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20 Proven Web Design Tricks That Can Boost Your Lead Conversion

As a web designer or marketer, you are always looking for solutions to boost lead conversion for yours or your client’s project. Well, you’re not alone on this quest.

Several companies have gone through some changes to improve lead conversion. And now we can learn from their experience to show us the path. Now is your turn to do the same and change aspects of your website according to what works better for your kind of business. 

Some of these tricks can work very well for your business. But, maybe, not all of them. Each business has a specific target and way of being. Knowing your business and with the info, you can decide which changes you can do based on data and research.

Here you have 20 tricks of how you can boost the lead conversion with relevant data and companies' case studies to go along.

1. Keep Web Design Updated

Sometimes all you have to do is to change how your business website looks. That’s because your website is the face of the company on the web. So, you must keep it updated, and with a simple design, that goes with the company personality.

If your website isn’t giving you the response you expect from it, it is time to change your design, adjust a few elements, and work to offer a better user experience.

Website design update helped CloudSponge get 33% more conversion.

CloudSponge, a SaaS company, saw a 33% conversion increase when they changed their website design. Before they changed the design, they had a plain and boring page. It was outdated and not informational nor easy to navigate through. Now their page is bright and more intuitive.

CloudSponge home page

To get more conversions is vital to create a page that makes the lead feel comfortable with your business. A well-made page can also create brand trust.

You must be aware if your site needs a redesign. Questions like “is the company generating revenue?” and “are we having enough conversions?” should guide your decision. Also, checking for competitors’ actions can be a guide. Not to copy them, but only to see if you are on the right track.

How do you update your website to generate more conversions?

Having an outdated website can compromise how people react to your business. While a new branded, easy to navigate, and informational website can make people stay on it and get interested in what you have to offer. 

CloudSponge got more conversions after they have done a study and added the right elements to their website. Pay attention to the next tricks and decide what goes better for your business. You already know your audience and your product. Give them what they are expecting.

2. Add a human image

Humans respond to humans. If you have an image of a  person on your landing page, you can increase your conversion rate.

Adding a human image can yield up to 102% conversion increase.

That was the experience Highrise had with their performance after adding a person’s picture to their marketing page. They saw a 102,5% increase in conversions. 

Source: signalvnoise.com

Along with the picture, they added a  statement from that person. It is their testimonial about their experience with the company. And that statement can make a significant impact on how people perceive your business. It is a real person saying an authentic experience: this adds credibility and brand trust.

Highrise designers discovered that it doesn’t matter who is the person being portrayed. The image tends to give better results. But the conversion rate is more significant when a person is smiling. It makes the product and the page friendlier and more approachable.

3. Make a less generic Call to Action

Your Call to Action (CTA) is one of the elements that make people sign up for your newsletter, buy your product, or follow you on social media. Your CTA helps you conquer more leads. Of course, you have to have a great product and content to convince people. But CTAs are shortcuts that exist to assist you. 

There are techniques to make it functional. You must, first, position your CTA in the proper place. Make it easy to get clicked. The best way to know where this place is on the page is by testing it. Try to change where the CTA is every few weeks and analyze to decide where it should be. Or, observe what worked for other businesses. Since you know your audience’s behavior it gets easier to decide where to place it. Your CTA must be prominent. It must be easy for visitors to see it and to click on it.

Another tip is to avoid having a generic CTA. 

Making a less generic Call to Action helped this beauty company grow conversion by 137%.

CTAs can be funny, unusual, and unique. But never generic.

As proof, we have the case of the beauty company Kaya. They had a 137,5% increase in conversion when they changed their generic CTA (from “for a skin consultation, register here”) to a more specific and stronger CTA (“I want an expert opinion. Sign me in for a skin consultation”).

Source: vwo.com

You can see then that changing the CTA’s copy can make a huge difference in how people perceive your business.  That said, we can only recommend that you pay close attention to your word choice and make a convincing CTA.

4. Add customer reviews

It is part of your marketer’s job to convince people to sign up for your product. Conversions rate is steep, but your struggle is worthed. One great way to get more conversions is by adding reviews. It can help people make their decision.

And helping people to make their decision is a proven way to get more conversions.

Adding customer reviews can give a 58% increase on conversion.

People trust online reviews and always check them before making a purchase or sign in. According to the ReviewTrackers research, 94% of consumers don’t purchase after reading a bad review. And more than 6 in 10 people googled for reviews before making a decision. It shows the importance of reviews for your business. 

Showing them can drive people in as well. If you have a high priced product, displaying reviews can increase the conversion rate by 380%.

Reviews can assure the prospect of the legitimacy of your business, creating brand trust. Express Watches had a 58,29% increase on purchases after adding the review to the product page.

