How to create an order form - With free templates

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Order forms are essential for e-commerces. Through them, you can sell your products or services. You can also set payment methods, . Building the proper form can be a game-changer your business is waiting for. After all, a good form guides the visitor on the steps they must take.

Some businesses do not use order forms yet to sell their products and services. And because of it, they can lose leads and potential customers. If you don’t have an order form, pay attention to our tips and build the best form today.

What is an Order Form

First things first. You can’t build a proper order form if you don’t understand what it is. So, let’s explain. Order forms are documents that describe requests of products or services. Every time a company needs to buy or sell something, usually, when it is a large amount, they can use an order form. These forms can also be service requests, that signals everything a service needs to be complete.

The order form must be informational. It must capture any information that is required for a purchase or service. It is also important that such a form doesn’t be time-consuming. An order form must be clear, easy, and quick to fill.

Order forms are also a contract that says what buyer and seller had agreed. It is an official document with contact information from both parts and payment methods. 

When can you use an order form

The main use of an order form is to organize any request that clients make. So, if you are offering some kind of service, per example, you can ask in your form any characteristic involving it. You can use order forms to collect any relevant information about the product or service your client is purchasing.

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Steps to Create an Order Form

You already know how to build a form with MightyForms, both with templates or from scratch. Now is time to understand the steps that cover the process of building an order form.

1. Decide what to sell

If you are an entrepreneur or a seller, you know the importance of keeping records and an organized system for any order you have. It is the best way to keep customers satisfied with the service you offer. And you also understand that the first step is to decide what kind of product or service you are going to offer. That’s because the entire brand and form are built with its purpose in mind. This helps to create a better form, that has all the information that is necessary to accomplish the task.

2. Choose a form builder tool

Check out our list of the best online form builders you can use. With the right form builder, you can access features and tools that assist the task of building a great form. A well-made form can gather more leads for the business. 

For this, you must use a builder that is responsive, easy, and that doesn’t demand much time to use. 

MightyForms is a form builder platform that thinks about all these things and offers free form templates and also features for you to build the best form for your business. It’s responsive, fully customizable, and with the drag & drop system, you can build a form in minutes.

3. Personalize the template with proper fields

Even with tons of free form templates, it is important that you personalize your form following the needs of your own business. Don’t make too long questions. Make sure all the fields are clear and easy to respond to.

When choose the fields you must answer questions like:

  • What information do you need from the client?
  • What do you need to know about the order or the service?
  • What can you do for the customer?

4. Add photos of the products

It is an optional part of the process. Sometimes it is interesting to add photos of the product you are selling with its description. That can help the consumer to associate the purchase better. And, depending on the kind of service you are offering, you can also display photos from your portfolio. This is a practice that creates brand trust.

But if the service you are offering doesn’t allow this, don’t worry. Make sure that the client knows and understands what you are offering with other methods. You can, as an example, display testimonials from satisfied clients.

5. Personalize the form with brand marks

When thinking about lead generating is important to create branding. Add elements that remember your business. This can help customers and prospects associate those elements to the product and to the business. Which creates brand trust.

To do it you can use typography, colors, and images. And never forget to add the company’s logo to the order form.

6. Set up a payment method

This is an important step in the process of building an order form. After all, you must receive the service or product you are offering. And you can do it through the system from your trust.

There are a lot of services online for payment. Or maybe you prefer to use a credit card or bank deposit. Decide which method is the best option for your business and add it to the form.

Using MightyForms you can now set a payment method directly on the form. All you have to do is go to the e-commerce fields tab and add the Stripe payment field. Within minutes you can have a payment method straight in your form.

7. Set a success message

Don’t let your customer on hold. Set an automatic message to be sent for after the lead submits the form. Success messages are an excellent way to keep the lead informed about if their request was sent properly. Doing it you can create brand trust.

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Set a success message is also a way to say thank you for the lead trust in your business. They made a purchase with you, the least you can do is show some gratitude.

You can, also, give more information about the next steps, so the client knows what to expect.

8. Share the form

The last step is logical. You want more customers and for this, you build a great order form. Now all that's left to do is to share this order form. 

Add the order form to the company website, using integrations MightyForms offer. Those integrations can make your job easier and streamline the process.

