Do you want a more productive workflow and more leads so you can grow your business? You don’t need to look very far or invest half your budget on expensive hardware.

A lot of times the best solution for business growth and success is knowing how to optimize the simplest of tools. Cue the online form builder.

Save time with digital forms

Every business relies on forms, from the internal ones in departments like HR and Legal, with job application forms and contracts, and there are also the surveys and lead-capturing forms used in Marketing and Sales.

Transferring those forms to a digital platform with a form builder not only saves on paper and storage space, but also optimizes time.

Automating business processes with online forms is important whether you are looking into small business forms or if you are an established enterprise.

Step 1: Use online form builder / Step 2: Grow your business

Here are the 10 actions you can take with a powerful online form builder that helps you grow your business:

Customize your contact form

Contact forms are usually the first example to pop up when talking about online forms. Every website has one and if they don’t, they need one, they are what make a website a two-way street in the communication between you and your audience. They need to be straight to the point, appealing and efficient.

You can use a form builder, like MightyForms, to simply drag and drop fields into your contact form, making it as simple or detailed as you need it to be. Really take this opportunity to let your creativity shine make sure that the colors, fonts and overall design are appealing to your user and transmit brand trust.

Save up on branding

Opportunities to save money when running a business are few and hard to spot, when it comes to online forms that need to represent your brand, you can easily find yourself spending mountains of money and time that will be needed for a developer to code the form from scratch.

A drag and drop interface on your form builder makes it incredibly simple to create as many web forms as you need and however you need them to look and operate. You can easily make sure that the style and function of the form are according to your business’s standards and with a quick copy and paste you can embed it into your website without a hitch.

Share with everybody

After a form is published, MightyForms makes it very easy to share on social media or as a link. This is ideal for surveys or any kind of form that you want to get in front of a target audience in the shortest amount of time. 


Whether it’s getting in front of all your social media followers and promoting shares, or sending it to a closed and select e-mail list, you can share your forms with the click of a few buttons.

Integrate with your own tools

A good online form builder works as a cog in your business’ machinery, it has to be able to communicate with the other parts and help move along the whole process. A well-designed form helps build the connection, while the integrations help convert that lead into a business relationship. This is where quality native integrations come into play. 


Integrations like DropBox and Google’s Calendar, Drive and Sheets are excellent to pick up the data submitted to your form and save it to your agenda and database. Google’s Tag Manager and Analytics can also be added so you can create A/B testing and make sure that the form is performing well. You can also integrate with over 1,500 other apps through Zapier and make your workflow that much smoother.

Incorporate PDF into fillable online forms

Saving documents in PDF form is already a great tool for productivity and an optimized work environment, so filling them out should be too. There are some overly complicated methods to fill out PDFs that are still used (raise your hand if you ever sent or received a PDF that would need to be printed, signed, scanned, then sent back), but a very simple solution for this already exists.

With MightyForms you can create an online PDF filling form, simply upload the fillable PDF form, drag and drop the fields you need and even add a little tooltip text that helps the user with examples or explaining why you need that information. Once published, you can share the form by copying and sending the link, via social media, or embeding it onto your website.

download filled pdf

On your form’s dashboard you will get a list of all the submissions, simply click on the PDF icon (if you hover the mouse you’ll read ‘Download filled PDF’) and you can download the document with the information submitted. This means that contracts, order forms, receipts, applications and so many other forms that are best kept a copy in PDF can be sent, submitted and filled out in minutes.

Automate a Sales Funnel

Getting leads from the top of the sales funnel to the very bottom is a challenge already without thinking about all the leads lost because they abandoned the form for some reason or other.

It’s important to know how effective your form is and, at the same time, be able to learn from and educate the leads that dropped off.

real-time data capture example mightyforms

By enabling Real-time Data Capture, you can easily see the status of all your form submissions, which can be: Complete, In-Progress or Abandoned. You can select the submissions according to their status, download or access the data via integrations and make sure that all leads get the proper attention you can give them.

Create an upsell offer

An upsell involves convincing a buyer of one product or service to purchase one or additional products or services. The upsell is one of those “old, but gold” strategies and online forms can play a big role in it. 

After a user submits a form, you can take this opportunity to further educate the audience of your brand’s value, with a personalized landing page that thanks them and further informs them. You can also have a pop-up message offering a discount coupon or special offer code that pushes them into a buyer’s mentality.

Make sure everyone is on the same page

For successful business growth, it’s really important to make sure everyone feels connected and up to date on the latest developments. Integrations make sure that your systems know what data is coming in, but it’s important to alert the humans as well. 

Autoresponder notification for sales team_MightyForms

Setting up messages on the autoresponder is quick and intuitive. With the autoresponder you can create customized e-mails with the data submitted, sending a thank you to the user, a heads-up to the sales team, an alert to yourself, even by SMS, and as many more notifications as you may need.

Get that feedback

Speaking of surveys, one vital way to remain productive and thrive in your business is to simply listen. Who is your audience? What are their likes and dislikes when it comes to your product/service? How did they discover you and would they be willing to recommend you?

Feedback Survey with Happy Face

Those are some of the more common and most important questions for customer surveys. You can create shorter or longer and more detailed surveys, the important thing to remember is to use the online form builder to make it easy to fill out. This can mean offering checkbox answers, making the form beautiful and including instructional tooltips.

Onboard new team members

Welcome On Board New Employee

Most of these examples are for online forms that help the communication between the business and it’s target paying audience. However, a lot of these strategies can be used for internal communication that can help you grow your business. Employee satisfaction surveys, Paid Time Off requests and payments can easily be automated with an online form builder.

Bonus! A Form builder WordPress plugin

MightyForms on WordpressMightyForms contact form on Wordpress

Here’s a quick bonus tip for businesses that created their website with WordPress. MightyForms is also available as a plugin so you have access to your entire form database right through your WordPress admin. You can create and edit forms and add them anywhere on your page with the Gutenberg editor.

This form builder is for you

Like it says on MightyForms’s message board on Product Hunt, this form builder can’t be perfected behind closed doors. MightyForms invites users from all over the world to try out the beta version and share their feedback, what they are looking for in a form builder and what needs to be done for this to become the mightiest form builder of them all.

Become a beta user here.