Source: vwo.com

5. Show the Price

Skip the long way the prospect has to go until they find how much your product is. Display the product price on the landing page. Make it easier for the lead to see if they can afford your product.

SafeSoft increased their lead generation by 100% when they displayed their price on the landing page, shortening the buyer's looking for the price. The product becomes more attractive for consumers since now they know how affordable it is.

Source: vwo.com

Landing pages must be built to cause conversion. It must follow the buyer’s journey and have the proper content for the conversion.

Showing the Price on the landing page can double your leads.

Build each landing page focusing on one type of persona and with a single idea. Having a specific landing page, with target content, can provide 115% more leads than a generic page.

6. Add testimonials

The same as reviews, testimonials give more credibility to your product and create brand trust. You can use authentic user testimonials to achieve the goal of more lead conversion. You can have testimonials on your landing pages, the home page, product page, or on the pricing page. Or (why not?) on every page.

Social proof is vital to increase lead conversion. For example, when WikiJob added testimonials to their page, near to the fold, they had 34% more purchases.

Source: vwo.com

But it is crucial to keep in mind that the testimonials you are going to use must be substantial. Generic testimonials sound fake. The testimony has to be authentic and talk about why choosing your product is a great idea. Real people that had real experience with your service or product. It would be interesting if you can add a photo of the reviewer of the testimonial along with their statement. It gives more authenticity and it can create trust with the prospect.

Testimonials also have an impact on your SEO strategy. According to BigCommerce, having testimonials on your website influences how it performs on SEO rankings.

Adding testimonials can increase purchases by 34%. 

Not only images and statements, but you can also add testimonials using videos. Do what best works for your business purpose. 

See how MightyForms does it. We present statements with pictures and names. So you get to know our real customers’ opinions about the business. This is a great example of how you should do the testimonials on your page.

7. Pay attention to the Color, Position, and Size of your buttons

It may not seem relevant, but colors have a massive impact on how people react to things. That’s why you must work on selecting the perfect color scheme for your website.

Red is a color that works very well for a CTA button. But you must know your target audience to be sure which color performs better for your business. 

CareLogger changed the color to red for their CTA button, and they had 34% improvement on their lead conversion.

The button position is another thing to consider. Where is the best place to set the button? Does it have a better performance on a sidebar? Or maybe it belongs at the bottom? Again, knowing your target audience can help you make such a decision. The important thing is that the place you set the button is clickable. In other words, the lead doesn't have to look for it. Display the button in a visible place.

Pay attention to the color, position, and size of your buttons and get up to 34% more conversion.

One more detail about your buttons is its size. The bigger the button, the more significant conversion, which worked well for SAP. Their big and orange CTA button represents an increase of 32% on the conversion rate. The same can happen to your company.

8. Increase security

Assuring your prospect how safe your website is can give your business more lead conversions. That’s because people want to be safe. And you must encourage this by creating secure web forms, adding a seal of guarantee that any purchase and information given to you is secure. 

Consumers are concerned about their data. And your job is to guarantee they trust your business and prove to them that it’s a responsible and secure place for making purchases and sharing data.

Increasing security results in 7% more lead conversion.

OrientalFurniture.com had 7,6% more conversions after adding the security stamp. The company tested two pages - one with the stamp and the other without it. And they found out that people are more likely to complete the purchase when they see a security seal.

Consumers are willing to do safer transactions and purchases. Offer it and increase your revenue.

9. Have an image slider or video

Sometimes, having a video on the page is the solution for more conversions. Sometimes you must change the video for the image slider to get better results. That’s the case of Device Magic. They made an A/B test and learned that for them, the best is having an image slider. After changing the video for the images they had an increase of 31% in sign-up.

Source: vwo.com

You must find out what your niche wants. Treepodia realized that for jewelry, the best option is to show the products in a video. They learned that using a video to promote jewelry products can boost conversions by 274%.

The key is: you must show your product. It can be on the product page or the home page. It can be images, even drawings, as Device Magic did. Or it can be a product video, like in the case of jewelry.

Having an image slider or video can give you more than 30% in conversion.

But having only the video and image may not be enough. It must be easy to click and to watch it. So, add to every page where a  video or images can be relevant. But, if you have to choose two, it would be on a product page and on the home page.

On the product page, people can have proximity to what you’re offering. On the home page, the lead can have a better idea of what your company is.

When deciding to use videos on your page, determine if it's for marketing needs or if it's educational. In both cases, the main goal is to inform your prospect and help them make a decision.

10. Optimize your free trial

Free trials are great to get more lead conversion. But to conquer the lead and keep them with your business, your trial must be optimized. You must offer something that can convince people to continue using your product and pay for it.

