ask relevant questions based on previous answers. The submissions can easily be sent out automatically to the right person on your team. This speeds up the process of onboarding new leads.

2. Contact Forms are simple to use

Contact forms are easy to build, publish, and simple to fill out. Form builders, like MightyForms, have integrations and plugins that assist and facilitate the process of collecting data. Not to mention, that you can use free contact form templates from the start.

Just by adding the right questions, you can save time by automating complex tasks based on the information submitted. Plus, by being responsive by default, visitors can easily leave you a message from their mobile devices.

3. Contact Forms help to get more leads

Once people find your website, your job is to keep them interested and make it easy for them to become a client.

So when they decide to contact your business, a contact form directs their expectations on how you can help them.

Contact forms also assist in lead-capture and lead-nurturing. The Form abandonment recovery tool lets you track form data as it’s being filled out. And a simple consent checkbox can allow you to include that lead’s contact information to your mailing list.

4. Contact Forms are (or should be) easy to fill out

You may use social media and phone number to allow your visitor to get in touch and start a conversation with the business, but it’s not enough. By having a contact form you make it clear for the lead that you are always available for them to get in touch. This means that people won’t have problems write for the business at any time or day.

Also, make the form clear and the page easy to find. You don’t want to lose leads because they give up looking for a way to start a conversation with the company.

5. Contact Forms help you know your audience

One of your main goals is getting to know your audience better. What are consumers looking for? How can you assist with their needs? How can your business be the solution they are looking for? These are some of the questions that come to mind when you are looking forward to knowing the audience.

And they are also questions that can be answered with the contact form. Let the visitor give you any essential information you may use when gathering the data. You can automatically create analytics reports to visualize that information and understand the audience’s needs.

Contact Us Page must-have elements

A good contact page is visible, easy to find, and includes a fillable contact form.

Its main goal is to start conversations, making it easy for visitors to reach a representative and setting expectations for the response time.

And, not the less, a good contact page is also a place where the visitor feels welcome. It means that they feel like they can contact the business with no fear, about anything they have a question about.

A great contact us page needs to answer 3 main questions:

1. Who you are

The one question in a visitor’s mind that you should be able to answer right away, is what your business stands for and what you offer.

Contact pages should have a personality. They must emphasize the brand’s identity. Be sure you are building something unique. But keep it simple, clean, and accessible. Never forgetting about being mobile-friendly.

To accomplish this you can include your company’s goals and mission statement. Essentially a contact page should make it clear as to how you can help your audience.

  • Branded Design: The page must have a relation to the brand patterns. Use the colors, images, and any design element that can call the attention of the lead. But remember to keep it clean. Too many elements can confuse the lead, distracting them. This is also valid for the contact form’s design.
  • Responsiveness: I know, it’s 2020, every website should know by now that it needs to be responsive. But just in case, please make sure that your page can be open, and its form fillable from any kind of device. Forms created with MightyForms are responsive by default.
  • Privacy Policy: have a checkbox for the user to agree with the Terms of Use and with the Privacy Policy. Especially with GDPR and other data protection regulations in place, it’s important to be transparent about how you’re company handles the data submitted.

2. How to reach you

This is the obvious one, and we’ve covered the importance of including a contact form to facilitate the process for the user and your business.

Depending on your industry, you should also include an emergency phone number, office hours, and even an email address. The point is to give options and set the right expectations as to when they will get a response to their inquiry.

  • Call to Action: The CTA on the contact page is usually the ‘Submit’ button. So make it clear, edit the button to say ‘Send Message’ or ‘Request Quote’. It makes a huge difference.
  • Don’t ask unnecessary questions: Make your form easy and clean. Add only the questions that can actually assist your task of gathering data about the audience.
  • Logic Rules: Also known as Logic Jumps, Conditional Logic, Conditional questions or fields, and so on. This functionality cans skip or show questions based on the lead’s previous answer. This way you can ask the right questions for each visitor. Learn how to use the Logic Rules feature.

3. Where to find you

Help users visualize where they can find you. Whether physically, with your address and even a Google Map, or virtually, by adding your social media profiles and even most recently published content.

