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How to Nail the Local Lead Generation Game

Local lead generation is key to business growth nowadays.

It’s a more specific strategy than the broader, and more widely known, lead generation. Local lead generation is all about targeted online efforts to attract new prospects from locality-specific searches.

And I’m about to introduce the best tactics and tools you can use to improve your lead generation game in minutes.

What is Local Lead Generation?

The very main goal of every business owner is to keep thriving. Businesses can only grow by acquiring more customers or new clients.

In a broader sense, lead generation is any effort to initiate consumer interest into a product or service, ultimately leading to the closing of a sale. That’s why a responsive online form is essential to get information from prospects, especially for small businesses and independent professionals.

Local lead generation, as the name suggests, it’s an even more narrowed down and targeted lead generation effort. Search engines like Google, Bing, and Apple Maps will analyze local content, links, social media interaction, citations, and even addresses, in order to rank higher the nearest located business.

Why focus on Local Lead Generation?

If you simply have your business website up for general interest, then you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities.

The internet has become a battlefield and the winners are those that best understand how search engine algorithms work in order to stand out from the competition.

Considering that Google has over 200 ranking factors, for instance, and one of Google algorithm criteria is location, then you want to influence that organic search to your favor.  

What is SEO:

By definition, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process to increase the visibility of a website of an organic search. And local lead generation is one of the most efficient SEO strategies.

The idea is to basically set up your website in a way that shows you’re “from the neighborhood”.  Whenever someone searches for a product or service, search engine algorithms will prioritize providers using local SEO to rank best those in the same area as the person.

Think about how you can enhance your local lead generation by making your website show up first when there is a “near me” query on Google search for example.

Why care about this now?

Think outside the box - sign

Never before has ‘going local’ made more business sense. The global economy is taking a heavy blow this year and even gigantic companies are struggling to keep businesses afloat.

It is time to reinforce efforts towards local patrons. Time to step up your local lead generation game!

Luckily, technology is here to help so you can achieve local results smarter, faster, and much cheaper than manually acquiring new customers.

Locality-specific landing pages are essential to growing your local lead gen. Drive online traffic to your website simply by increasing your local online presence using a mass landing page generator, like the WordPress plugin the Multiple Pages Generator (or simply MPG).

Real-time Data Capture - MightyForms 2.0

Combine Local lead generation tools

Imagine being able to dominate your business niche in your service area. MPG allows you to create thousands of landing pages targeting specific keywords from your specific business terms or locations.

Simply put, you’ll be funneling online organic search into your website to increase local lead generation.

And in order to guarantee a call-to-action, to each landing page created with MPG you can automatically add in bulk a lead-capturing form created with MightyForms to convert visitors into submissions.

One MPG template with one embedded MightyForms form, generating unlimited unique landing pages, what a winning combo!

7 Effective Local Lead Generation Elements

There are several approaches and tactics to nail the local lead generation game. Some efforts only require a few tweaks or additions to your website, others are through paid advertising, but all aimed at increasing search visibility.

Here’s a list of the seven most effective local lead generations elements:

1. Pop-Ups

Perhaps the oldest lead generation strategy around, pop-ups today works as a gentle reminder. At least, a lot nicer than the nosy loud ones from the past. The reason why pop-ups are still being used is that they work, but they are paid advertising placement, of course.

Pop-ups may be a great way to offer a discount, alert about upcoming events, or invite visitors to subscribe to a newsletter, among many uses.

Onsite pop-ups evolved too, now they can be shown right when a page is opened or exited, it can be timed, clicked on, or even set to appear after scrolling.

2. Contest or giveaway

If budget is not an issue, then a contest might be a very effective local lead generation strategy. Talk about persuading people to submit a form if given the chance to win a prize.

You might need professional help to set it up, but contests can generate tons of leads in a very short timeframe.

3. Social Media

questions on board

Social Media might not be the easiest strategy, but it is free. You may manage your business social media yourself or hire a professional. The idea is to keep your social media engagement high, with local posts, promoting products, sales, or a contest, for instance.

The main benefit of social media towards local lead generation is its shareability. So make sure to add a share button that leads to a lead generation landing page for easy sharing by viewers.

4. Local SEO

This local lead generation strategy is so obvious, that it should be part of your website design in the first place already. This is all about fail-proofing your content to rank as high as possible for organic searches.

For starters, be sure to claim your business on Google My Business; improve your internal linking structure; display clear local address information and optimize URL, title tags, headers, and create local content. Oh, and double-check if your website is mobile-friendly.

If your website is hosted on WordPress, then definitely try the Multiple Pages Generator plugin. It makes it easy for you to create landing pages in bulk where you can target specific keywords and locations.

5. Local SEM

For this local lead generation approach, you’ll need to do some investment. Search Engine Marketing is basically paid online advertising. It might not be cheap, but at least you’ll secure a spot on the first page of search engine results.

Some ways it can be done is through paid Google Ads or Facebook Ads. There are also sponsored posts on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  Although you’ll get targeted placement, you’ll get more clicks if your website is ranked well organically than through paid ads.

6. Landing Pages

Landing Pages are truly the tour de force of all local lead generation strategies. Basically, all previous approaches discussed on this list will most likely need a landing page as a destination page anyway.  

Landing pages, also known as lead capture pages, are part of a website but specifically designed to convert visitors into leads. But the real hack here is to generate multiple local landing pages, thus greatly improving your Local SEO, ultimately increasing your local lead generation.

7. Web Forms

If landing pages were doors, then forms would be the key that unlocks local lead generation. Forms can be done without a landing page and embedded into any online page, but a landing page will always need a form to actually collect prospects’ information.

