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5 signs your business needs better online forms

If you think this is one more article about a company boasting about their own accomplishment, well, think again. Our goal here is to bring solutions to your business. It’s like a brainstorm where you maybe have some struggles but happened to not have found a quick fix for them  yet. 

If you spend a lot of time delegating tasks, if you feel like your team could accomplish more if they would have more time to perform challenging tasks, instead of dedicating hours to boring “paste-and-copy” type of tasks, or if you’ve reached at an important point in your business where you must adapt it to keep growing, well, maybe this article is for you.

MightyForms’ mission is to bring resources and tools to improve your business. We are here to help you unlock yours and your team’s full potential.

What is MightyForms - and why do you need it?

MightyForms is an all-in-one intake platform where you can build powerful, fully automated, and responsive by default web forms. Create beautiful and captivating forms that help you capture more leads, sell more products, and grow your income.

create a form in seconds with MightyForms - animation

With MightyForms you have limitless options to create forms that can bring solutions for your business. To let the visitors contact your business, to sell products, to generate more leads, to create subscriptions, and much more. No matter your need, MightyForms has the perfect form feature and integration to increase your reach and response time.

Here we give you five signs that MightyForms is the solution your business needs to grow faster and better, starting now.

1. You dedicate a lot of your time to ordinary tasks

You must have a morning routine - wake up, drink coffee, make your bed, and do many other tasks (like workout routine) that you perform before starting your work. And I know you have some help with those, like a coffee maker and clock alarm. After all, you don’t have to do everything  yourself.

The same goes for your working routine. You can use tools, apps, and features that definitely improve your tasks management. I mean, who can live without a Calendar app that reminds you of all meetings, or even a task organizer that helps you delegating each task to the right person of  your team.

And when you use MightyForms, you can save time by automating ordinary tasks. And the most important thing here, you can achieve the best of your team since they can use their time for more constructive and creative tasks.

Have more time to create improvement plans into your products instead of keeping performing time-consuming and ordinary tasks. Here are a few examples of how you can increase your productivity and use the most of your team’s good work by using MightyForms integrations:


Through Zapier you can connect your forms with over 3.000 other apps that will most certainly increase your productivity and assist you to avoid ordinary tasks. Here are a few quick examples:

For each task you automate, you can relocate the budget to more urgent and revenue-driven tasks. Let’s say you have to build reports weekly. Why spend your time, or your employees’ time, manually inputting data and building the reports? Let the right app do it and have all the data ready into a file, giving you more time to prepare the presentation and use the results to grow your business and create new solutions for your users.

Google Sheets

One important task, yet very time-consuming, is to organize all leads and clients’ data into a customer database spreadsheet. Keeping all the information in a single file can be very efficient, especially when looking for specific details and building charts. 

And MightyForms has the perfect integration with Google Sheets so all your forms data can be sent automatically to the spreadsheet of your choice. This way you can have a file for new leads and for current customers. 


Another very important task is sending emails. You need to cover a regular newsletter, a welcome email for new leads, a thank you note for each purchase, a message for those who try to contact you, and the list goes on.

online form integration with Mailchimp and MightyForms

But with MightyForms and MailChimp integration, you can have your email lists very well organized and always send the correct email message for each segmentation you make. A well-targeted email campaign increases your click-through rate by 50%.

2. You spend time delegating tasks

You may have started as a solopreneur, but now you have people helping you to develop your company, and you probably have a “board” where you add all the employees and which tasks each one of them has to perform. Asana and Trello are great examples of software that help you organize your teams and tasks.

But, wouldn’t it be wonderful if some tasks could be delegated automatically? So you, or anyone else responsible for task delegation, could use the valuable time to do what really matters?

And here MightyForms has the answers to your prayers (figuratively speaking).

Use features like Logic Rules and Automatic Notifications to delegate tasks according to form submissions. I’ll explain it better:

Logic Rules

Also known as conditional logic, the MightyForms Logic Rules feature can do much more than guide your respondents through the form. You can use Logic Rules to redirect forms submissions to the right team so you can have everyone performing the tasks without having to spend time delegating them.

Let’s say you have a contact form with a field so the lead can check with whom they wish to talk to (sales, marketing, HR, etc.). Then you can set up a redirection to the specific team based on the respondent choice. This certainly will help productivity and increase the response time since the right person will be in charge of the message from the beginning.

Notifications, tasks, meetings, all can be redirected to the right person with a simple email setup.

Google Calendar, Zoom, and Tasks Management software

Keep tasks and your team organized with the right integrations for each demand. For example, you can use Google Calendar integration to schedule appointments and meetings through a scheduling form, or Zoom integration to send a link for the video meeting. 

online form builder integration with Zoom and Google Calendar

And, through Zapier, you can connect to any task management software to set a pace and automatically assign all the work that must be done.

3. You want to start monetizing your content (securely)

Entrepreneurs selling products or services, photographers, designers, programmers, marketers, and you who’s reading me now. We are all online, trying to capture people's attention, using our multi strategies for lead capturing, with the goal to conquer our space on the internet. And, of course, getting some money as our well-deserved reward. Struggle and hard work usually bring a good prize.

