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MightyForms joins Stripe Partner Program - What you need to know

MightyForms has always prioritized features that bring business benefits for our customers. If you run any type of business, you know that getting leads, managing requests, and getting paid, can take time. But a well set up web form can speed up the whole process.

Which brings us to our recent partnership with Stripe. E-commerce businesses may already be familiar with this online payment processing software, and now it can be easily set up within your MightyForms forms so you can easily receive payments online.

Giving more online businesses a boost

Most people today don’t know that only 3% of the GDP is online. That’s why we’re excited to join the Stripe Partner Program to increase internet commerce and help companies start, run, and scale their businesses.

By joining the program, our mutual customers will now benefit from the combination of MightyForms’s technology with Stripe’s seamless payments platform.

We believe that removing barriers to online commerce helps more new businesses get started, levels the playing field, and increases economic output and trade around the world. Together with Stripe, our mission is to bring more commerce online and increase the GDP of the internet.

Getting started with Stripe and MightyForms

The best thing about using the MightyForms and Stripe combo is how you can use these tools to step up your workflow with professional forms, and only pay-as-you-go for your Stripe account. This is especially meaningful for first-time business owners that want more control of their business expenses.

Setting up Stripe in your MightyForms builder is incredibly simple and allows you to properly organize your products for sale. Simply login to your MightyForms account, and choose to create a new form or start from scratch. Then select the Stripe field and drag-and-drop it where you’d like it in your form.

You do need a Stripe account already since you will be required to login and authorize the connection between both apps. Check out our full tutorial to learn how to set up your Stripe products in your form and how to test it.

Receive different currencies and thank the customer

Get the most out of these two online tools. MightyForms helps you create an easy-to-fill-out order form that gives your brand the value it deserves, plus you can easily send a personalized PDF receipt of the transaction via our autoresponder tool.

Your business also goes global since Stripe allows you to receive currency from multiple different countries while keeping you safe from fraud. Plus a ton of other features these apps offer together that assist your business’s financial transactions.

Create powerful forms that keep your data safe and help your company grow. Start building today.


Laura Pompeu

Laura Pompeu is a certified journalist and SEO expert, and a self-proclaimed bookworm.