In addition to that, you can include elements that show a two-way communication between you and your audience:

  • Have an FAQ section: A section that answers the most Frequently Asked Questions can save you an incalculable amount of time. It shows you care about your audience and that you listen to them. The answers can enlighten more people about your business and your professionalism.
  • Send an automatic message: Add a pop-up success message to show up for after the visitor submits the form. Don’t leave the audience on hold. You could also send an automatic thank-you message to their email so they can have a record of the submission.

Contact Form must-have fields

Some fields are pretty logical to have. You can’t have a form that doesn’t ask key questions:

  • Full Name
  • Email address
  • Message

Those three are the most basic information you need to gather with the contact form.

Other important contact form fields to include are:

Reason/Subject of the message

This summarizes the reason for the message and helps you redirect the message to the right department. You can do it as a drop-down field, with company departments as choices, or a prediction of what the reason might be.

Company name:

If your company is B2B, it’s more likely that the audience is reaching out on behalf of their own company. Knowing their company name from the get-go gives you extra time to research their profile and needs.

Preferred time for contact

Ask your lead which time and how they prefer to be contacted for the response.

Phone number

Phone calls are not dead. In our digital age, it’s still important to give consumers the option of communicating directly with a representative by phone. And that’s why this field is still not outdated.

File submission

Usually a non-required field, but it can be useful. Sometimes people contacting the business need to send a file through the web form. You’d be surprised how quickly a ticket can be resolved when the user can upload a simple screenshot of the issue they found.

Unique ID

Most times this field isn’t even made visible. This is a jumble of numbers and letters, a.k.a. Customer/Case ID, automatically created for each submission. This makes it easier for your organization to track and file every ticket.

25 Best Contact Us Page Examples

Browsing the web you may find several examples of how contact pages are made. You can find bad contact pages that have no personality or they lack information. But there are also a lot of good examples. And you can use them as inspiration to build your own.

Here you have our picks for top 25 best Contact Us pages:

1. Multiple Pages Generator – MPG

Businesses need websites to be found. And it works better when they have multiple landing pages. That’s exactly what this WordPress plugin does. They specialize in generating multiple landing pages for business websites. It has a simple, but informative contact us page. They focus on help and give a solution for the user.

Elements that make it great: On the MPG Contact us page you can find the company’s FAQ, tutorials, and a contact form. These elements are what the visitor needs to understand the business goals and realize how it can assist their own company.

Why it works: It is informative. Any essential information about how the business works and any common doubt users may have are explicitly on the page. Which facilitates access to the product and its use.

2. Inspira Marketing

As a marketing agency, Inspira Marketing put their efforts into having a branded contact us page. Their first differential is calling the page Connect. With the phrase, “Human connection starts here” the company makes it clear that its purpose is to make sure its leads understand they are about to talk with other people. That is an important element since human interaction with the brand helps to gather more leads.

Elements that make it great: The first element that calls to attention is how visual this page is. As you scroll you can see their brand. Their form is also very simple and quick to fill. Two characteristics that generate leads for being easy and practical.

Why it works: This is a page that is different, visual, and fun. And with the easy form leads and prospects can get in touch with the business with no doubt.

3. Rescue Agency

Rescue Agency is focused on creating campaigns for health behavior change. On their contact page, they invite leads to get in touch. This is a practice that must be on any contact us page. After all, the main goal is to start the conversation. They added two points to call attention. The first is the form field for the area of interest. This allows the company to redirect the message to the right department. The second point is the checkbox for the newsletter.

Elements that make it great: The page is simple and direct to the conversation. The form is easy to find and fill out. They also included direction from all their offices. They finalize the page with case studies examples, showing more about themself.

Why it works: It has information about who they are and what they do. And the right elements that work to start a conversation are at the ready for optimized lead generation

4. Marvel App

Marvel is a software that helps its users build digital products. Their mission is “to help the world bring ideas to life”. Like their mission, the company’s website and contact us page is bright and full of life. Colorful, but at the same time simple.

Elements that make it great: The design of the contact us page is attractive. It has an easy-to-fill contact form and added information such as their address, and resource links for quick help. Which means that visitors don’t necessarily must fill the form. Sometimes their question can be answered by following one of the links.

Why it works: It works for being simple, direct, and attractive. Most of the time, that is all you need for having a successful contact us page that attracts more leads.

5. MightyForms

We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but since we’re a new-ish startup, it’s an example you may not find in other lists and we know first-hand the research and effort put into it.

