How to reduce job application form abandonment

Bogdan Glushko

Hiring is expensive

The average cost-per-hire is upwards of $4,000, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. If you’re a small business owner, you may likely not have the luxury of a dedicated HR department or staff. In that case, you’re looking at an even heftier price tag if you outsource your hiring (anywhere from a 15-25% finders fee).

Make it an effective form

Aside from the cost of hiring, what doesn’t change based on organization size is the need for an effective job application form. You need to keep it brief and streamlined. The job application form is the starting point in the hiring process. So what is an employer to do?

Be sympathetic to job seeker’s time

Consider your own job-seeking experience. How many times did you feel you were copy and pasting or refilling the same information unnecessarily? How long did it take you to fill out a job application before you bailed?

“It’s a job application, not an interrogation.”

-Carment Bryant,

While adding required fields helps you filter out applications that are not qualified, industry research shows that keeping the job application process under 5 minutes is the best start.  

Start with a simple, clean, easy to read design. MightyForms has various form templates available for your customization. Like the one below.

simple job app form

Keep a consistent structure

You want a quick picture of what’s not easy to find on a resume

  • Reasons why they left an employer
  • Immediate supervisor information (names, contact information)
  • Criminal history*
  • Available start date
  • Applicant signature

Signature Field

MightyForms also makes it easy to add a Signature field, just drag and drop it into your job application form.

signature field

It is critically important in a job market where many applicants never hear back after submitting a resume. Whether they were rejected or chosen, not following up with job applicants is not a kind nor smart practice for hiring organizations in which to engage.

In the age of companies like Glassdoor, where 74% of users read at least 4 reviews before forming an opinion of a company, a company’s brand reputation can be negatively affected by never responding to job applicants.

No one likes to be left hanging, so show consideration for the human factor in the job application process, and at least send some acknowledgment to the applicant. It is a small kindness that can easily be automated.

Once the applicant submits their application, MightyForms allows you to create an automatic email notification for your online job application.

See your job application form’s analytics

MightyForms has analytics tracking options. So you can build better, more effective job application forms.

So, in summary, evaluate your form:

  • Simplify
  • Track
  • Refine

Check out MightyForms and get started on building an effective, streamlined job application of yours today.  

And we wish you success.

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Bogdan Glushko