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20 Lead Generation Ideas to Boost your Business

Lead generation is the main focus of a marketeer or solopreneur. That’s because without leads you won’t have increased purchases done on your website. And, without leads, your business can’t prevail. To help you get more leads and succeed online, we’ve created this list with 20 lead generation ideas.

Efforts in lead generation are basically anything you do to conquer more leads to your online business. But our goal here is to help you acquire more quality leads. Which means prospects that can convert into loyal customers.

So, pay close attention to our tips and grow your business.

1- Offer the Solution to a Problem

The first idea for any successful business case is to offer a solution to a problem. For example, we have this article, it presents a problem: how to get more leads for an online business. And offers a solution: a list with 20 ideas for lead generation.

Your business has its own solutions to give. That has a relation to what you offer as a product or service. Therefore, you can find the problem the customer may have and present your product as the solution. In our case, it is to prove that forms are great for lead capture.

You can present this solution in different types of content. You can produce an explanatory video, an e-book, or even an article, like this one. Make sure you’re providing value with your content. It can’t be only about promoting your product. It has to show a solution to a real problem the lead has.

If you’re not sure what kind of content to create, consider the comments or the requests the customers have been making to you.


2- Share success stories

Fact: sharing success stories increases the leads. That’s because you’re offering unique and valuable content.

Interview business leaders and tell their success stories to inspire website visitors. You can conduct an interview with the founder of your own company, maybe share your own leadership story. Tell the audience how you succeed, manage problems, and find solutions to achieve your goals and establish your company.

As an example, we bring you the European website EU-Startups. They do interviews with leaders and entrepreneurs to share their stories and to inspire their leads.

Use this example to explore your market and find out what the users are expecting from you. Share interesting stories about businesses like their own to help them achieve their goals. 

3- Create videos that help and educate the lead

Create videos that show how to solve the problem that the prospect has. And by solving a problem you reach more people and get more qualified leads. 

Post and promote your videos in as many channels you can. Social Media, YouTube, embed them on your landing pages, or with related content. The important thing here is that the video must provide value. For example, MightyForms has a series of videos explaining how to use the tools and features we offer.

Solve the problem first, give tips, teach something important, related to your business. Only then promote it. 

Videos are easy to assimilate and to associate with each need and doubt the prospect might have. And it is also a more entertaining channel to educate your visitors. 

You can also create gifs to explain tools and features you offer as part of your products and services.

4- Use social media in your favor

People use social media for everything. To communicate and to connect to the rest of the world. Using social media is a growth hack. It’s a new and different approach to your audience. You would be looking for them where they are. By doing it, you get closer to the prospect and have a bigger shot to get new quality leads.

Google Analytics

The audience is there, waiting for you to reach them. Keep track of engagement, such as likes, shares, and new followers. You must also track your links to be sure your social media campaigns are working as expected.

And use Google Analytics, and free tools such as this Campaign URL Builder, to see which platform is bringing in the most traffic, and - most importantly - more conversions.

Social media is where your company should go to get in touch with prospects, cultivate, conquer, and nurture leads. You can answer comments, interact with leads, and make sure they interact back. And more importantly, that this interaction guides them to your webpage and converts them into customers.

Embed your forms on your social media posts and conquer more leads.

5- Start referral programs

Do you know when you like so much of a product or a service that you refer it to everyone you know? And how frustrating is it when everyone becomes a user, just like you, but you got nothing back for the referral? 

Now, if people recommend services without getting anything back, can you imagine what they do when they get a gift for doing so?

Give something back to your customer to thank them for referring you. It can be a free month per referral, or maybe a discount on the next purchase.

It works as an incentive for people to talk about something they like already. Always give an incentive to encourage people to spread the word of how great your business is. 

In the MightyForms Referral Program, both the person who made the referral and the friend get a month of the premium plan for free. If someone refers our tool to twelve friends and gets all of them to sign up for it, in the end, that person gets a year free. The more someone refers, the more they get - no limits.

6- Create interesting and valuable content

The content you’re creating must instigate, encourage, trigger curiosity from the visitor so you can conquer them and convince them to give out their email address.

You can build the best form, but it won’t work if you don’t convince people first that your product is worth their trust. The visitor only becomes a quality lead when they see what they’re looking for and you’re the one offering it. Just like the first tip, when we suggested that you present the solution for a problem. 

For example, you can produce great content, such as an ebook, that answers a question the lead has. Such as elaborating answers for difficult questions, using examples and success stories with it. This attracts leads because you’re building trust and sharing knowledge for free. You’re exchanging it for their email address being filled out on your lead generation form.

