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What is Marketing Automation - and How to Use it

As a marketer, every day you have tons of tasks to accomplish. And you ask yourself if there is any way to reduce your pile of undone work and get time to focus on tasks that really matter. 

After all, you choose to be a marketer for creative reasons and want to do what demands such creativity. Well, worry no more. There are a lot of ways to do marketing automation and to automate boring and time-consuming tasks so you can focus on what really matters.

You can easily set automated responses to your leads, customize and increase your forms responses, and set reminders both for the prospect and for your team. All with a time-saver system.

In this article, we discuss what is marketing automation, when and how to set them, the benefits of introducing marketing automation in your business workflow, plus all the ways you can set automation using MightyForms.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is when you use a tool or software to streamline your marketing campaigns and to automate processes. Tasks that, otherwise, would take a long time to be completed, is automatically done by marketing automation tools.

You can use marketing automation tactics and software to nurture and delight the prospect, generating higher chances of increasing the revenue. You can automate the emails, engagement with prospects and leads, and even your sales.

Do you know all those small tasks that became a big pile on your to-do list? Well, all that can be automated using the right tools and software. And MightyForms has just what you need to make your to-do list shorter, and without losing the quality of your service.

What are the benefits of having marketing automation?

Now that you already know what Marketing Automation is, let’s talk about all the benefits you can gain by using it in your business.

Increase Productivity

Imagine having an entire marketing team only to respond to the messages the business received from the contact form. That sounds counter-productive, right? 

So you can automate your email marketing and have the team focusing on more urgent activities. And it can work for several other tasks that can be automated using tools and software built to streamline your workflow and allow your marketing team to focus their efforts on more important and manual tasks, increasing their productivity.

Generate Quality Leads

Generating leads is a basic step when you’re on the path of growing your business. When you automate your tasks your marketing team can reach out for quality leads and nurture them, encouraging more conversions. Which means more revenue. And that is a high chance of company growth.

Understand your Audience

On the first two topics, we stated the fact that marketing automation can help you with making more revenue. One of the reasons is because your team now has the time to focus on more important tasks, such as, nurturing the lead and converting them.  

Another benefit that marketing automation has over the revenue is that you can get to know your lead better. By getting to know the lead you can understand the buyer’s journey, which stage they are at, and their priorities. Which means that you can interact better with each lead, offering the right products and special proposal for conversion.

Save Time

You can provide solutions faster, speed up tasks, and even eliminate obstacles when you use marketing automation. Saving your time, and your marketing team time, and, more important, saving your company from spending too much money on time-consuming projects. Let marketers do what they do best - being creative. And automate the ordinary, time-consuming, and redundant tasks.

Better Budget Allocation

Marketing automation helps you save not only time but also money. You can be assured of it with simple math. By focusing on meaningful tasks and projects, you get better insight as to what strategies work and get more out of each investment.

All because you can save money rearranging the marketing team, doing the tasks that actually need to be done, like nurture the lead, delight the customer, generate loyalty. These are important things in a business that must be done by humans. 

Customer Retention

Generating leads and having high traffic on your business website is not enough to see the company grow. You must nurture those leads, converting them into customers. Then you delight your customers, conquering their loyalty. Only then you can retain a customer. And you can do it using marketing automation. Set an autoresponder, for instance, for after each form submission, adding the lead’s name, and you can have one more lead satisfied by being treated exclusively.

Track Campaigns

You can track and monitor your marketing efforts easily when you have it automated. See the success, or failure, of each of your marketing campaigns. You can have access to metrics that allows you to decide where to put more money and effort and what is not working. And remove it from campaigns and processes that are not given the results you expect from them.

Benefits of Marketing Automation infographic MightyForms

When to start using Marketing Automation

There are a few points to be considered when deciding if it is time for you to set automation to your marketing strategy. Automated marketing can help you to get to know your audience better. But not all kinds of automation you need nor should be using. To choose which tools to use you must first understand the moment you’re in and what is your target audience behavior.

Ask yourself the right questions before choosing an automation marketing tool or software. Questions like:

What are your business goals? 

By knowing your business goal you can set more than just automation parameters. You must be aware of where you’re going if you want to reach a target point.

Setting small goals that work towards the main goal can help and guide you on your path.

By doing so you can be sure of all the automation you need to add and how to work with them. For example: How frequently do you want your prospects to receive your emails? By knowing your goals and your audience you can answer this question easily.

What tone do you want to use in your communication? 

When you automate emails you can fall into a trick and end up sending emails that seem like if a robot had written them. To avoid it, make sure your copy is human: make it interactive, set a brand tone, and keep it. Also, make sure your messages have personalization, customizing it with the first name of the lead.

What can marketing automation do for your business? 

Marketing automation can do more than just sending cold emails to your leads and customers. You can nurture the lead and delight the customer, creating an opportunity to encourage loyalty. 

How to build a customer relationship using Marketing Automation

You can now decide the best time to start using marketing automation. Let’s talk then about how marketing automation can help you build and establish communication and relationship with your leads and prospects.

