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Interact with all your clients with web forms

Connect with more clients with this BigCommerce Form Builder. With powerful customization, you can create beautiful designs in just a few clicks.

From the first contact from a lead getting sent to your email, to everything you need to know about their order getting sent directly to your productivity apps. MightyForms automates these simple tasks to help you focus on what’s really important.

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BigCommerce Form Templates

Get free BigCommerce form templates for contact forms, order forms, customer surveys and much more.

Simple Contact Form

Contact form template with a clean design and the fields necessary to let visitors contact your business easily while getting their contact details so you can respond.

request marketing services form template

Request Marketing Services

Get all the details you need to better help your clients’ marketing and advertising needs with this modern and customizable form.

Multi-step Job Application with Progress Tracking - MightyForms

Multi-step Job Application Form

Introduce your company and gather data from applicants with a stylish multi-step form. Place each step of communication to a separate and nicely organized screen.

Product Satisfaction Survey Form

Collect customers’ feedback about the product you’ve just launched to the market. Ask their opinion If you want to improve your future communication strategy. Start with our Product Satisfaction Survey to have a well-prepared and inspiring base for your specific needs.

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