MightyForms is an online form builder focused on helping businesses grow with lead capture forms and automation. The contact us page is for the visitor to start a quick conversation.

Elements that make it great: The contact form is the first thing the user sees after the header. It has a clean, traditional design, and is quick to fill out. A quick-link button to the Knowledgebase articles and the form includes a Terms of Use & Privacy Policy agreement checkbox for extra transparency. The contact page also includes a section with testimonials of current users and an alternative communication option with the Live Chatbot. Sometimes people are looking for an immediate solution, and a chat can give them what they need.

Why it works: It works for its simplicity and for being easy to use. People don’t have to browse too much for help. The page fulfills its goal of welcoming visitors and assisting them.

6. Yeti

Yeti is a company that sells coolers and their marketing targets an adventurous lifestyle. Yeti’s contact page reflects this personality of the company. The page’s design is a big reminder of outside life. They even have fun with it with the saying “While we’re good with smoke signals, there are simpler ways for us to get in touch and answer your questions.” This is an invitation for visitors to get in touch.

Elements that make it great: Besides the funny saying, the page has useful elements. They have links that direct the visitor for the precise subject they need help with. The old-fashioned, but not outdated phone numbers and addresses. And if those resources fail, they have a button that directs users to a great-looking contact form.

Why it works: It is funny and informative. The page works with their branding. They have multiple ways of contact, which assists the visitor in their task of finding information.

7. Zendesk

Zendesk is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service company. They build software to improve customer relationships. Their contact page reflects the conversational idea with an image of a big phone. They aimed at the visual, capturing the attention, and focusing it on the conversational elements of the page.

Elements that make it great: They have buttons that pop-up custom contact forms to start a conversation with the department that the visitor needs help with. Also, there are addresses with links for a map of locations worldwide. In addition, the page has multiple ways of contact for each place they have an office in.

Why it works: Because it is easy to use. Visitors don’t want to waste their time with complicated things. They want direct information and easy contact forms.

8. Grammarly

Grammarly is a software that detects spelling errors and reviews writing content. Their contact us page is optimized for their user expectations. It is simple and easy. The Help section is right in the middle, very visible. All the colors and patterns are made according to Grammarly’s personality. And this is a must-have strategy because it is easier for people to recognize the business.

Elements that make it great: Grammarly uses boxes to segment visitors based on what they’re looking for. They use a conversational contact form with Logic Rules that display the answers to common questions. They have a link for the support page. They also bring the address and an email for quick contact with them.

Why it works: It is a page that is simple and easy to navigate. People are guided through it, leaving no doubt about the next action. All the information is clear and visible. And, if the visitor is logged in, they don’t have to fill all their information again when contacting the company, since it is automatically filled.

9. Moz

Moz is an SEO software company. They are specialized in Marketing, believing that “there is a better way to do Marketing”. The Contact Us page reflects their saying when they bring to visitors a beautiful and simple page. It has a big map with the direction of their HQ. This works as a sign that says everyone is welcome. They also have a big yellow button that leads to the contact form.

Elements that make it great: They first invite people to their HQ when they add a map and their address. And, when the lead clicks on the contact button they are sent to a form that is simple and quick to fill in.

Why it works: It is a very welcoming page. People feel invited to send the Moz team a message. It is not invasive. A page like this works because people are not afraid or intimidated in sending the company a message about their request and doubts.

10. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is a company that sells men care products and also has a subscription club. They refer to a lifestyle of men’s care, with simplicity, and quality. Their contact page is discreet, containing only the necessary information and guidance for assistance. They prefer the use of white space, which makes the page clean. On the center of the contact us page, visitors can find a dropdown question that takes the direction according to the subject they choose.

Elements that make it great: Starting the conversation with a single question that works to guide for the next level is a great way to help people. This kind of contact form works for being easy to manage and comprehensive. Multiple steps are of use for long forms. But they can also be used as a shortening way for guidance, as in the case of Dollar Shave Club.

Why it works: Dollar Shave Club uses a direct approach. They give you the option of subjects to start a conversation and lead the visitor to the right answer. And, if there is still any doubt, you can send them a message.

