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10 Best Payment Forms for Secure Payment Collection in 2021

If your business or project involves any type of financial transaction online, you need a safe and reliable solution, like a high-performing and secure payment form.

Online payment collection doesn’t need to be a tug of war with banks and credit card operators. But it can’t be a patched-up job either.

There are tons of free downloadable resources available online. And it’s quite tempting to go on that route to fix your website needs. However, when you’re dealing with sensitive data like credit card information, you must protect your customer and your own business.

Payment forms are easy to set up with MightyForms. You can receive payments through Stripe or PayPal for hassle-free, secure digital payment. But in case you prefer direct payment, you can customize an ACH payment form for direct deposit.

In any case, payment forms by MightyForms are reliable, secure, and packed with features for automation and integrations to streamline your payment process.

Let’s go over online payment security, best practices, and how a payment form can ensure a frictionless process. And to get you quickly started on collecting payment for goods, services, or donations, we’ll show you the best payment form templates.

What is a Payment Form

The origin of online or electronic payment is just as old as the internet. It was only natural to migrate banking services to the then newly created world wide web.

The first online payment companies - like Millicent, ECash, and CyberCoin - showed up around the mid-90s as electronic cash alternatives.

It didn’t take long for online businesses to accept payment online. Amazon and Pizza Hut pioneered selling goods online by providing their own payment method right on their website.

But the real progress took place in the last decade. No need for a special device or software installment anymore. New web-based or app-based players started to pop up simplifying the payment process.

Digital wallets, payment platforms, and money transfer apps took over the payment leadership once reigned by centenary financial institutions and credit card operators.

As online payment processes became easier, so did for online stores to take off. We might be living in the eCommerce golden age where you can buy and pay for literally anything online.

And payment forms are the link between online sales and payment collection.  

Just set up a payment form connected to a payment platform and embed it into any page of your website. There, safely and conveniently begin to collect payment for products or services.

Payment Form Security

A cashless and contactless payment future is around the corner, accelerated by the pandemic when online shopping was essential to keep us safe.

The internet enabled payment processes to be more accessible, absolutely. But how about safety?

We all have that family member resistant to online payment, very suspicious of the internet. And they are not entirely wrong.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, 2.2 million frauds were reported by American consumers last year alone, totaling up nearly $3.3 billion in financial losses.

Online shopping is very convenient, but cardholders are indeed much more vulnerable online than physical shopping.

However, payment and eCommerce platforms are aware and vigilant. There is a constant investment in increased security to prevent and anticipate malicious attacks.

Types of Online Payment Frauds & Scams

As online payment adoption increases so do fraudsters and scammers. Cybercrimes and online payment frauds are a rising threat to online businesses. Here are the most common electronic payment frauds to watch out for:

  • Phishing and Spoofed Emails – scammers send an email or message asking recipients to confirm their personal information, credit card number, password, etc., or directing them to a link with a computer virus or malware in order to extract data.  
  • Identify Theft – this cybercrime aims at stealing personal information and login credentials to gain access to other sites, impersonating the cardholder to buy things or make money transfers.
  • Wire Transfer Scam – cybercriminals charge a fake “advanced fee” from buyers and/or online store owners under the false pretense of a credit card authorization.
  • Merchant Identity Fraud or Pharming – cybercriminals create a scam online store using the name of a legitimate store to steal cardholder information.

Cybercrimes don’t affect just the cardholder. By not providing a secure payment method to customers, like a payment form, defrauded customers will most likely tell other people about an untrustworthy website.

The damage to business reputation and customers’ trust might be unrecoverable. There is obviously a financial loss to business owners as well, in case of customers file for a chargeback or a dispute.

Luckily, it can all be easily prevented by a secure payment form.

Payment Forms' Benefits

You might think your one-product business doesn’t need a payment form as full-scale e-commerces do. Or that your fee for freelance work can be charged in some other informal way.

Truth is, payment forms are accessible to anyone in need to collect payment for products, services, or donations.

You can build your own payment form in-house or hire a developer. But since it requires complex coding, security and privacy compliance, AND connection to financial institutions, it makes no sense to do it yourself.  

