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20 Best Lead Generation Tips for Insurance Agents

Increasing leads is one of the most promising strategies to make a business grow. Increased leads as an Insurance Agent is what brings to you more customers and prospects. That’s why you must plan your lead generation strategy carefully and always offer the best service possible.

In this article, you’ll get to know 20 tips to improve your lead generation and how you can apply them in your own business.

Why Insurance Agents need a lead generation strategy

Being online is what brings the majority of new customers to your insurance agency. As an insurance agent, you must be struggling to find more clients. And adding a website is one of the greatest ways you can do to conquer more potential clients to your business. But first, you must call their attention. That’s why you have to keep a strategy for lead generation.

You create a lead generation strategy so you can have more quality leads that can convert into customers. And then, you increase the business revenue.

We have 20 tips for you to create the best strategy your business deserves and for you to gather more leads and, in consequence, get more customers. 

How to get more leads as an Insurance Agent

Insurance agents deal with a very specific target audience. However, you must as well focus your lead generation efforts on lecturing the new leads. Targeting people that don’t know yet they need insurance. A good way is to tell them why they need insurance.

Create posts for social media explaining why insurance is important and giving reasons for the lead to have one. Bring up the kind of insurance you’re selling and explain to the lead everything you can in a few words. It sounds harsh but is not impossible. Teaching your lead is one method to get more customers.

Here you have 20 tips to increase your leads as an insurance agent:

1- Create a Website

If you want customers, you must show your presence. And being online requires certain tools and resources you can't afford not to use. And a website is part of this requirement list. That's because your online presence depends on you having a website.

Creating a website is the basic first step on the quest to conquer more leads. And there are several services that allow you to create a website without needing to code.

You must build an optimized and responsive website. The lead must be able to access your business from any kind of device and get a great user experience from it. More and more queries are made from smartphones. In fact, 63% of Google's organic traffic originates from mobile devices.

On your website, you add the types of insurance you offer, how people can contact you, and any other relevant information for the lead to be well informed.

2- Provide powerful forms

Forms are a great method for attracting more leads. They are simple to build, and simpler to be used. And it is the easiest way to collect more email addresses to your mailing list. These are leads that can convert into customers.

The forms you build have to call the attention of the lead and be helpful at the same time. It’s part of the form job to be helpful and to make it easier for the visitor to sign up, get in touch, or make a comment. And when you set the forms up, you can enable features, like Save & Resume, that make it easier for a new lead to subscribe.

3- Add videos

Videos are an entertaining way to educate your visitor and attract more leads. Just like the forms, your videos must be made so it helps the visitor with a problem they may have. 

You can add videos explaining the different types of insurances, for example. You can even produce a series telling everything that is to know about insurance and, by the end of each video, you promote your brand.

This creates engagement with the lead, and also brand trust.

4- Add a map to the website

You won’t add just any map. The map is what guides the lead to your business in person. This is a great help for you to be found online locally.

Adding a map to the website increases your local presence. People looking for a business online can easily find you and contact your business. It grows your visibility and creates more trust in your business.

You want to be found online so you can increase your customers. To generate more leads you must follow strategies that can help you with the task. And a map is one way to do so. You can direct new clients straight to where you are and help Google to find your business among several others alike.

5- Add integrations to your forms

Forms are one more way to attract leads to your business. So, the more optimized they are, the more leads you’ll get. 

To improve your forms you can use several tools, features, and integrations. These advanced settings make your forms easier to manage and to respond to submissions. This increases your online presence, generating more leads.

There are many options for integrations in order to enhance the forms to be used on your business website.

The following integrations can be added to the form using MightyForms:

And several other integrations to make your job easier and to optimize any forms you use. 

6- Include a chatbot on landing pages

Being accessible brings leads to your business. And a chatbot makes your business accessible. It helps the lead to get in contact with your business for quick solutions and to clear doubts without necessarily waiting for the contact form to be submitted. 

A chatbot solves some issues the visitor may have in an easy and fast manner. You can ask for their email address and add an opt-in so they can agree to receive information about your business, like a newsletter, for instance.

The visitor can have their problem or question answered in a few minutes, and you can collect more leads faster.

7- Enable the field keys to feature on the forms

Pre-filled forms can help you avoid form abandonment. Especially if your forms are a bit long. This feature allows you to use data from other existing forms or a third-party service or app so you can personalize and optimize your forms.

Make the communication streamlined and more prominent with the Key Field feature. Allow each form to be automatically pre-populated with key answers, such as name and email address, making it faster and easier for the respondent.

Create a system that attracts and converts more leads by being simple to use.

8- Add Logic Rules into your forms

Your form can be simpler and easier for the respondent if you set up guidance through it. Use the Logic rules feature to determine which will be the next question according to the previous answer.

This feature allows the respondent to be guided along the form, removing questions that don't apply to them. Answering only the specific and necessary questions creates a personalized form, directly to that lead. It also prevents a high abandonment rate.