A landing page will promote what’s being offered but a form is THE call-to-action trigger. Bear in mind that it needs to be done right. You need an attractive and fully responsive form that works from any device. Also, consider automating the form workflow allowing you to manage submissions easier and faster so no lead opportunity is lost.

Combining WordPress lead generation tools

form analytics

By now you should have concluded what is your sure bet when it comes to nail the local lead generation game. The local landing pages with responsive forms combo is the most cost-efficient and time-efficient strategy that will get results within the shortest period of time.

Instead of having different websites for different locations, different website sections, or even individually create each local landing page, you must get acquainted with a mass landing page generator.

Let us introduce you to the Multiple Pages Generator plugin for WordPress. And then, just as quickly, count on MightyForms form builder to add a responsive form in each local landing page all at once!

The MPG: Multiple Pages Generator

Real-time Data Capture example - MightyForms

This WordPress plugin is the solution for web developers or SEO professionals looking to create multiple landing pages in bulk under the same domain. MPG allows you to keep your website lean and fast while boosting it with unique pages within minutes.

With MPG you can quickly generate, customize, and easily manage unlimited pages in your domain. Other than locations, these multiple pages can be created for products, partners, translations, and profiles as well.  You can basically hook each page with any targeted keyword that improves your Local SEO to increase local generation leads.

How MPG Works

It is very easy to create and customize multiple landing pages in bulk with MPG. And even better, without crowding your WordPress site. You’ll just need a template page and a CSV file with your targeted keywords, like locations, for instance.  

  1.  First off, you’ll need to download and activate the MPG plugin on the dashboard of your WordPress website.
  2.  Upload a CSV file with your variable data. Make sure that your CSV file contains an URL column with your custom URLs for each new page. Each one must be a unique URL suffix within your website and it doesn’t need to be included in your domain name. For example: myawesomebusiness.com/raleigh-nc/
  3.  Then, create a new template page with shortcodes on WordPress. You can even edit an existing page as your template. Simply include the generated shortcodes from the column header names from your file in the proper format: {{mpg_heardername}} and publish it.
  4.  Go to the MPG plugin and once you set the template page, click on Upload Settings. That’s it! All of your multiple new pages are active and functional.

MPG Extra Perks and Features

-You can edit or update anything, anytime very easily. Whether it’s adding new keywords or URLs to your CSV file, including a map for each address, embedding a video or revamping style or content in your template page.

Create unlimited multiple unique landing pages within minutes and get unlimited possibilities for local lead generation growth.

-Not familiar with shortcodes? Don’t panic, there is a tutorial video with clear step-by-step instructions on how to use the MPG plugin. Oh, you can try the demo version to see how easy it is to generate unlimited pages in bulk.

-MPG has special shortcodes to use on your common pages or posts to generate filtered or grouped lists of results from the database so you can easily create inlinks. Like a group of cities within a state, for example.

-A sitemap generation tool that allows you to automatically create sitemaps including all of your thousands of new pages. That oughta catch search engine’s attention!

-Easily and seamlessly embed a responsive form automatically to each landing page created with another WordPress plugin, the MightyForms form builder.  Then you’ll be all set for local lead generation.

The MPG: Multiple Pages Generator

Since a responsive form is what actually converts a visitor into a lead, let us briefly walk you over this WordPress plugin. A landing page might promote a product or a service but it will be meaningless without this call-to-action element.

A form embedded in a landing page allows visitors to fill out their information to request information or a callback, for instance. Now that you know how to mass create thousands of landing pages with MPG, adding that form in each one at once is your next step.

You can create all sorts of forms with MightyForms, like email subscription forms, order forms, payment forms, surveys, or contact forms to be seamlessly embedded in all of your MPG landing pages.  

MightyForms is a form builder that offers comprehensible solutions for web designers, business owners, and independent professionals.  MightyForms solutions are readily available on the WordPress plugin directory, as well as a separate app. You can create unlimited forms with unlimited fields and submissions.

From the WordPress dashboard, download and activate the MightyForms plugin. You’ll then be able to build your form from scratch or from a template, with easy MightyForms drop-and-drag editor. Be sure to check out our full tutorial on how to create a form in WordPress with the MightyForms plugin.

Now you’ll be tackling the local lead generation game like a pro. Why? Because MightyForms automates all form workflow for you, increasing your productivity. This plugin can automatically send a success message to each submission received while notifying you or your team of each new lead.

Also, MightyForms Real-Time Data Capture feature allows you to keep track of submissions as it is being filled out or even abandoned, so you can recover leads automatically. You’ll be able to make better business decisions too since you can see on the referral URL which page converts the most leads or where needs more attention.

Local Lead Generation Facts

In case you’re still thinking local lead generation is not that big of a deal, I’ll leave you with some hard cold facts:

  • 46% of all searches on Google are looking for local information.
  • 88% of consumer local business searches on a mobile device either call or visit that business shortly after.
  • 92% of searchers will select a business from the first page of local search results
  • more than 50% of those “near me” queries result in a store visit
  • The search term “where to buy” has grown by 85% in the last five years

Yet, these facts don’t reflect on how this year’s challenges made consumers rely on the internet even more. Neglecting simple efforts to optimize your Local SEO is a mistake. Hopefully, you now realize that nailing the local lead generation game is essential to business growth.


Olivia Pompeu

Olivia Pompeu is a Communications, Public Relations and Marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in global companies, overseeing communications strategy aimed at promoting business objectives to stakeholders.