Notice that I said “usually”. That’s because you need to use the proper strategies if you want to see the profit flow in.

And all done with the highest security standards you can find.

Guess what: MightyForms is your ally as well when it comes to monetizing your content. Let the money in using secure payment forms, not only to sell your products and services but to get financial aid through donation forms. You can start collecting money, grow your brand’s name using powerful payment forms, and decide whether the leads will make one-time or recurring payments.

That’s right, you didn’t misunderstand. With MightyForms you can easily build a subscription-based business. And all with beautiful forms that attract more leads and match your brand.

Here you can also count on integrations to make the process easier.

PayPal and Stripe

PayPal and Stripe are payment platforms, widely known, and with advanced security systems. And you can add any of them to start collecting money on  your website with a simple setup using MightyForms. You’re providing valuable content, so take the opportunity to profit from it.

Clio and Pipedrive

Clio and Pipedrive are CRM (Customer/Client Relationship Management) software that help businesses build strong relationships with clients. And a monetized website certainly needs to have good relations with leads, prospects, and clients.

Acquiring new clients can cost 5 times more than retaining the ones you already have.

Nurture your current customers, provide outstanding offers to convince them to come back and to refer to your brand.

The payment form is not the end of the road when you want to monetize your content. You must conquer new leads, convert them into clients, convincing them that you are worth their time and money, delight them so they come back, and, most importantly, convert them to ambassadors of your brand by creating a real and strong relationship with them.

4. You want to grow your business without much overhead cost increase

Growing a business is not an easy path, but is definitely the right one. And you can count on the help of your employees, who want to grow with you, and also with MightyForms, which provides your business with one essential tool to have sustained growth. The best part is: MightyForms can do it by helping you to reduce costs and by letting you employ the best talent of each member of your team.

Instead of hiring more people for boring and repetitive tasks, use the tools at your disposal to automate your workflows. This way when you do hire someone, you can focus on their talent and what they can bring to innovate your business.

And how can MightyForms help you grow your business by spending less money? Let’s remember for a minute. Do you remember how much it cost for each new hire you made? On average a new employee costs $4.000 and it can take around 52 days between the start of the hiring process and the hiring itself. Now, with this kind of investment, you certainly want that your employee is satisfied with their job. You want them to stay and be part of your business. And repetitive time-consuming tasks, with zero challenges or chances to improve, is exactly the opposite formula to absorb your team talents.

One big time-consuming, yet extremely necessary task, is to export data and files to the right folder. But, MightyForms easily does that for you. All you have to do is set up on your forms the destiny of submitted files, or the spreadsheet that must be filled with form data. 

So, let MightyForms perform tasks that don't need human interaction. 

MightyForms has simple pricing, yet, it can perform several essential tasks. The all-in-one platform with no surprise extra costs. Allow your personnel to perform the creative tasks that drive customers in, while MightyForms performs all the rest. This is how you can grow without overhead costs.

5. You’re looking for ways to increase leads and conversion

One of the main goals for any online business is to increase lead capturing (and we have great tips on that) and convert them into clients. It is like a math equation:

Great content/product offer + Lead Generation = Increase conversion

To increase leads demand effort and hard work. You need to prepare your business with high product/service quality, great user experience, outstanding customer experience and support team, and offer valuable content in exchange for visitor’s email addresses (webinars, ebooks, podcasts, etc.).

And lead conversion is all about how you manage your content and your lead nurturing strategies. And this is one more important part of your work to grow your business that MightyForms can be of your assistance.

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing holds strategies to improve your business relationship (or even create a new one) with prospects, leads, and current customers.

And MightyForms can offer more than just integrations with CRM software for this task. With MightyForms you can have full personalization to guarantee each of your prospects feels unique. And with an email marketing software integration, you can organize your leads by segmenting them according to their buyer stage on the customer journey (Awareness, Consideration, and Decision), for example, increasing your chances for conversion.

Make it personal

Personalization is one of the biggest additions you must consider when wanting to increase conversion. That's because 80% of consumers are more likely to close the deal when experiencing a personalized experience.

And with MightyForms you have multiple ways to add personalization. You can personalize with the lead’s information the thank you message sent after each form submission, the notifications you send by email or SMS, and even the form itself, using the recall information feature to use previous answers as part of your questions (like adding the leads name on it).

Redirect after form submission

Sending the lead to a beautiful, personalized, customized with your branding thank you page is a strong strategy to win the lead and convert them into customers. With a few clicks to set up, you can have a page that shows your appreciation for the lead choice of your business over others online, a page that creates brand identity, and that allows you to add links for similar products (if it is an order form), or even for you to inform about your referral program.

And why not ask about their overall experience with your business and website? Collect feedback that can be used as social proof, and learn your NPS score.

High-quality business growth on a small budget? Possible, actually.

MightyForms has multiple ways to help you increase productivity, revenue, and generate more leads. With tasks management and automation, and no-coding knowledge necessary, you can easily have the solution you were looking for to grow your business with quality, even if you do not have much budget. 

Try MightyForms now and uncover the power to transform your business.


Heloise Montini

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