PDF Submissions

You can view all form submission data conveniently from the MightyForms dashboard. But in case you prefer to see results in another format, then PDF Submissions integration is a great alternative.

Simply select which submissions from the Results Overview dashboard you need a closer look at - or select all of them - and have them instantly downloaded as PDF files.  

Maybe you need a PDF copy for your own particular process, like a service request or agreement, or need to share marketing campaign results in a universally accepted format. The PDF Submissions will provide this flexibility of having form data presented as a PDF file.

And you don’t even need to download it all at once. You can automate the PDF Submissions process by setting up an automatic notification of each new incoming form submission to be sent to you by email as a PDF attachment.

Take PDF Submissions a step forward and connect this integration to your Google Drive or Dropbox account as another option of file backup and sharing.

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