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Creating a beautiful form that integrates seamlessly with your brand is just the first step in creating a bridge of communication between you and your audience.

You want to guarantee that the form was filled out properly, making sure that the new subscriber gets a confirmation message of what they signed up for, and immediately notify your relevant team members about this new lead and the next steps. But what if you could do more?

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With MightyForms you can create up to five customized notifications per form. You can copy team members into the e-mail either as CC or BCC, making it that much easier to keep everyone up-to-date and on the same page.

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Empower your online forms

Thank the Lead

The lead gets a customized thank you pop-up message that assures them that they made the right choice.

SMS Alert

You get a text message letting you know that your form was filled out and includes the most relevant data from that form.


The page they were on automatically redirects to a new landing page.

Welcome the client

The lead gets a welcoming e-mail, that guides them through the first steps in the relationship between them and your business.

Check Analytics

Your marketing team gets an e-mail about the new submission and can check the analytics of the form with the integrations chosen.

Close the Deal

Your sales team get an e-mail with all the relevant information from the form submission to close the deal.

Pop-up message

You can create a pop-up success message with customized data from the information submitted. This helps you offer a unique and special experience to the user and help you start building that connection with your audience right from the very start.

Automatic redirect

Adding a Redirect Mapping to your form is a great way to guide your user to the page that is most relevant to them, now that they’ve signed on. It’s also great for your website authority that more and more users are engaging with your site.

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George G


"Streamlined approach to form building and optimization"

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Andrew D

Zapier & Integromat Certified Expert

"Fantastic, easy to use form builder with all the layout a input features you need!"

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Omar A


"Onboarding of new prospects to relevant departments using conditional logic, resulted in a 90% reduction in employee time usage."

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Ralph P

CEO & Founder

"Most dynamic intelligent form builder on the market"

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Harleigh A


"Helpful way to reduce my workload with auto forms and spreadsheet integration"

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Drew L


"Onboarding of new prospects to relevant departments using conditional logic, resulted in a 90% reduction in employee time usage."

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Scott O

Customer Experience Manager

"Quick and easy!"

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Nico (Eileen) P


"It is incredibly easy to build a powerful, modern and mobile-ready Form with a lot of Options, Icons and Tools to choose from."

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Free Templates

Save time by choosing a ready-to-use template from MightyForms’ catalog.
We offer order form templates, contact form templates, application templates, survey templates and more. You can use as many templates as you like and even customize each one so they more accurately represent your brand.

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