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How to Set Up Payment Forms that Uncomplicate your Online Business

It has never been this easy to set up an online business, nor has demand been so high. And if setting up a payment method was the only concern keeping you from starting your own e-commerce, then let me introduce you to automated payment forms.

Whether you’re selling products, providing services, or even collecting donations online, what you’ll need is a hassle-free yet reliable payment solution for all transactions.

And with constant technology advancements, what once was only accessible to big retail companies is now readily available and affordable to businesses of all sizes.

Yes, payment forms are here to uncomplicate your online business! But not any payment form.

Automated payment forms that save you time, increase productivity, improve efficiency, and simplify accounting management.

I bring you automated payment forms by the combined expertise of MightyForms and Stripe.


The MightyForms and Stripe Partnership

Isn’t it great when you get the best of both worlds? That’s what the MightyForms and Stripe partnership are all about. You get automated, fully responsive online forms by MightyForms boosted with a seamless payment method by Stripe.

MightyForms is an online form builder that helps you create powerful forms with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor and pre-optimized templates. You can create any type of form for any industry in order to interact with your audience.

From a simple contact form to RSVP forms, booking services forms, feedback forms, event registration forms, newsletter subscription forms, and for many more other purposes, MightyForms is the most comprehensive tool for the job.

And more than collecting information, MightyForms offers advanced features and smart functionalities for those needing to automate workflow and capture more leads.

But if you need to collect information AND payment, the MightyForms native integration with Stripe is the perfect solution.

At the very core of payment platform Stripe lies the mission to increase the GDP of the internet. Stripe technology allows users to accept and manage payments online by removing all financial complexity for them.

Payment forms by MightyForms powered by Stripe are incredibly easy to set up. It was designed to help you organize and grow sales of your online commerce fast and safely.  


What are Automated Payment Forms

If you have ever purchased something online, you know the drill already. Browse products, add them to cart, go to the checkout page. Usually, you have to log in or create an account and then add your credit card info.

A payment form is a simplified, more straightforward, and convenient version of a checkout page. And because payment forms are so practical, it can influence people to go through with the purchase more than they would with a full-scale checkout page.

Payment forms are great for any type or size of business. But especially beneficial to small entrepreneurs selling homemade products or providing services on a fee or commission, since it doesn’t require a storefront page or an in-house payment gateway.

Basically, besides displaying all common fields of a contact form, a payment form also includes a payment field to complete the transaction directly on the form.

In MightyForms case, all you need to do is add the Stripe field, easily located on the builder’s menu, to any form. And voilá, you now have a payment form with the trustworthy Stripe seal.

But the MightyForms payment forms goes even beyond automation features, transforming your payment form into a self-supported analytical tool.


Benefits of Automated Payment Forms

Managing online transactions must be uncomplicated so you can focus your time and resources on improving your brand, product, or service. If your payment method requires you to stay on top of it, manually managing each step of the process, it will hinder your progress – and cash flow.  

Here are the benefits of the MightyForms automated payment forms:

Benefits of Payment Forms automation infographic - MightyForms


Perhaps the most important criterion for conversions when it comes to payment forms is security. If 29% of people cite security reasons as one of the main concerns for submitting their personal data on an online form, imagine when it comes to giving out their credit card information.

You can put your visitors at ease by providing a safe payment form by MightyForms. Besides not recording or storing sensitive payment data on our side, you can rest assured that all data exchange is end-to-end SSL encrypted.

And when selecting a payment platform partner for our forms, we wanted the best for our users. Stripe is a reputable, well-known brand. Security is also taken very seriously by Stripe, compliant to the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

You and your customers can stay safe from any data breach or fraud with automated payment forms by MightyForms, powered by Stripe.


Compelling Layout and Responsiveness

All MightyForms are fully customizable. You can easily build your payment form from scratch or from a template, and edit, resize, reposition any field, font, or colors. For a stronger statement, you can also add your own branding and logo.

You’ll get a great looking form, responsive from any device. This is essential when considering that almost 40% of all e-commerce sales were made from a smartphone last year. This share is expected to rise to 72.9% by 2021. You simply can’t afford not to provide a mobile-friendly payment form anymore.

When you create your payment forms with MightyForms, you’ll be able to preview its layout and responsiveness from desktop, tablet, and mobile before going live. If you’re a web designer or from a marketing agency, you’ll be able to share the link of the form’s draft for easy review, testing, and approval.


Automation & Integrations

Payments forms taken to the next level are automated payment forms. It means you create and set up your payment form with MightyForms then let advanced features and functionalities keep it running for you.

Disclosing banking or credit card information when shopping online might leave some people insecure. You can set up a success message to be sent automatically after each submission to confirm payment. Or you can set up an autoresponder notification to you or your team by email or SMS, so the order can be processed as soon as payment is confirmed.  

If you’re selling a variety of products, for instance, you can enhance the customer experience by enabling the Save & Resume feature on the payment form. This way, you’ll give your customers the flexibility to select the items freely with no pressure to finish it at once.