Relying on a form builder like MightyForms to create payment forms to figure out financial complexities for you will just save you time. Not to mention that it will impress your audience.

Let’s round up a list of benefits by using a payment form for payment collection:

  • Standardized Format
  • Customer Support
  • Customization
  • Easily enable coupons for promotional campaigns
  • Proof of Receipt
  • Payment Gateway variety
  • Scalable, including for international markets
  • Easier to collect, store, and manage data
  • Reduced costs for transactions
  • Convenient from any device, 24/7
  • Recurring payment capability
  • A continuous flow of the Customer Journey (no redirects)
  • Increased security and privacy Compliance

How to Create a Secure Payment Form  

The main objective for payment forms is to effectively collect sensitive input. And it must be connected to a reputable payment gateway to make transactions work straight on the form.

Not all payment forms are reliable or safe, though. If your source it’s not committed to security, you’re putting yourself and your customers at risk.

Rest assured that all payment forms by MightyForms are first and foremost secure.

And when it comes to payment forms best practices, MightyForms offers features and functionalities to help you ace it.  Here’s how:


Secure payment forms with MightyForms

Security on payment forms is essential, in fact, it should be for any type of form. When you design a form for any purpose with MightyForms, you can be ensured that the data collected is secured and protected by end-to-end SSL encryption.

All collected data is safely hosted on our server and can only be accessed with your permission.  

So even before you get to the payment fields, which have additional security provided by payment platforms, you can have peace of mind that your payment form is protected.

Rely on our PCI-DSS Certification (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) to protect credit card/banking information and our GDPR Compliance (General Data Protection Regulation) to protect the personal data privacy of your customers or donors.

Also, all forms have Google’s reCaptcha V3 spam protection by default. And if you want, you can lock your payment form with granted access only to authorized people. In case you prefer to protect submitted data yourself, safely transfer it to Google Sheets or Dropbox. Or count on our Support Team to provide any tailored security solution.  


Payment forms must not only be secure but LOOK secure. More than appealing, but transparent and trustworthy payment forms attract more shoppers and encourage customer loyalty.

All forms by MightyForms can be created from scratch or from a template (we’ll go over them ahead). You can style it with any color, font, and background image you want. Even add your logo for awareness and reassurance.

All fields are fully customizable, even the CTA button – so it says exactly what you want to convert customers like “Confirm your purchase”, “Finish Order”, “Go to Payment”, for example.

You can create a smooth flow of the customer journey by designing your payment form as multi-step or conversational, enabling Logic Rules to only trigger the next question according to previous input.  

Oh, and you can bet your payment form is fully responsive from any device. When you consider that almost 80% of online shoppers make their purchase from their phones, you must ensure that your payment form’s design and functionalities translate well to mobile.

Customer Experience

If payment form security and design will engage your audience, MightyForms will help you close the deal and get your customers hooked.

Create the best payment experience by offering your shoppers the flexibility to save progress and finish the purchase later. By enabling the Save & Resume option, customers won’t feel pressured or rushed into buying from you, and they can come back whenever they’re ready to confirm their purchase.

Provide clarity in your payment form by leaving an example of what each input should be as a placeholder or enable validators to accept only the right information as an input, like three or four digits as the CVV number of a credit card.

Make sure each field label matches the format they see in their credit card. You can add a description below the field or on a tooltip text to appear when a cursor hovers over a field with further explanation.

Save customers time (and secure sales) by enabling autofill fields on your payment form to autocomplete some of the information. This feature also encourages loyalty from frequent buyers, avoiding repetition.

And consider that your online store is open to the world. Keep in mind that 76% of online shoppers prefer to make a purchase in their native language and MightyForms makes sure you cater to an international audience.  You can have your payment form automatically translated to other languages with Weglot integration.

Finally, close the loop with an automatic custom Success Message and thank customers for their business.

Payment Options

The centerpiece of your payment form is the actual payment gateway. MightyForms has partnered with the most reputable and well-known payment platforms for you to choose from.

