A new Form Builder for scaling businesses

Laura Pompeu

Online forms that make a difference

Businesses big and small constantly strive to achieve two main objectives: powerful branding and optimized workflow. These two objectives are what fueled Bogdan Glushko, CEO of MightyForms, in creating an online form builder going beyond basic functions to make an actual positive impact.

Whether the product or service is B2B, B2C or both, ideally your brand name is the first thing your audience remembers when looking for a solution you offer. You also need awareness of how effective and structured your workflow is to make scaling your company a tangible process.

Great online forms tackle both of these challenges. When a form is well designed, it reflects the brand’s color scheme, look, and tone. Added functionalities and integrations make a form a valuable asset to workflow optimization.

A good design is half the battle, integrations and functionalities are what help forge the connection the form created into a business relationship.

Online Forms are in every industry

As Bogdan Glushko states, it’s not a matter of industry: “We work with clients in Health, Technology, Law industries, and others – whose Marketing departments struggled to implement multi-functional and multi-page web forms in their businesses websites and workflows. The companies would spend thousands of dollars developing versatile web forms only to redo them again as their industry’s standard and form requirements would change.”

Form requirements are continuously affected by regulatory changes. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018 affects all business digitally interacting with European users. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) just released new updates this year.

The work is never done – And that’s a good thing

Of course, every new product comes with some challenges. MightyForms’ main goals are giving the user complete control and offering functionality outpacing competitor options, which is why it is also available as a plugin on WordPress. Glushko explains that “We created a web form builder that’s fully 2D, where you can drag and drop and resize elements with ease in any way or direction. We want users to really feel the ease of use and intuitively interact with MightyForms’ tools and interface. And that really takes a lot of work to get done. We will be constantly improving it.”

The drive for excellence is what motivates entrepreneurs everywhere to not just settle for “okay”, but continue to expand and improve.

The drive for excellence is what motivates entrepreneurs everywhere to not just settle for “okay”, but continue to expand and improve. And that’s what the creators of MightyForms want to offer, with just a few weeks to go before launch, this online form builder will be the solution for many businesses’ growth and success.

This form builder is for you

Like it says on MightyForms’s message board on Product Hunt, this form builder can’t be perfected behind closed doors. MightyForms invites users from all over the world to try out the beta version and share their feedback, what they are looking for in a form builder and what needs to be done for this to become the mightiest form builder of them all.

Become a beta user here.

Laura Pompeu