7- Build compelling CTAs

You know when you’re walking on the street and see an advertisement for a burger and suddenly you feel hungry? The call-to-action (CTA) you should build must have the same power of persuasion as that advertising. You can convince the visitor to become a lead by using the right words, targeting the users.

Your forms work better to capture leads when you have a compelling CTA. Use words that can convince people to sign up for your service or newsletter. Using “free” on the CTA is always a good help. People like to try it for free before making a decision.

MightyForms makes it clear that you can try the service for free and that it has more free features and tools available. This tactic gets the lead to know and trust in your offer. The more people trying your product the more chances you have of paying customers.

This is the trio that must be complete. You need great content, a compelling CTA, and a well-built form.

CTA Examples

8- Use Field-Key in your forms

The pre-filled form is a feature that can speed up the process of filling out the fields of a form. You can set up your forms to pre-fill data into fields by connecting it with another form, or even third-party services or apps. When the user lands on your form, their data will already be added in the appropriate fields. It produces a more dynamic and personalized form.

For the lead, this is a time-saving process. For you, it means less form abandonment due to too many questions to be answered. This feature makes creating forms and analyzing submissions easier. You can have the name and email address pre-filled, for example, and then wait for the answers for the other questions. Directing each form to a specific lead.

Each lead has their information pre-filled on the form. Information that they had trusted to give. From apps or from forms they’ve answered before.

This feature is great for recurring leads, so they won’t have to fill the form over and over again. And it attracts more leads as well since it’s a simple way to deal with forms and data.

Always reassure the visitor that their data is safe with you.

9- Use logic rules to optimize your forms 

Another form feature that attracts leads and keeps them within your page is the logic rules. This feature guides respondents intuitively through the form. Each question is followed by the next one according to the previous response given. This means that the lead only responds to relevant questions.

Guiding respondents through the form is a smart way to keep the lead interested in your form. They have to answer only the necessary questions about them. It is also great to collect precise data. You can direct the lead and get narrowed answers.

The lead is guided through this form, in order to answer it more naturally, and won’t get frustrated by it.

10- Offer free trials or a free plan

People love free stuff. And if you want to get more leads, the best way is to offer for a trial period the premium option for free. This allows the lead to get to know your product or service, to get familiar with it. They might end up enjoying it and by the time the free period is over, they can sign up for it.

If possible, offer a version that is permanently free. This free option could have fewer features and tools than the premium has but it can attract more leads to your product.

Eventually, if you keep improving your product, the lead becomes a paying customer.

The fact that you’re offering something for free is an invitation to prospects to get to know your business, your products, and services. You’re making the prospect comfortable and not pressured. Create brand awareness by offering a free trial or giving a freemium option of your service.

11- Integrate your forms with other services

Integrations make everything simpler and optimized. 

You can integrate your Google account and receive the submissions as a report on Google Sheets or Google Data Studio, or organize the files submitted forms on your Google Drive. One more option is to set all the appointments on the Google Calendar.

Let the lead be more connected to your business and streamline your workflow using the right integration for the moment and reason needed.

To cut down your process and facilitate your job, you can still use Zapier integration.

You can sell your products on the form using Stripe integration, displaying your product catalog, and using the Stripe calculator.

All this brings more quality leads to your business and converts them into customers.

12- Embed your online forms to your content

Add the forms you’ve built to your website in order to get more leads. Your content must be outstanding and must teach something new. You may do the same old thing but do it differently, turning it into a new one.

Write lists of tools or techniques to teach the lead things they have doubt with. Build interactive content to attract more leads. And, embed the forms you have on those new contents you create.

By reading and interacting with your content, the lead enjoys it. Which gives them a reason to fill out your forms. It can be the lead generation forms, contact form, even surveys you take to analyze and improve your business.

It can be a simple form, as long as one field (the email address field), it can be a short feedback form, asking only how useful the content was found by the lead. It can be the comment form, with three or more fields, asking for the opinion of the lead. The reason can be various, but the important thing is to have at least one form on each landing page you create. It’s a simple way to conquer new leads.

13- Show customers reviews and testimonials

People read reviews. The lead trust in testimonials on your page. And Google recognizes it. The more reviews you get, the more search traffic you’ll have. Although Google may not disclose their algorithm, they do inform that reviews count score for search ranking. In short, if you post reviews, you rank well by  Google. And good ranking means more leads.

That circle works well. And you must offer good products, with excellent user experience, so you can have good reviews. 

Ask your clients to describe their experience with your business and add their testimonials to the landing pages. Not only to capture more leads but also these testimonials can help you secure more conversions.

MightyForms added the testimonials and reviews collected from customers and displayed it to the leads, which works as an incentive for more conversions. After all, you have real people saying how the product helps their work. 

