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Digital PR: Why Form Data Matters & How to Leverage It

Anyone in charge of improving SEO results in a company or for a client got a wake-up call at the beginning of 2021. Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller matter-of-factly stated that “Digital PR is just as critical as technical SEO, probably more in some cases”.

That Twitter post by the emissary of the very own search engine mecca should not spark a debate of whether Digital PR is just a glorified link building or not. But rather, another strategic and effective way to increase online presence and improve SEO.

And MightyForms can help Digital PR professionals and agencies by streamlining part of the process with our powerful automated web forms.

From surveying data to back up infographic material, collecting contact information for a media list compilation, distributing press-releases with email marketing integrations, or simply providing a reliable payment form to charge your clients, count on MightyForms hassle-free solutions as an ally.

If you know what Digital PR is – or you might think you do – let’s educate ourselves on what it really is and how it can be leveraged for maximum SEO results facilitated by MightyForms.


What is Digital PR

In order to understand what Digital PR is, we must understand what it was or used to be. Although Traditional Public Relations is still important and paramount for building and guarding brand reputation, Digital PR has naturally evolved from it.

But this evolution doesn’t mean replacement, since both traditional and digital public relations efforts are carried out for different audiences, means, and goals.


The Traditional PR

Now referred to, sometimes, as Offline PR, Traditional PR still handles the communication between a company and varied stakeholders.

Anyone that can form an opinion about your brand and impact your business is a stakeholder that must be engaged with and won over. That means employees, the board of directors, shareholders, media, consumers/customers/clients/users, prospects, suppliers, policymakers, community leaders, associations, etc.  

The main objective is to increase brand exposure, build and maintain reputation through offline outlets: print media (newspapers and magazines) and broadcast media (tv and radio).

Since the early days, the employment of traditional public relations efforts is aimed at getting brand exposure through relationship with those media outlets. Instead of paying for brand placement, as in advertising, public relations results are an earned outcome.

If a paid ad placement on any media generates brand awareness, a positive media coverage fosters credibility, legitimacy, and trustworthiness.  This is when great storytellers come in and make a difference, convincing journalists that their story is interesting and relevant to their audience.

press conference image of cameras

The main tactics used by Traditional PR are press-releases, interview opportunities, and press conferences. Everything masterfully conducted by constant press relationship building and goodwill efforts.


The Digital PR Shift

As traditional media outlets keep losing the power of influence to online outlets, especially among the Millennial generation onwards, so has diminished the demand for traditional PR.

This shift of marketing strategy from traditional to digital is constantly evolving. And if the glory days of big advertising and PR agencies stayed in the past, new approaches have emerged.   

After a decade (and some) of SEO domination, Digital PR has been adapting the Traditional PR methodology towards online exposure as well. Now that the game has changed, relationships are being built with online journalists, bloggers, and digital influencers.

news headlines on cellphone screen

The new goal is to gain high-quality backlinks and social media mentions, ultimately improving SEO results as much (or more) as technical SEO.

Actually, measuring results from Traditional PR has always been tricky, if not subjective.

Media hits, ad value, and impressions can only ballpark audience reach. Whereas in Digital PR you can track results more accurately. And here’s when form data matters and can help streamline the process.


The Value of Traditional PR

Traditional PR has not gone away. Although it’s a big investment that very few online businesses and startups can afford (or need), Traditional PR is still unbeatable when it comes to spin negative exposure.

If a top search engine ranking is now more valuable and more coveted than media coverage by any business, negative news can blow everything away in a blink.

No link building can save a bad rep and no “algorithm whisperer” can undo a tarnished story. If social media is quick to hype brands up, sure is even faster to bring it down (“Cancel Culture” rings a bell?).

Crisis Management and Brand Reputation Guardianship must be handled by experienced professionals whose mitigation efforts require high interpersonal skills.

Traditional PR will always be a sound approach when it comes to big announcements, press handling, media training, and crisis management.

And it can and it should work along with Digital PR, technical SEO, or any new marketing strategy that may come, in a joint effort towards promoting a brand


What Does Digital PR Do?

John Muller added in his tweet that “it’s a shame that Digital PR often gets bucketed with the spammy kind of link building”. He sure did justice to a lot of people.  

So, if Digital PR does NOT do spammy link building, what exactly it does?

Basically put, Digital PR is an online marketing strategy that has adapted Traditional PR methodology - or its modus operandi – to online outlets.

Instead of media coverage, the goal of Digital PR is to increase online brand exposure and authority in order to expand its digital footprint.

The web is saturated with SEO malpractices where link building is done on the swap basis only, without any regard to content, fit, and relevancy. That’s the spammy kind of link building, that doesn’t necessarily generate traffic or conversions.

More and more, quality triumphs over quantity as SEO ranking factors evolve. This is precisely where spammy link building fades and Digital PR stands out.

Increased organic traffic and improved SEO earned by quality content and shared by relevant websites are carefully crafted by Digital PR experts. When done properly, link building yields more than backlinks, it creates ambassadors for your brand.  


Digital PR Tactics

The Digital PR expertise can be tapped for many tactics that require tailored communication. Here’s a list of the main attributions done by a Digital PR professional or agency:

top Digital PR tactics infographic _MightyForms

Define Targeted Media List:

Based on a company’s targeted audience or keyword, Digital PR can evaluate which online outlets are the best fit for relationship building.

