Legal document automation

Increase efficiency with high-quality digital forms that speed up your workflow and make it easier to manage electronic information. MightyForms helps you create forms that you can easily and securely share with your team and with clients.


PDF filling forms

PDF documents are truly incredible space-savers for any business. Since these digital documents are legally admissable in the court of law, law firms and businesses alike benefit from having important information, contracts and agreements safely saved and organized digitally.

MightyForms allows you to have a more optimized workflow by creating online forms from PDF documents and automatically filling in the information submited back into the PDF form.

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Legal document templates

MightyForms offers a selection of legal document templates that you can use to create online forms for your business. Law firms can save plenty of time just by using the online format and then downloading the submitted data back into PDF format.


When dealing with legal information it is absolutely vital to make sure that every bit of data is secure. Which is why MightyForms offers end-to-end SSL encryption on every form so that the information is always only visible to you and those authorized by you.

Check out our Legal Form templates

partnership agreement

Partnership Agreement

General Partnership Agreement template that can be customized and safely shared online.

Promotion questionnaire

Promotion Questionnaire

Business Promotion Questionnaire template. Find out what your clients are looking for so your can be the first to offer the solution.

Request legal services

Request Legal Services Form

Onboard more clients with a beautiful online form and automate the process with the Autoresponder.

Motion to dismiss

Motion to Dismiss Form

Create a Motion to Dismiss form from a PDF template and edit it online with ease.

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