Easily add a Stripe payment field to your payment form and connect it to your Stripe account to start collecting payment right away. You can set your form to collect Recurring Payments (best for subscription-type businesses), Fixed Price (for general product or service charges), or One-Time Payment (perfect for donation and fundraisers).

Another payment platform option is PayPal. You can add a PayPal field from the builder’s dashboard, set the amount to be collected, and connect it to your PayPal account.

Both payment platforms, Stripe and PayPal, are available in most countries too, so you can reach new markets without worrying about local rules and foreign currencies.

But in case your business model requires a more traditional approach, you can employ an ACH payment form by MightyForms for direct deposit. Protect your business by collecting and managing signed ACH authorization forms in order to collect payment.


Payment forms by MightyForms can be seamlessly embedded into any Content Management System (CMS) of your choice, like WordPress, Webflow, Squarespace, and Wix, or the main eCommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento 2.

Furthermore, you can fulfill the lead’s cycle by connecting your payment form to sales and CRM platforms like Pipedrive and Clio Growth. Or to thousands of other integration options through Zapier for further data management.

MightyForms also offers a seamless connection to Google Calendar and Zoom apps, in case your business requires a prior meeting with a client to set final details.

10 Best Payment Forms For Secure Payment Collection - Templates

In order to help you get started on payment collection, MightyForms offers readily available secure payment form templates.

We know when it comes to collecting payments, a generic form or a one-size-fits-all won’t work. There are templates for varied purposes and needs, but each one is secure as payment forms should be.  

All you need to do is to select one, customize its design, empower it with best practices features and connect it to the payment platform of your choice.

1. Payment Form

This classic payment form will ensure everything is covered, even if you don’t have a store-front website. Cleverly display the image and description of products right on the form:

Payment form template powered by MightyForms

2. Stripe Fixed-Price Payment Form

The perfect payment form for selling items or services with a pre-determined price. This one is already set up for businesses specialized in personalized meditation courses. Collect information from your customer and charge them directly on the form:

Payment form template with Stripe for Meditation course powered by MightyForms

3. Stripe Subscription Payment Form

This template conveniently charges customers for a recurring payment, such as subscription-based businesses or sponsorships:

Subscription payment form template powered by MightyForms

4. Bakery Order Template

Ready to transfer your bakery business to the online business market? MightyForms eliminates the guesswork with this payment form that can be customized for any entrepreneurship endeavor, not just for bakeries, of course:

Online bakery payment form template powered by MightyForms

5. Ticket Purchase Form

This payment form template will work as your ticket booth to sell event tickets. Easily collect attendee’s info and payment, while providing your Terms & Conditions:

Ticket purchase form template powered by MightyForms

6. Deposit Payment Receipt

Great template for service providers, this payment form will collect payment through direct deposit and work as the receipt as well:

Deposit payment form template by MIghtyForms

7. ACH Authorization Form for Direct Debit

Payment forms can also help you to protect your business in case of an eventual dispute. This template will collect signature for ACH debit payment consent:

ACH Authorization Form for Direct Debit - free template

8. Streamer Donation with PayPal Payment

Content creators can have a payment form to collect funds from sponsors. Very straightforward template to keep your streaming services up and running:

Streamer Donation form with PayPal Payment powered by MightyForms

9. Burger Order Form

If your business model requires customers to select options or features available for products and services, then this template is you. This multi-step payment form will show customers all the options they can add and combine before Logic Rules calculates and charges them for the total cost:

Burger builder order form template that calculates price by MightyForms

10. Donation Payment Form

If you’re running an NGO or promoting a cause, this template can help you collect donations. Set it up with an automatic Thank You message to show your appreciation:

Donation payment form template powered by MightyForms

MightyForms provides the most reliable, efficient, and secure payment forms for your business. Boost your sales, with cross-selling and upselling offers to grow your revenue. See for yourself how easy it is to uncomplicate your online business with payment forms by MightyForms!


Olivia Pompeu

Olivia Pompeu is a Communications, Public Relations and Marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in global companies, overseeing communications strategy aimed at promoting business objectives to stakeholders.