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Optimize Lead Generation Forms with 5 Failproof Add-ons

If your online form is delivering stale and lukewarm results, it is time for an upgrade. Do not settle for collecting data that can barely count as a lead, or worse, no data at all. Optimize lead generation forms to secure quality leads after each submission.  

The MightyForms form builder is easy enough for you to create a simple contact form but powerful as much to boost your basic form into a winning lead generation tool.

My goal here is to show you all the capabilities and functionalities that MightyForms has to offer in order to optimize your lead generation form. If you haven’t had the chance to explore all MightyForms features or not sure if you really need extra settings, I’ll go over how and why you should enhance your online form.

Think of it as a “pimp my form” makeover. Let’s go over the five failproof add-ons to optimize lead generation forms.


1.  Abandoned Form Recovery

It ain’t over ‘til it’s over, baby. An abandoned form doesn’t necessarily mean a lost form. Not even an unrecoverable or unconquerable form. You’ll never know if you won’t follow up to see it through.

You really start to optimize lead generation forms when they not only capture leads, but they retain any lead data that can be nurtured into a closing. MightyForms’s Abandoned Form Recovery will give you this superpower. Zero lead waste policy in my book. 

Why You Should Recover Abandoned Forms?

You might think that you’ll be just fine if your form is performing well enough that the total amount of leads generated is higher than the form abandonment rate. Just as long as your gains outperforms your losses, right?

Maybe your form is not generating that many leads, but hey, the form abandonment rate is so low, why bother?

But when it comes to any business, a single customer can make a difference. That one customer could be the one who brings more revenue than the rest of your list altogether. Or that customer could be so influential as to bring even more customers to your business.

The key message here is you can’t afford to lose any lead, whether you’re a small or big company.

Now, adding to that argument, if the process for recovering abandoned forms is not complex or costly, why not find out the reason people left your form incomplete?

The hardest part was to attract potential customers to be interested enough in your business to even bother to start filling out your form in the first place. It is easier and cheaper to convince this prospect to follow through with an optimized lead generating form than to acquire new leads.

How the Abandoned Form Recovery Feature Optimizes Lead Generation Forms

Just as important as knowing how many leads your form generates, it’s knowing how many forms are being abandoned.

If you’re aware of an issue, you at least have the chance to fix it.  Flying blind might not give you key business information to improve and therefore grow.    

Imagine being obliviously satisfied with the number of submissions you’re getting, to only realize you could be doubling results if you had the analytical data.

That’s what the Abandoned Form Recovery feature provides as it keeps track of submissions in real-time, as forms are being filled out.

Abandoned Form Recovery - MightyForms

By activating this MightyForms add-on you’ll get:

  • Form Analytics

Optimize lead generation forms by getting proper insight into your form’s performance. Pinpoint exactly where customers are dropping off. If you spot a form abandonment trend, you’ll be able to fix and improve your form. 

For instance, if prospects are leaving at a required phone number field, make it optional or scrap it off.  If people stop filling out mid-form, try reducing its length perception either by actually cutting off unnecessary fields, or make it multi-step, showing few fields at a time, or use the Logic Rules function to only trigger the next question according to the previous answer.

  • Lead Nurturing Data

It is well-known that 80% of respondents abandon a form after beginning to fill it out. And sometimes the reason for abandonment has nothing to do with the form itself or your business. That’s when a follow up can turn it around to recover leads with further nurturing.

By optimizing your lead generation form with the Abandoned Form Recovery feature, you’ll be able to gather any information given. Even if you’re only left with an email address, that’s all you need to persuade that customer back. A little incentive can go a long way.


2.  Save & Resume Forms

Have you ever started filling out a form but you had to stop for some reason? You didn’t mean to abandon it but you just couldn’t finish it at THAT time.

Maybe you were killing time while in a waiting room and got called in the middle of the form. Or you were about to RSVP to a wedding ceremony but your phone’s battery was dying before you finished it.

Perhaps you were online shopping and realized you didn’t have your credit card with you just when you were about to complete the payment form. Or you really wanted to be part of a webinar but had to check your calendar first before committing to the registration form.


Why You Should Offer the Save & Resume Option?

There are plenty of reasons for wanting a little bit more time to finish filling out a form without losing any information already given. And it is in your best interest to give your prospects the convenience to finish it later, rather than leaving them with no option but to give up.

Just don’t count on customers coming back later either. Make sure of it by giving them the option to finish filling out the form later – and keep reminding them of it.


How the Save & Resume Functionality Optimizes Lead Generation Forms

The Save & Resume functionality provides respondents with the flexibility to save whatever they were able to fill out and resume it whenever it’s best for them.

This failproof add-on will not only reduce or avoid unintentionally abandoned forms but it will help to convert leads. The Save & Resume extends the time for a conversion possibility, rather than losing it prematurely.


Save and Resume form functionality - MightyForms

 By activating MightyForm’s Save & Resume add-on you’ll get:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

Honestly, even if a prospect already had the intention to submit a form right then, just by offering the chance to resume later will create a positive impression of your business. When there’s no pressure to commit, the customer experience is enhanced.

Not to mention the added convenience of saving form progress. You’ll show prospects that making business with you is easy and friendly, by saving their time instead of making them retype information or start over.  Great customer experience lies in the details of the entire purchase process, not only on the product or service alone.   

