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Create Payments Forms on WordPress with Stripe to Attract More Shoppers

If you thought WordPress was just for blogging, then you better catch up. The publishing platform means business. Real, profitable, robust business.

All types of online businesses are thriving on WordPress. E-commerce stores are simplifying their sales process with compelling payment forms easily created with WordPress plugins, like MightyForms.

And they are increasing their profits too, since all financial transactions can be easily handled and vouched by the trustworthy payment platform Stripe, for instance.

wordpress site building

Yes, WordPress is all grown up and offers easy access to countless resources for those launching a new venture online. Or for existing online businesses too, looking for a better payment solution.

My intent with this article is to show non-users and WordPress fans alike that an online business can be easily set up and managed on the platform.

You can design your website on WordPress, then add a fully responsive and impressive MightyForms payment form, powered by Stripe no less, to attract more shoppers and start collecting payment in no time.

Let’s take a look at the current online business community on WordPress, the benefits, the trends, and how you can build your own impressive Stripe payment form with MightyForms.


What exactly is WordPress

WordPress was originally created as a blog publishing system, but a lot has evolved since its release in 2003. Now known as the more comprehensive definition of free and open-source content management system (CMS), it hosts all types of web content, including online stores and e-commerce.

No wonder why WordPress is used by more than 60 million websites.  It has empowered people to create and host websites requiring little to no coding knowledge. You can even get a head start from one of their 11,000 templates or the so-called WordPress Themes.

But WordPress extensible plugin framework is what gets its users to go beyond web creation. WordPress Plugins unlock further features and functionalities, tailoring, and boosting websites for specific purposes. 

And because WordPress is so content-focused, online stores hosted on the platform have better SEO results than solely e-commerce-oriented platforms, like Shopify. Meaning, more organic web traffic from qualified prospects.

The diversity of the WordPress business community ranges from solo entrepreneurs, freelancers, independent instructors, home-based businesses to some of the Fortune 500 companies like TED, Sony, UPS, and Best Buy.

But how about selling goods and services on WordPress? Although there is no accurate number of how many out of total websites hosted on WordPress are online stores, we can have an idea.

For instance, just on Woocommerce, WordPress' most popular e-commerce plugin, there are more than three million live online stores.   

The online shopping growth definitely had a big push this year due to the pandemic. How big? According to new data from IBM’s U.S. Retail Index, the pandemic accelerated the shift from physical stores to e-commerce by five years.

There’s never been a better time to start your own e-commerce. And it’s never been this easy to set one up.


7 Major Benefits of Hosting Your Online Business on WordPress

It’s so interesting – and rare – to see a tool or platform that works so well across the board like WordPress. But it truly is a universal one-size-fits-all kind of deal.

From one-person businesses to well-established companies, any trade can be easily managed and customized using WordPress as their hassle-free CMS publishing tool.

The accessibility provided by WordPress to literally anyone wishing to start an online business is what makes it a real disruptive technology. The innovation it brings to how people conduct businesses nowadays makes it possible for anyone to become the next Jeff Bezos or Jack Ma.

But let us take baby steps before we run.

Even if you own a physical store, if you’re not online, you virtually don’t exist. And if there’s anything that 2020 taught us is that you must establish your online presence.

Online shopping has become an indispensable part of retail and it will soon be the primary method for purchasing goods and services.

So, if you want your business to take off next year and you’re shopping around (pun intended) for online solutions, allow me to show you the seven top benefits of hosting your e-commerce on WordPress:

benefits of hosting a site on wordpress infographic_MightyForms

1. Affordable

Technically, WordPress as the software itself is open-source and 100% free. If your project is too complex, you might want to hire a professional web designer to create your WordPress website for you. But honestly, the platform is so intuitive, that you might get away with it yourself.

In order to go live though, you’ll need a web hosting service and a domain name. But fortunately, there are great service providers out there with very affordable pricing. Then, depending on the purpose of your project, you might have added costs in order to hire certain features. But when you consider the total costs summed up, the amount for hosting your online business on WordPress is very reasonable.

2. Evergreen

I’m sure you’ll begin your project hoping it will last. So you need a solid platform that stays live and updated. Even though WordPress is “old” (in digital years), it has always been kept up-to-date with the latest technology. The regular updates are what ensures that the platform keeps running without any major glitch, for almost two decades now.

Since WordPress powers 38.8% of the web, you can be sure the platform can handle web traffic and viewing interaction. And because WordPress is an open-source software, it is constantly being improved by contributors. Rest assured that your online business will always stay fresh on WordPress.

3. Customizable 

When you look at the websites for CNN, NASA, The PlayStation Blog, Microsoft News, and Vogue Magazine, it’s hard to believe they are all built and hosted on WordPress. The WordPress Showcase debunks the myth that the use of templates, or Themes, in this case, makes everything look the same.

Every element of your website is customizable on WordPress. This design freedom and flexibility not only make your website your own but help you come up with a stunning and compelling layout that attracts viewers. Unlimited customization applies to your payment form as well, making your online business unique. 

