A form submission kickstarts a whole operation within a business. We know that when time is of the essence, proper communication is key.

That’s why you can connect MightyForms to Slack, the business messaging app, to notify your team of incoming form submission right away.

This integration is enabled by Zapier, the task automation app. A new form submission will trigger a new message to be posted on a specific #channel (or group) on Slack immediately or scheduled to a desired time period.

Whether it is a new order being submitted or a business-endangering issue, you can get your team notified on Slack to deal with it as soon as possible.

Combine this Slack integration with other MightyForms features like Logic Rules, to previously screen the reason for form submission so you can notify the proper team. You can also set up an automatic confirmation message to your respondents letting them know that a team member has been notified and will get back shortly.

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Send channel messages in Slack for new MightyForms submissions

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