  • Auto-reminder

The flexibility of saving progress to resume later is great for the customers. But it is only great for your business if or when they actually submit the form. You can always go back and nurture leads from incomplete forms if it’s only a few of them.  But if there’s a lot of forms saved for later, it can be very time-consuming to contact each manually.

By optimizing your lead generation form with the Save & Resume functionality, MightyForms will do the heavy lifting for you. An email notification will be sent automatically to all leads with unfinished forms. The auto-reminder will nudge prospects to convert them into customers for you.     


3.  CRM Integrations

A growing business needs more than a form builder, it needs a form management tool.  Creating a lead capture form is the turning point of the lead generation process. But it is how you handle the leads once they convert into customers that impact your revenue.

A successful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) starts when you optimize lead generation forms to seamlessly integrate to other platforms that can transform captured leads into loyal customers.


Why Have Your Forms Integrated to CRM Platforms?

If your form is performing well and capturing leads, then take collected data to the next level. Valuable customer input should be your most important asset. MightyForms makes it easy for you to safely transfer data to native CRM software integrations.

If you have no sales experience and you’re just starting your business, it might be hard to keep track of every order by yourself. But even if you have a stellar sales team, CRM platforms can automate the workflow of each step for each team member, making it easier to meet sales goals.

web form integrations MightyForms

How the CRM Integrations Optimize Lead Generation Forms

Your form is not done after getting a submission, it can still help to increase the conversion rate. To connect your form to the best CRM platforms is easy with MightyForms. Simply select the form to be integrated and from the builder dashboard, go to the Integrations menu.

MightyForms can be seamlessly connected to Clio, the Legal Client Intake Software for Law Firms, or to Pipedrive, the Sales Pipeline Management Software, for instance. For even more options, simply enable Webhooks to automatically send form data to any app of your choice.


By enabling MightyForms CRM Integrations as an add-on you’ll get:

  • Automatic data transfer

Any form created with MightyForms can be automatically synced to other powerful tools and platforms. By combining MightyForms expertise on form building to the CRM expertise of well-known platforms, you get to automate the streamline of lead generation with the best of both worlds.

  • Security

Since MightyForms Integrations are seamless and automatic, there’s no risk of a data breach or data loss. You can rest assured that your customer intake, your most valuable asset, is safe within the MightyForms database. Also, all data exchange between platforms is protected with end-to-end SSL encryption.


4.  Email and SMS Notifications

Time is of the essence when it comes to optimized lead generation forms. You need to act quicker than your competition.

If you need to login to your form builder every time to find out how many submissions you got or if there’s a pressing issue among your customers, you might be already too late.


Why Do You Need Notifications Enabled?

When you enable email or SMS notification for each submission, you stay ahead. If it’s an order form submission, you can set up a notification to be sent to your sales team so they can work on the proposal.  If it’s a complaint, you can get in contact with the customer before it is exposed to social media, for example.


How the Email and SMS Notifications Optimize Lead Generation Forms

The difference between basic forms to optimized lead generation forms is that the latter keeps you updated.  It helps you to speed up and automate processes when you customize the message to each recipient too, including your customer.

By enabling MightyForms’s Email and SMS Notifications you’ll get:

  • Autoresponder

MightyForms allows you to set up notifications to multiple people automatically after each submission. Get instantly notified of a new lead by email or SMS, without the need to log in. This add-on greatly improves productivity by keeping everyone involved in the loop.

As to the customer, you can set up a personalized success message, thanking them for their business or to let them know of the next steps.



5.  Design & Branding

The last failproof add-on maybe you didn’t even consider it as an extra feature. But when you see so many similar form designs out there, you should really start to pay better attention to the layout and branding of your own form.

Why You Should Improve the Design and Branding of Your Form?

Generic-looking forms might pass unnoticed by visitors or worse, look spammy and suspicious. With MightyForms, you don’t have to choose functionality over style. You can create fully responsive and highly appealing forms at the same time.

If you prefer, you can use one of MightyForms pre-optimized and ready-to-go templates. But you really optimize lead generation forms by incorporating your own brand identity to your form to really make it as an extension of your business.

How the Design and Branding Optimize Lead Generating Forms

A lot of research has been conducted to find out which form layout performs best. Which colors trigger an action or which letter font is more inviting. The design and branding of your form is not a superficial matter, since it does affect conversion rates.

You truly optimize lead generating forms when they not only stand out from the rest of your website but when they set your business apart from the competition. Highly performing forms convey professionalism and trustworthiness.

By improving the design and branding of your MightyForms form you’ll get:

  • Fully Customizable Design

Building your form with MightyForms will make you feel like a professional graphic designer.  With its intuitive drag-and-drop editor, you can customize any element of your form. Resize and reposition any field for better effectiveness.  Make it dynamic by adding images, videos, maps, and much more.

  • Branding

You have the option to incorporate your own branding when creating forms. Change the background, add your color scheme, customize the URL, and proudly display your logo on it. Help your customers identify and distinguish your brand.  MightyForms makes it easy for you to save your unique theme for future needs.


Are you ready to accessorize your basic form with powerful failproof add-ons? Optimize lead generation forms with MightyForms to increase conversions now!


Olivia Pompeu

Olivia Pompeu is a Communications, Public Relations and Marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in global companies, overseeing communications strategy aimed at promoting business objectives to stakeholders.