Squarespace is great for those venturing into the launch of their own businesses. This all-in-one publishing platform certainly provides the perfect storefront for your online business. With an intuitive design editor, you’ll be welcoming first visitors in no time. As your Squarespace website becomes part of your brand, you must be careful with updates and upgrades that throw the design off. The seamless MightyForms integration makes sure your webform needs are met without any glitches to the overall style of your Squarespace website.

Small or new businesses must get all the help they can find to grow and make a profit. This integration will be your ally when it comes to automating your workflow to help you run your business on Squarespace:

► Easily embed custom forms for collecting contact information and payment;

► Set up automatic notifications to you and success messages to your visitors;

► Find out more about the customer experience you’re providing on Squarespace with customer feedback forms;

► Export form submissions automatically to other apps like Google Sheets, Mailchimp, Zapier, and many others, to help you manage your customers.

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