Create High-Value Online Content:

Relevant information is produced by Digital PR taking into consideration medium and SEO guidelines. The body of work can be online press-releases, white papers, infographics, videos, guest blogging, podcast interviews, Op-Ed’s, articles, etc.

Pitch Stories:

Similar to Traditional PR, the job here is to nurture media relationships for collaboration. Online outlets need content that generates views and engagement, while Digital PR secures backlinks from high authority sites in return.

Manage Social Media:

Gaining a share of voice on social media that brings the right mentions requires a mix of tact and savviness. Digital PR skills drive the proper tone of voice that encourages engagement and organic traffic.

Outreach Bloggers and Influencers:

The old PR goodwill effort but aimed at those who call the shot online. Digital PR can nurture relationships for the right endorsement.

Why Form Data Matters to Digital PR Tactics

We’re always talking about how to increase lead generation and conversion on this blog. How you can optimize your website with fully responsive and customizable web forms and how you can automate tasks.

MightyForms was created by users because we were looking for better ways to do business. We know that smart solutions can yield positive results and enable sustained growth.

Ultimately, all businesses and organizations have the same goal of reaching the right audience. And the way to get there is through a collaborative effort, employing combined expertise towards the desired outcome.

Therefore, MightyForms provides tools and solutions that can empower the Digital PR efforts of any type of business. Easy-to-build web forms that can be tailored to specific needs and purposes.

Here’s how to capture, analyze and leverage form data to maximize Digital PR tactics with MightyForms:

online forms that help streamline digital PR workflow _MightyForms

Survey Forms

Data is like catnip to media outlets. Whether it’s traditional or online outlets, an interesting compilation of information generates views and sharing. Infographics are a sure shot of getting that coveted backlink.

MightyForms offers optimized survey forms that can be fully customized for any type of questionnaire. Digital PR experts can take advantage of automated survey forms to compile data to back up any infographic material.

Data is like catnip to media outlets. Whether it’s traditional or online outlets, an interesting compilation of information generates views and sharing. Tweet this.

Build your survey form with Logic Rules in order to conduct friendlier research, encouraging the response rate. Be sure to retain all submissions data by enabling our Abandoned Form Recovery feature. This real-time form data tracking tool will keep you updated on responses and alert you of any drop-off.

Simplify the survey process for market research, polls, demographic information, or any other topic that makes your client stand out as a subject expert. Easily integrate the survey form to Google Data Studio so results can be arranged into any kind of compelling presentation or report for the media later.


Newsroom Forms

Does your agency or your client keep a newsroom page on their website? Facilitate media outreach with contact forms, media inquiry forms, or subscription forms by MightyForms.

A welcoming contact form can help you build your media mailing list or attract new clients interested in your Digital PR services. Have your contact form integrated into Google Sheets or Dropbox for easier management and perusal.

Make sure any media inquiry is immediately acknowledged by setting up your media inquiry form with autoresponder messages.  You can set up a personalized success message to automatically pop up after submissions so journalists know their message was well received. At the same time, set up automatic notifications by email or SMS to you or anyone in your team for a timely follow-up.

Encourage journalists to subscribe to your newsroom by providing an inviting subscription form. Online press-releases or any type of media collaterals can then be sent to subscribers. Simply integrate the subscription form data with Mailchimp for successful email distribution.

Study Case Forms

Enrich your press-releases with reviews and testimonials from real customers of your clients. Study cases are great press material that establishes credibility and MightyForms can you help you identify the best stories.

Easily build and customize customer satisfaction survey forms for any type of feedback format (Net Promoter Score surveys, Rating Scale Forms, Post Event Survey Forms, Testimonial or Review Forms, etc.). You can even include a signature field, so respondents can express their consent for having their story shared with the media.

Make it convenient for respondents by embedding a choice field of your form in an email to your mailing list. Even more thoughtful, enable the Save & Resume option for your form, so respondents can finish filling it out whenever it’s best for them.

Establishing a proper feedback channel encourages responses and by formulating the right questions, you’ll be able to spot newsworthy stories faster. MightyForms was designed so forms go beyond collecting information, it captures analytical data that matters. Get Digital PR insights for your pitches based on real cases, not guesses.

Stripe Payment Forms

MightyForms can help Digital PR get the job done AND get paid for it. From freelancers to full-scale agencies, payment forms uncomplicate the charging process for Digital PR services.

Payment forms by MightyForms are powered by Stripe. So you can rest assured that you’ll provide a reliable, professional-looking, and trustworthy payment form to your clients with your logo and branding.

You can collect payment per job with One-Time Payment Forms. Just synchronize your list of services with Stripe and MightyForms to let your client know exactly for what they are being charged. For new clients, our payment forms can calculate selected services in order to generate a quote. For fixed clients, you can set a Recurring Payment Form for a simple retainer fee charge.

These are just a little taste of how MightyForms can help streamline the Digital PR process. Employ your time where your communications savviness and SEO expertise can really shine and leave time-consuming tasks to us. Leverage form data that matters to maximum online exposure and get high-authority backlinks in return.


Olivia Pompeu

Olivia Pompeu is a Communications, Public Relations and Marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in global companies, overseeing communications strategy aimed at promoting business objectives to stakeholders.