But if sales are not taking off as expected, you can set up the Abandoned Form Recovery feature to provide insight. This form analytics feature tracks all submissions in real-time, so you’ll know why and where people are quitting the purchase. With any information gathered, you can nurture this prospect back with some discount or free trial, for instance.

Your automated payment form can be seamlessly integrated into other platforms like Google Sheets, Google Drive, Zapier, and much more. All of the data captured with your payment forms can be automatically synced to another program. This means you can keep inventory, sales, and accounting reports as you receive the orders and manage them as you like.


Stripe Perks

Behold the power. By adding just one payment field to your form, you’ll discover a whole world of possibilities. Since MightyForms is a verified Stripe partner, when you add the Stripe Payments field, you’ll get everything Stripe offers for your online business, right there in your form.  

No need to direct prospects to another link or checkout page to close a deal. For instance, you can set up a calculator based on Logic Rules, where the total price is calculated based on answers given (i.e. “I’ll attend both days of the seminar” instead of one) or previously selected items.

When setting up your payment form, you can authorize MightyForms to display the list of items you want to sell on a particular form. This comes in handy when you’re running a seasonal campaign, for instance, and want to offer only specific products. Not to mention you can easily enable a Stripe coupon field and generate buzz for promotion too. 

Through your Stripe account, you’ll be able to generate invoices, manage your stock, and issue receipts. And don’t worry about negotiating a payment gateway, Stripe will handle all of this process and it accepts all major debit and credit cards or digital wallets from customers in every country. Yes, your automated payment form can reach a broader, global audience.

And because different businesses require different payment options, the MightyForms payment form powered by Stripe offers you three categories:

One-Time Payments

A direct transaction for selling goods or services, very suitable for e-commerces. You can set up your catalog by organizing the layout of images of your products, description, quantities, and price.

Recurring Payments

Suitable for subscription type of businesses, this payment option allows for receiving recurring payments automatically. Perfect for encouraging customer loyalty. 

Fixed Price Payments

Designed to collect payment on a predetermined price, this payment option suits service providers who work on a fixed commission or organizations/institutions raising funds through donations.



The days of improvisation and informality are over. You can be a one-person business, an independent instructor or contractor, or a well-staffed established company. The automated payment forms by Mightyforms are affordable for anyone and easy to set up, requiring no coding knowledge.

Stripe payment is available for ALL of MightyForms plans. Including the Beginner free plan, for a small 1% fee for each successful card charge as a pay-as-you-go feature. With your MightyForms and Stripe account, you can build your professional-looking payment form in no time. You can build your own empire from your computer.


How to Set Up Automated Payment Forms – Quick Tutorial

Uncomplicating your online business with MightyForms automated payment forms powered by Stripe will be the easiest part of your endeavor. As it should be. So you can focus on growing your sales, instead of patching up online payment process issues.

Here’s a quick tutorial.

Step 1. Login to MightyForms

First, you need to log in to MightyForms form builder.  You can create your own account or log in with your Google or Facebook account for a quick head start.

Step 2. Create a New Form

2.1. From the main dashboard, click on the button ‘Create New Form’ at the top right-hand corner.


2.2. You can start your payment form from scratch or from a template.  MightyForms offers ready-to-go templates by type of purpose or type of industry. By clicking on the Type menu, you can select “Payment Forms” from the dropdown menu to view our payment form templates, in case you want to build from one.


Step 3. Add Stripe Field

3.1.         From the builder dashboard, you can edit any element of your form. To transform your form into a payment form, add the Stripe Field, located on the left side menu. Click on the added Stripe Field to connect it to your Stripe account.

Step 4. Stripe Account Set Up

4.1. You’ll be redirected to Stripe’s authorization page. If you already have an account, go ahead and click on the ‘Sign In’ button at the top right-hand corner. Otherwise, just fill out a new Stripe account form by adding your business details by scrolling down the page.

Once you have signed in and authorized your Stripe account to be connected to MightyForms, you’ll be automatically redirected back to your form’s builder dashboard.  You can now customize your form according to your sales objective. Please check our Help page for step-by-step details for each payment option, whether it’s One-Time Payments, Recurring Payments, or Fixed-Price Payments.

Step 5. Automation and Integrations Set up

5.1. Now that your payment form is created and synced to Stripe, it’s time to automate it. From the builder’s dashboard, click on the ‘Notifications’ icon button or ‘Integrations’ icon button on the very far left side menu. On each settings page, you’ll be able to enable autoresponder messages and integrate your automated payment form to other platforms like Zapier for further management options.


You are now ready to publish your automated payment form and start selling!

A fast and reliable payment option vouched by a well-known brand like Stripe has the power to uncomplicate your online business while reassuring your customer their transaction is safe. With the holidays around the corner, the time for increasing your profit with automated payment forms by MightyForms is now!


Olivia Pompeu

Olivia Pompeu is a Communications, Public Relations and Marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in global companies, overseeing communications strategy aimed at promoting business objectives to stakeholders.