Optimize your free trial and increase conversion by 50%.

DashThis explored their options and improved the user experience. As a result, they had 50% more conversions. These were free trials that became paying users. Not only the conversions, but the better user experience gave DashThis a boost on their customer satisfaction by 140%.

Anytime you realize you need to change your business, conduct studies first. It can be A/B tests or even a survey to gather data on what you’re doing well and what can be improved. 

Being bold is not the same as being reckless. Smart and wise changes can yield profits and make your business have sustainable growth. Taking responsible actions is the best way to increase lead conversion and generate revenue.

11. Consider Multi-step forms

Forms generate leads. 50% of marketers say that they trust inbound marketing techniques, such as online forms, to be their primary source of lead generation. Not only that, but also, 74% of companies use web forms on their lead generation strategy, and almost 50% say that the highest lead conversion comes from their online forms.

Now that we stated the importance of the forms, let’s talk about how you can make them yield more lead conversion to your business. A good lead generating form can be traditional or multi-step, has the right number of fields, and its design is optimized for the target audience.

Multi-step forms gave a company 743% more lead conversion

Venture Harbour decided to change how their form looks. Instead of using a long-form, full of questions, they created a multi-step form, with one question per stage. And guess what? They had an increase of 743% in lead conversion.

Why do multi-step forms perform so much better?

One big reason is that a multi-step seems to be less overwhelming. 

It seems more straightforward and more comfortable to be filled out. In contrast, a long straight form can appear hard and challenging to be filled out. But, multi-step forms avoid this problem because they don’t show the real size of the form. One question per step can make it friendlier.

Besides, the progress bar is an excellent incentive for the respondent to keep going through the form.

In short words, multi-step forms are more encouraging and let the respondent feel more comfortable answering the questions.

Trust MightyForms and build forms that result in lead conversion

Try MightyForms for free. You can build multi-step forms that can collect leads for your business. All forms are responsive, and you can embed them on your company’s website. If you prefer, you can use the WordPress plugin version

Build the best forms for your business.

12. Use only necessary form fields

The length of the form has a direct impact on its performance. The previous trick talked about the importance forms have, and that multi-step forms have a better performance. But you must watch it for its length. The fact that it doesn't show its real length at once is no reason for you to build a colossal form. People will abandon it unless the fields make sense and are in an acceptable amount.

Use only necessary fields on your forms and increase conversions by 35%.

Therefore, reduce the number of fields you are adding to the form. Ask only the necessary questions in order to gather data. And don’t go too personal. If you need the phone number, ok, but if it’s just one more field, leave it out. The same kind of thinking must go to all fields before adding them. For example, asking for a phone number reduces the conversion by 5%. Ask yourself - is this information crucial for the objective of this form?

The form length does matter. Studies show 25% of conversions when the form has only three fields.

Flying Scot Parking is a company that has increased 35% in conversion rate when reducing form fields. 

Source: vwo.com

Sometimes less means more.

13. Run A/B tests

Are you skeptical about doing A/B tests? On other topics, we’ve talked about the importance of doing experiments on your pages. Now we are going to talk specifically about the tests itself. 

Run A/B tests and increase revenue by 114%.

A successful case study that proves the efficiency of A/B testing is of Server Density. They’ve done a test on their price page. And you know what their finds were? They had an increased revenue of 114%. Are you still skeptical?

They changed how the page looked, making the price more prominent. Their new page shows all the features included in each price.

But the best way to know what works better is by doing the tests.

Source: vwo.com

What’s A/B testing? 

A/B test is when you, a web designer or marketer, creates two pieces of the same content, using a single variation from one to another. That variation is what you’re testing to be sure of what has a better performance on acquiring lead conversion.

You can test colors, placement, home page designs, and many other subjects we’ve been talking about in this article. All to make a better website that causes more conversion rate.

  • To conduct the test, you must first pick up a variable to change. Let's say the button color.
  • Then you define your goal. Increase lead conversion, in this case. 
  • Now you create the control and the testing pages, determining the size of the sample you need to know for sure the performance of the test. Both variations must be tested simultaneously. 
  • You can define which of your variations gave better results and resulted in more lead conversion. Do it for a specific timeframe, enough to have sustainable data.
  • When doing your test, use a specialized tool to make your job easier and streamline your workflow.

14. Add keywords to the headline

Your headline drives the prospect's attention to wherever you are saying. So, be careful with your word choices. A well-made headline can turn a prospect into a customer and improve sales.

Did you know that 8 in 10 people read the headline, but only two will keep reading what comes next? So, your headline must be magnetic and action-driven. The headline should work to compel prospects to see and read what you have to offer. That’s why your job is to build the perfect attractive headline.