4. SEO-friendly 

Even if you’re not SEO-savvy, your website will rank well on WordPress. The platform itself is naturally designed to contribute to your Search Engine Optimization results effortlessly. WordPress makes it easy for its users to figure out H1, H2, and H3 tags, as well as keywords placement in your website URL.

But in order to organically grow your online business, you have to do some planning towards SEO improvement.  And that’s where WordPress definitely stands out. You can easily add strategic SEO extensions and plugins to your website, like Yoast or SEO Ultimate, to really nail it.

5. Community 

WordPress as a company is run by a very small staff, a little less than 1,500 employees. It might be hard to grasp how so much data is handled by so few. But the real beauty about WordPress is its strong community collaboration and support.

Since it’s been around for quite some time now, WordPress has gathered a fan base of users and developers. If you need any help setting up, managing, or growing your online business, you bet you’ll find a friendly community to guide you and offer free advice.    

6. Scalability 

As I’ve mentioned before, the range of businesses on WordPress is very diverse. So when you see that a startup and a well-known company like The Walt Disney World use the same publishing platform, you can be sure that it can handle business growth.

WordPress offers reasonable resources for those who are just testing the waters with their online business, to powerful features that enable sustained growth for those who’ve made it big. The scalability provided by WordPress guarantees your time and money invested will not be useless or outgrown.

7. Plugins 

Think of WordPress Plugin Directory as the App Store of your phone. You have a great structure already, just have to add accessories to suit your needs. And boy, WordPress, got ‘em. There are more than 55,000 (and counting) plugins available. Small scripts of codes that extend the functionality of WordPress from calendars, custom languages, landing pages generator, spam blockers, to grammar correctors, and much more.

But there is one essential plugin when it comes to hosting your very own online business, online store, e-commerce, or marketplace: a payment form. There are a few ways you can have that added to your WordPress website. But this brings us to my next topic: impressive payment forms powered by Stripe created with the MightyForms plugin


Payments Forms Powered by Stripe

Simply because no purchase is truly online if you can’t conveniently pay for something straight from the website, you’ll need to provide a payment form.

wordpress online forms

Forget about redirecting people to another page in order to process payment or worse, offer only improvised offline payment methods to your customers. We’re in 2020 and any online business can have access to professional-looking and trustworthy payment forms for their shoppers.

While browsing the WordPress Plugin Directory for payment forms, you’ll encounter many choices. But never mind those stiff, ugly, questionable, and complicated payment forms from the early days.

Also, dismiss the idea that payment forms handled by well-known payment platforms like Stripe, is only affordable by big companies.

Your WordPress website can easily display Stripe payment forms by enabling MightyForms as your form builder plugin.


About The MightyForms and Stripe Partnership

MightyForms is an online form builder, created to help you capture more leads and automate onboarding submissions. You can easily create any type of form for any type of purpose or industry, from scratch, or from pre-optimized templates.

MightyForms and Stripe partnership

All forms created with MightyForms are fully responsive, customizable, mobile-friendly, and packed with further features and integrations.

In particular, our payment forms are powered by Stripe, since MightyForms is a verified partner. This means you can collect customer information and payment, without the whole financial complexity, straight on your form.

Stripe payment forms are available for all MightyForms plans, including the Beginner free plan, for a small 1% fee on each transaction. You’ll get all Stripe perks, like calculator, product or service catalog, coupon field offer, and more, directly on your payment form. Oh, and without the hassle of handling payment gateways.

But as our name states, your Stripe payment forms can become mighty! MightyForms offers smart form solutions to automate your payment form. Enable settings for notifications, autoresponders, form analytics, and integration to other powerful platforms, like Google Workspace tools (Google Drive, Google Data Studio, Google Sheets, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager), Zapier, MailChimp, and much more.

By the way, MightyForms is available as a WordPress Plugin, but also as an independent app for other no-code friendly site builders, like Webflow, Squarespace, and Wix.


How to Create Impressive Stripe Payment Forms with MightyForms on WordPress

Hopefully, I got you psyched to get started on wowing your customers right away. Don’t worry, setting up your Stripe Payment Form on WordPress is a piece of cake.

From your WordPress dashboard, you can either download the MightyForms plugin from the Plugin Directory or build your form on the MightyForms app and then copy and paste the embed code to the HTML editor of your page.

WordPress online form plugin

On MightyForms dashboard, build your form from scratch or select one of your payment form templates. Then, all you gotta do is add which type of Stripe product you need: One-Time Payments, Recurring Payments, or Fixed-Price.

payment form builder

You’ll be asked to authorize the connection of your Stripe account to MightyForms. In case you don’t have a Stripe account yet, you’ll be able to create one on the same authorization page, by scrolling down to Business Details.

Once the main structure of your Stripe payment form is created, you can embellish it with our customization options. Resize and reposition any field. Change colors or fonts. Add images or your own logo for brand identity.

Your WordPress online business can soar to new horizons with an impressive payment form! Attract more customers by providing a safe, responsive, and compelling Stripe payment form by MightyForms. Count on the MightyForms Support Team to guide you through our powerful form solutions.



Olivia Pompeu

Olivia Pompeu is a Communications, Public Relations and Marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in global companies, overseeing communications strategy aimed at promoting business objectives to stakeholders.