11. Medium

Medium is a software for people to share their ideas and write about any subject they have interest in. It’s a self-publishing platform. And the contact page explores the spontaneous idea of being. The page has several links for quick help, organized in topics.

Elements that make it great: Besides the links for quick assistance you can find the topic for “submit a request”. This button leads the visitor to another section where they can select the subject or send a message through a form. This form still has the option to send files attached to it. They cover a lot of topics on their contact page. Which makes it interesting the fact that right at the top of it they let you browse by writing and searching the topic the visitor needs help with.

Why it works: Medium’s contact page is very helpful. They are interested in answer any possible doubt the user may have, saving the user’s time.

12. Let’s Travel Somewhere

Let’s Travel Somewhere is a blog, an initiative that collects content written by people that travel around the globe. So, it is not unusual that the contact page has a reference for the traveling lifestyle. The page is in the shape of a postcard, something travelers usually send to their friends and love ones from their journey.

Elements that make it great: Once you click the button to start a conversation a simple and easy form pop-up. The Contact Us page itself is a CTA. Other elements that make difference are the links to social media, inviting the user to get in touch in various manners.

Why it works: It has personality. It is authentic and different. These characteristics make the blog’s contact us page outstand other similar businesses.

13. Basecamp

Basecamp is software for workgroups. The contact us page is colorful and offers a conversational tone. They also add the time remaining for an answer, which can be of only a few minutes. Their form also has an unusual design, copying the typography of a writing machine.

Elements that make it great: Basecamp’s contact page includes a message that calculates the average response time. That is a resource that reassures the confidence in the brand. People can be sure they will have an answer to their question. Their form is also simple and quick to fill out. As the last feature they have on the page, they invite the user to see their tutorials and read the help guides.

Why it works: Basecamp has the CTA that convinces visitors to get in touch with them. “Friendly folks, standing by” is their welcome to the lead. And the easy-to-fill contact form is one more step toward this objective.

14. Survicate

Simple and conversational can describe the contact us page of Survicate. This survey software company prefers to use whitespace and focus on the client, letting them take the step of asking anything.

Elements that make it great: They make a point when they choose to use structure focusing on the form. With phrases that invite users to send them a message, and with the choice of using colloquial language, they create a personal environment.

Why it works: When you focus the page’s efforts to the audience, they trust in you. This is why this simple form works so well. They make people feel comfortable starting a new conversation with the company.

15. Sleeknote

Sleeknote is a lead generating software. As for their specialization, their contact us page must be on the examples. On the top of the page, they placed a CTA that invites visitors and prospects to get in touch with them. As we mentioned, inviting the lead is the step you must take when building the page. That can assure the visitor that they are welcome to send the business a message.

Elements that make it great: Besides the invitation, you can find good elements at the Sleeknote page. The first is their form. It is quick to fill and covers the basic information the business needs to collect. They also have information about their address and links for help. One interesting element they added is the display of companies that use their product. That can ensure the trust of the visitor.

Why it works: Because of this particular element of display companies that trust and use their product. It is a differential feature that can be the game-changer on lead generation.

16.  SalvageData

SalvageData is a data recovery service company. Their contact us page has an easy to fill out form and company information. The saying “Friendly Service” is an important part of the page. It makes contact us page more human and personal.

Elements that make it great: The section for “find us” is interesting and unique. They don’t load the page with 40 addresses, they prefer to guide the lead to a new space. And the form is easy and clean.

Why it works: The form is intuitive and not intrusive, two important characteristics for a form.

17. Achieve3000

Achieve3000 is a learning platform. The contact us page is simple and made for the varied audience the platform has. It was built to be strict to the point. Which makes the form really informative and easy to fill. They decided to make a complete form, for each of the two conversational options they have. You can contact them about customer support or request more information.

Elements that make it great: Their form is complete. They request all the information they need to provide the best support for their client. Also, they show phone numbers for scheduled attendance.

Why it works: For being direct to the point. There is nothing interrupting the conversation. All the elements are made for its simplicity and for being useful.

18. Atlassian

The software development company Atlassian has a contact page that reflects the company’s purpose of being useful and helpful. On their contact us page they have pictures of their team, which makes the page more personal. You are not only talking to the company, but the person who is replaying has now a face. It is an element that brings human interaction.

Elements that make it great: The links on the page guide the user to the proper form, which is simple and quick to be filled.