You can embed the form to the website or share it with social media. Do as your business permits. With a well-made order form, you can gather more leads and convert prospects into customers. 

How an Order Form can generate more leads

Forms in general are tools that can generate more leads to the business. You use forms to collect more emails to the email list. But people only give their email to those websites they trust.

One way to convince people is to have great and unique products. Be outstanding and make sure your product is good. 

Add your order forms to the high traffic pages. Make a great and strong CTA that convinces the visitor to buy your product, giving you their email. Don’t forget to ask if they agree to receive information about your business in their email.

Fields an Order Form must have

To build a great form there are several elements you must add. Make sure you cover all the aspects that an order form is. Add the right fields and ask for precise information. Some of the elements that an order form must have are:

  • Unique ID

Any document needs a system that allows the tracking. And the Unique ID can be such a system. You can gather all the information and yet keep each received form organized with this number. This is a way to help you do your job better.

  • Type Of Product Or Service

Describe what you offer on the form. Make clear to the lead what is your product or service, with details. Don’t let the client with any doubt. The form must be clear and easy to understand. Describe the product. You can even add some photos of it, to help the consumer. 

  • Quantity

How much of each product do clients want? Ask your client the amount of each product they are buying from you. It is the basic information you need so you can sell properly.

  • Client’s Personal Information

You must know your client. Ask for some personal, and essential, information, such as: Full name, Email, Phone number, and Delivery address.

  • Company information

Remember to add any important information about the company. Information you must add are: Company name, Phone number, Address, and Logo.

  • Payment Information

One more step we’ve mentioned already is that the form must contain any payment requirement. How can the client pay for the service or product? Inform it on the order form. Preferable, allow the client to have the option to pay in the form. That makes it easier both for the client and for you.

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  • Agreement with terms and policy

It is important that your prospect and client know your terms and policy. Be sure that they understand it and add a checkbox for them to confirm that they agree with it. 

Order Form Templates

MightyForms offers tons of free form templates for you to choose and use. You can customize them as your need and with brand patterns.

Here we bring some examples of how you can create your own order form with free templates.

Customer Order Form

A customer order form is any form you made with the single purpose of selling something or some service, like this example. 

You can add to the customer order form all the information you need so you can do the request properly. 

This form is a great example of how to do an order form focused on the client. Ask what time is better to get in touch. Doing it can show the client that they are the center of your operation.

Remember that it is a document, so you must do it carefully and detailed.

Purchase Order Form

On the purchase order form, the buyer signals the kind and quantity of products they desire to buy. It includes descriptions of the products as well as the price. It is a sales inquiry, where you gather any essential information you need from the customer and the products they are buying. Add a CTA that convinces the prospect to become a client.

Bakery Order Form

As an example of how you use the order form is for a bakery. You can sell your products online and for this, you need an order form where you can add all the required fields so you can offer the best service. Ask the type of product and how much of each of them. Do the form divided into steps can make it easier for the respondent.

Car Rental Order Form

Offer to your client an order form so they can add anything they wish for the car they are about to rent. That makes it easier for the lead and for the company. With all the needed information in hand, you can streamline the process and set the perfect car for each customer.

This is a great example of how an order form must be. It asks all the information the company needs and is complete with requesting information about the client.

Non-profit Organization Order Form

If you are part of a social organization, from time to time you need volunteers. Or you may offer something, like in this example for a pet organization. You want to know details about the person getting in touch, or from the pet foster family. No matter your reasons, an order form can make the job easier.

Real-Estate Order Form

As a real estate agent, you look forward to streamlining your workflow and get to each client the best choice. Using an order form is exactly how you can succeed in this task.

With the online order form, you can gather information about the perfect house for the client, organize the records, and never lose track of any customer.

Printable Order Form

Although online forms are the best choice nowadays, sometimes you need to use a printable one. With this example, you can gather any information from prospects that visits your business in person. Build the best form for your use and share it with leads and prospects.

Grow your business using order forms

As you must have realized order forms are essential for e-commerce. Using a well-made and creative form you can generate leads, boost your sales, and grow your business. Therefore, start right now to build forms that are game-changer. You can boost your business and have sustainable growth.

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