You can increase purchases by 90% by adding just one keyword to the headline.

As proof of the efficiency in changing the headline, we bring the case of the Vitamin Boat Corporation Movexa. After changing the headline message by adding the word “supplement,” the company had increased purchases by 89,97%. This example shows that a simple word can make all the difference for your business’ lead conversion.

15. Long or short landing page?

Have you ever asked which works better: long or short landing pages? To be fair, no one has the answer. It is something you must test for your business alone. Maybe a long page, such as the case of Crazy Egg, can give you more lead conversions. Their long page outperformed the short page by 30%.

Making adjustments on the length of the landing page can convert up to 62%.

On the other hand, AssessmentDay tested their landing page content and increased conversions by 62%. What did they do right? First, they removed things that didn't drive prospects' attention. In their case, less is more. 

Being responsive is also your goal. People are accessing websites from mobiles. Just for queries, mobiles represent 58%. That means that you're mobile-friendly, or you’ll lose new leads. 

Bottom line: when you know what your audience wants, you can build the best landing page for their usage. It can be short or long, as long it is made with quality and well-targeted.

16. Improve Navigation

People must be able to scroll through your pages. Therefore, you must think about user experience when building the design of any page of a business' website.

Improving Navigation can double your conversion rate.

Yuppichef, a kitchen tools online store, decided to see what would happen if they remove the navigation menu from their landing page. When they did it they had an increase in conversions by 100%. 

Work on the navigation to make it easier for user experience. You want the lead on the page for as long as possible. You want them to convert. Then, make it easier for them to navigate and find what they need.

17. Research your audience

You know your product. Therefore, you know for whom it’s made. Am I right? So, let’s go straight to the point and tell how knowing your audience and understanding their needs can give you more conversions.

Understanding your audience can triple conversion rate

Rev.com conducted research to know their audience better, and as a result, they tripled their conversion rate. This meant getting customer feedback and interpreting that feedback.

That’s the secret for a successful business - knowing to whom you’re destined. Besides you can improve user experience and get more positive reviews, which improves the SEO and also generates more leads. It’s a big circle that you must be in.

18. Add a USP

A unique selling proposition (USP) is not a new strategy. You use it to inform your prospect of how your products are superior to your competitors. USP is the line between what you do well and what the customers are looking for.

Adding USP on the product page gave educational group revenue by 32%.

A boost happened to the educational group Understand Quran when they used USP. They added the value proposition to their page and had a revenue increase by 32,57%. All they had to do was add a stamp for a 100% money refund and another one to inform an iPhone app is available 

Displaying features and benefits on the product page can give you the trust of the prospects and increase lead conversion. Analyze what is most important to your consumer and highlight it on the page. 

19. Improve your product page UX

The product page is the stage where the prospect makes their decision. Your job is to make it easier for them to convert. A product page optimized for lead conversion can increase the revenue and grow your business.

Improving your product page can result in  a 37% growth.

What you have to do is to optimize the user experience on the product page.

Eastpak added a value proposition to its product page in strategic places, like below the CTA button. As a result, they had a growth in products added to the basket by 37%.

Change how the reviews are shown to the prospects and see your sales grow. Reviews on the product page can convince the reluctant lead about the purchase.

It is on your product page where the prospect makes a decision. Make it easy to navigate and  show reasons for the conversion, such as reviews and guarantee seals.

20. Add a chat tool

Sometimes the prospect needs to ask your company a question. Don’t make them call you, that can be how you lose the lead. After all, not everyone is willing to stay long minutes on the phone. And emailing can take too much time between inquiries and answers. 

The solution can be having a chat tool on your pages—all of them. People don’t feel frightened when they start a chat. They don’t have to add their personal information and can have their questions answered quickly. It can give you more lead conversion.

Want proof?

When Generali started to use the chatbot they had an average conversion of 800 leads a day. That’s because chatbots can streamline customer support. But only adding a chatbot isn’t enough. You must track its performance and analyze how the audience reacts to this resource. See the variations on the chat performance and improve it for better customer support and user experience.

One thing to pay attention to is where you’re going to place the chat feature. It has to be visible with natural interaction, and it can’t compromise the navigation.

Final Thoughts

Doing A/B testing is how you can improve your business and boost your sales. We presented several tricks and additions enhancements you can apply on your website so you can have sustainable growth.

Pay attention to the details of your pages. These case studies are there for you to have inspiration and do things better for yours or your client’s website. These are strategies so you can do your work better.

And for your lead capture forms, you can count on MightyForms. Responsive and easy to build forms. Try it for free.


Heloise Montini

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