Why it works: For being a very personal and human page, Atlassian’s Contact us page is different and unique.

19. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a software for social media improvement. Their contact us page is complete with social media links and maps for all places they have an office in. They also have contact links for different languages. Being accessible for any possible audience is a great advantage for the business. The page focuses on business to business conversation.

Elements that make it great: Their form is useful, and they have links for each kind of request the audience may have. Including a link for quick support.

Why it works: It is straightforward in starting a conversation with other businesses. This is the page’s goal.

20. FreshWorks

FreshWorks is a business software that has products for better work development. The contact us page is simple, with a lot of information and ways to contact the company. They have a list of phone numbers from any country they are in.

Elements that make it great: FreshWorks’ form is simple and conversational. They display all company’s places with directions, phone numbers, and email addresses. Those are great qualities that show the company’s professionalism and openness.

Why it works: Since it is simple, yet informative, people have no difficulty navigating to or within the page.

21. Fitbit

Fitbit is a health solution software company. The company’s contact us page is very informative. We’ve been talking a lot about how pages must bring any useful information for the user benefit. They allow the user to select which kind of conversation they wish to start, if they are entrepreneurs, for example. They also have links for assistance and their introduction phrase is very welcoming.

Elements that make it great: Their form is complete and asks for all essential information they may need to offer the best response.

Why it works: They are saying that they want to hear from the user. And this is excellent for creating an atmosphere of trust and a feeling of welcome.

22. Slack

A guide to apps and the Slack App Directory | Slack

Slack is a workgroup and messaging software. Their contact us page is very simple, a characteristic that we’ve been saying that is important for the contact us page. They choose to make a page more about help with issues the user may have. Yet, they have a quick form below for those who prefer to send them a message. This form has the option to send files, which is a plus.

Elements that make it great: They divided their page into topics of help. This assists those who prefer to get information on their own. But, if you still have doubts you can contact them with a message.

Why it works: Slack allows the user to find the answer on their own. But they also allow a conversation. It works for both kinds of people.

23. Urban Influence

Urban Influence is a brand development company. Their contact page is unique, faithful to their branding, and has lots of personality. A great example of how the brand must be represented on the contact us page and on the contact form. They invite the user to contact them with their phrase: “give us a ring, send us an email, or fill out that nifty form below.” Prospects can become leads when they use such a page.

Elements that make it great: They have an email address, phone numbers, and directions. And a form that asks you “what’s up?”. All this makes their page genuine when they use a different design.

Why it works: Although it has several elements and a unique design, this contact page is clean and easy to use. The form is direct and informative.

24. Datasurion

Datasurion is a data insurance company. By charging a small monthly fee, they insure storage devices. This way, next time a customer’s computer crashes, this company handles the whole data recovery process free-of-charge. Since their primary landing page, their home page, already includes a very comprehensive FAQ section and information about the industry, adding those elements on the contact page would just slow down the user’s momentum in reaching out.

Elements that make it great: The form is not time-consuming. It is strict to the point and quick to fill out. Remember that it is important that forms are easy so you can generate more leads.

Why it works: In the spirit of keeping things simple and headache-free, Datasurion’s contact page puts a clean contact form front row and center. Sometimes simplicity is the best strategy.

25. Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee is a coffee shop. Their contact page is, again, simple. They have a lot of use of white space, which is great for the user. Their form is quick and easy to fill, with a dropdown field for the subject. They also have emails for different departments they have, and their address. All these elements united to a simple design make the page of easy usage, with good customer experience.

Elements that make it great: Their form is simple and easy to fill. It is an essential element in this page. They also added a topic for the newsletter, which is different and unique.

Why it works: For being simple and strict to the point. Their objective is to start a conversation, for this, they display more than one way so people can contact them.

Using MightyForms

Optimize your contact us page using a contact form. You can boost your business and generate more traffic to the website.

When you use MightyForms form builder you have unique options of features. You can use Driver services to connect and receive files with the form. You can also use Real-Time Data Capture to track submissions and recover data from abandoned forms.

These are features made for you to improve your productivity and for the better development of your work efforts. Try it free.


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Heloise Montini is a journalist and SEO specialist. She writes about travel, news, and, as a hobby, creative writing. She is always available for new challenges and learning.