Put your brand on the market

If you want to acquire buyers, you must first be seen. Put yourself out on the market, in our case with the help of the internet but it can also be by word-of-mouth. Don’t be afraid of showing off your brand and products. And marketing automation can help you with doing so. Send welcome emails, add mailing list sign up forms, and create opportunities to be seen by those looking for products or services like yours on the web.

Have engagement based on consumer behavior

You can easily know what each prospect’s interests are. Set up an automation that provides such information for you. Once you realize how they want to interact with your brand, you can set up a via of communication to be the most personalized as possible. Always suggest content based on what the lead’s search is. You’ll then have a better shot to delight the lead and convert them.

Send nice reminders

Do you know when you have items in your cart, but you’re not sure if you want to purchase them? Well, the same happens to the visitors of your e-commerce. How to conquer them and convince them that the purchase is a good idea? You can do it with your automation email to remind the lead they’ve forgotten items, and even suggest nice related things. You can also use the reminder when a lead starts but doesn’t submit a form. 

Ways MightyForms helps you to automate your tasks

MightyForms relies on several tools and features that streamline your workflow, automating your tasks, and marketing efforts. Here you have the ways you can count on MightyForms when you need to automate.


Integrations are there to make everything about your form’s functionality better. They advance your form performance and automate your tasks. Basically, they are a real time saver.

Stripe Payments

Nothing better than having form’s automate payments for your e-commerce. You can set up your products, organize them, add the price, and, with the Stripe Calculator, the purchase can be made completely on your forms.

Google Calendar

Automate your appointments using the Google Calendar integration. Add a calendar to your booking forms and allow the lead to choose the best day and time for scheduling an appointment. You’ll be automatically notified every time a lead submits a form. Which means you never will miss an appointment. Keep all data organized and the information updated automatically.

Google Drive and Dropbox

Do you need or have to provide the option for the lead to send files along with the form? You can have any file submitted automatically sent to your cloud accounts, both from Google Drive or Dropbox. This is a practical way to keep any file organized and without taking space from your computer memory drive.

Google Sheets

Export forms submission data to your Google Sheets account and create charts about its performance and range. You can easily have all the data arranged and all the information about forms status. Check each field and analyze the answers. You can check the data and build charts and reports based on them.

Google Analytics

You can gather all data about forms status in a single place, without having to add the info yourself, using Google Analytics. You can easily have all the data set according to the structure selected, organizing it by fields. You can build charts with information like the region where respondents are responding, demographic information, and the percentage of submitted versus abandoned forms.


Connect your forms with over 2 thousand apps from the Zapier catalog. You can speed up your processes and make all forms automated using these integrations. Make sure you’re offering for the leads and prospects the best option and the most complete forms it can be.


You can easily automate your subscribers’ list using the MailChimp integration. With this integration, you can speed up your marketing and email processes. Streamline your workflow using the right integration for your objective.

Tools and Features

Besides the integrations, you have for your use several tools and features designed to automate your tasks.


Autoresponder notification set up

Set up an auto-message to be shown to r the respondent to appear after they submit the form. By doing so, the respondent can be assured that you’ve received their form. You can also give details about the next steps and thank the visitor for taking the time to answer your form. And you can do all this by using personalized information, letting each message be directed to individualized leads. The best part is, you customize the message only once and let the Autorresonder do the job for you.


Webhooks are a unique way to automate any task and make your forms more customized. A webhook works to connect services and URLs. Let your forms perform faster and better. Set up specific data to be shown in the fields of your choice. For example, you can set up to let the respondent’s name appear if they are coming from a link sent to them, by connecting both services.


With field-keys, you can send data from the form to another form, or from a third party service. Like Webhooks, this makes your form perform better and faster, which means the respondent has a higher chance to submit it.

Save and Resume

Let’s imagine you’re waiting in your dentist’s waiting room. You start to scroll your news feed until you see something that calls your attention. You get interested in that website and its content. And more so, for their products. You then decide to make a purchase. But before you could submit the order form, it is your appointment time. Later you may forget you were interested in that order, or maybe when you return to the form, you have to add all your info over again, which makes you decide it wasn’t that interesting anyway.

To help you avoid losing leads and prospects, MightyForms lets you save all data and allow the respondent to come back later. You can also set up a message to remind them to finish the form.

Logic Rules

One situation that can make people abandon the form is when they have to respond to a question that shouldn’t be there for them. For example, let’s suppose you’re applying for a job position. This is your first job. You just responded to a question informing you never had an employer before. The next question is asking about your previous position. That can make you give up the form since you got no answer for that. But with Logic Rules, you can set up only relevant questions to show off for the respondent. Which means that the question will depend on the previous answer. That can reduce the abandonment rate. 

Abandoned Form Recovery

You can track your forms and their field performance. The Abandoned Form Recovery is the functionality that works letting you know which questions have been answered and when a lead abandons the form. This helps you to understand your audience better and improve your forms, to change fields, and update questions. 

In short words, MightyForms has marketing automation tools and features to improve your business and boost it. Eliminate tasks and grow your business using the right automation made for you. Sign up now. It’s free.


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