14- Embed your lead generation forms on your videos

You have a lead generation form with all of your best content, why not embed them into your videos as well?

That’s exactly what Zaius did. They united the existing free value content with the lead generation form. A form is shown on their video any time you move the cursor through the screen, which means you can pause the video at any time if you decide you would like to sign up. Great content is what drives people in. But it is the existence of an opt-in that works for collecting the lead.

15- Create interactive content

Quizzes are the mainstream here. You can have interactive tools, or quizzes, as a fun way to collect more leads. You’ll exchange a game for the lead’s information, like their email address. Not only a fun way to get information from the lead but also it is an intuitive opportunity to give value back to them. You’ll collect and give valuable information on a single shot.

A big advantage of interactive tools, like quizzes, is that it appeals to the desire of self-awareness people are driven to. Create a form in a quiz format using the logic rule to direct each respondent to the next question that best fits according to the previous answer.

Other tools that do the same work for gathering more leads, such as Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest, can also be an ally in the pursuit of new leads. The Ubersuggest tool allows users to research keywords and domains as long as they give their email address. Simple as that.

16- Create a custom URL for each form

Build a form as a landing page and create an URL exclusively for it. Custom URLs make it easier for Google to find you. In consequence, it’s easier for you to increase the number of leads.

People are searching for keywords, and you build the form URL using those same keywords. You can drive organic searches and leads directly to your forms by doing so. Besides, you can add your brand name to the URL, making it known by the lead and also easily recognizable by them. It Helps the lead to identify your business on queries.

MightyForms allows you to create a unique URL for each one of your forms. Then you can share it on your social media accounts or embed the form on your webpages. Having the option to also make it as a landing page.

17- Track your form's performance

You can check how well your forms are doing using MightyForms Abandoned Form Recovery feature. You can see in real-time how many people are filling out, how many had submitted, and how many had abandoned the form.

Track the abandoned form and nurture those leads so they continue to fill out the form. Simply recover them.

Nurture the leads and keep them with your business. Use your forms to guarantee the lead is connected with you and follow your updates.

You can track your forms from your dashboard and evaluate its performance. Adjust the form, if you realize some changes are needed, in order to guarantee more leads.

By using the performance data, you can decide if any field needs a change, which features you can include, optimizing the form. Your objective is to have more leads. Therefore, use the data and info you have to upgrade and improve your forms and how it is collecting leads for your business.

18- Set up an autoresponder and success message

Don’t you appreciate it when you get a response to the form you’ve just sent? A confirmation, a thank you note, or even better, information about the next steps. These are nice things that can happen after each submission.

That’s why you must have it in order to attract more leads. Set up an autoresponder message to be shown after each submitted form. It’s one of those simple elements that create brand-trust for the lead.

Personalize the message with the input fields given as a reference, adding the name of the lead. This is the differential that makes the lead to want to stay with your business. People like when they are treated differently and receive personalized messages addressed to them and nobody else.

Set a pop-up message as well to show up after each submission. Thank the lead for sending their message, or responding to your form.

19- Have several and optimized landing pages

More landing pages increase the number of leads. According to Hubspot, building from 10 to 15 landing pages can boost the leads by 55%. More landing pages means more chances for conversion. But in order to work, these new landing pages must be optimized. And also armed with powerful links that maintain the lead on your website as long as it takes for their conversion. Not forgetting to use forms that collect email addresses for you, such as contact forms and lead generation forms.

You’ll have more targeting opportunities when you create more and diverse landing pages. Create independent, yet connected, landing pages. They must be unique in content, but with your brand identity, so the lead knows they are on your business page.

Use tools or programs, such as the WordPress plugin MPG, that provide multiple page generation and guarantee optimized, responsive, and unique landing pages to your business.

20- Create powerful forms

Is not that we are calling attention to our side. It’s a fact. Forms help with lead generation. And more: a well-built form not only generates leads but also has a big conversion rate. From a lead generation form, you begin nurturing the leads.

We’ve been talking a lot about forms, so, let’s be more specific.

Add the form to a compelling page, with a CTA that triggers conversion. The content must be irresistible to the lead. That’s why you offer valuable content, like e-books or study cases.

The form itself has to be straight to the point, with the right number of fields. Don’t ask too much or personal questions. If you must have the phone number, then you can ask for it, but if it’s just one more field, don’t ask for it. You probably need the name and email address from your lead. Any other information can be too much and unnecessary.

In conclusion,  it is important that your form is optimized for lead capture and responsiveness. That’s because people are online from different kinds of devices. And you want to be able to communicate easily to your target consumer.

Trust MightyForms to build powerful forms that attract leads and encourage conversation, increasing the conversion rate.   


Heloise Montini

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