Use this feature to create intuitive and interactive tools and offer the best solution based on the answers. You can, as an example, determine which kind of insurance is the best for each client before having a meeting just by using a form with precise questions.

9- Show customer reviews and testimonials

Present reviews and testimonials on the website it’s a proven way to attract more leads. According to Google,  good reviews help businesses rank well on search queries. And the better you rank, the more leads you’ll get.

As an Insurance Agent, you must promote your reviews. This is how new leads can get to know your work and come to trust in you and in your work. Ask past and current customers to give testimonials and then show them on the website you’ve created.

Not only can you rank better on Google search results and get more leads, but also you get new customers that value reviews to know what your customers have to say about your services. 

10- Work with Webhooks

Webhooks is another resource you have to connect data and information from one app to another. Send all your data straight to the services of your choice using webhooks. You can select which fields you want to send data to. And then you speed up your system and processes.

Webhooks are increasingly popular. And the reason is that webhooks make processes faster and easier. You can save time and money using webhooks. Since you’re connecting two platforms, using data from one to another, it streamlines the process, allowing you to dedicate time for more important tasks.

11- Build a unique URL for each form

Personalizing each form URL with the right keywords makes it easier to be found online. In your case, it must include the type of insurance you offer. Doing so you can be sure you’ll be found online on specific queries.

Creating a unique URL with MightyForms is easy. And is also a great opportunity to increase leads. To create a custom URL for each of your forms you first select the form you want to customize from your dashboard. Click on the share button and then type in how you wish the URL should be. Simple as that.

It’s helpful if you’re sharing the form on its own or as a landing page. 

12- Offer free webinars

You are in a business area that can be confusing for most people. Offering free webinars to conquer leads may result in acquiring new customers. 

First of all, people love free stuff. Second, if a person is in need of insurance, it is a good help to get the full information before making a decision. And since you’re the one helping with that information and explanation, chances are the lead will likely choose you once they make up their mind about getting an insurance service.

13- Promote referral programs

If you like a service or product, you’ll talk about it to everyone you know. It’s a natural reaction. Now, if you get something in return for such a referral, you get more motivated to do so. And is to motivate your customer to talk about your service that you create a referral program for your insurance business.

Offer advantages to those bringing new customers to you. It attracts more leads and generates bigger revenue for you. 

14- Get active on social media

Your online presence doesn’t stop with SEO efforts and a well-built website. Your online presence needs to concern social media as well. One thing to keep in mind is that social media is your ally. And this is a detail you must never forget. 

It is so because people are on social media. We communicate, buy, and sell, trust reviews, and look for any other kind of business detail available on social media. Those are things that count when making a decision.

Add your webinars invitations, embed your forms, create exclusive content. Put social media to work on your business benefit. Go where your lead is and show them how different you are and present the reasons why they should choose you. 

15-Send success messages after each submission

You do want your lead to come back. So you must first delight them. And one simple way to do so is to send a success message after each form submission. You can guide the lead through the next steps, thank them for choosing you, and notify them that the form has been successfully submitted.

Attract more leads by creating a closer relationship with them. When you send a success message you create a channel of communication, setting a more comfortable place for the lead to build the response and to interact with your business. This builds brand awareness, and eventually, brand trust.

We have an article about success messages that should be interesting for you to get to know more about how a thank-you message can help you with lead generation.

16- Enable Abandoned Form Recovery feature

Sometimes a lead starts to fill out your form, but for some reason, they don’t submit it. With the Abandoned Form  Recovery feature you can see at what point it happens and get to work to conquer the lost lead. 

Nurture the lead and do your best to conquer them back to complete the form. Email them to prove you're their best choice and that may convince them to take the action to finish the form. Also, demonstrate your expertise so the lead can trust your work and become a customer.

Learn more about the Abandoned Form Recovery feature.

17- Create content for a target audience

Targeting an audience is one more action to take that brings qualified leads to your website. You’re in the kind of business that people will come to when they need insurance. This means you can be sure of when to reach out for leads that are ready to make a deal with you.

For this reason, you have to create content that can also reach people who don't realize yet they need insurance.

For those, you create specific content about the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey. This is the moment you build blog posts telling the importance of having insurance, telling about the specific insurance you’re selling. 

Or maybe you prefer to target an audience on the consideration stage, bringing to you leads that are ready to make a decision but need more information first.

You can also target based on age, gender, interests, marital status, etc. The important thing is to have a target so you can make the best, customized content for those leads, increasing your chances to be found by search queries.

18- Consider conversational forms

Conversational forms, or multi-step forms, are easier to be filled out. And it is also less overwhelming for the respondent. And this is one of the aspects that prevents form abandonment.

Use this option in case you have a long-form that needs to be filled out. Or to make your forms more interactive.

You can create a dynamic contact page with a multi-step form, which creates a better interaction between the page and the lead.

19- Create lead magnets

First, let’s make it clear what a lead magnet is. The lead magnet is what you offer to attract the lead. It can be:

  • webinars
  • e-books
  • white-paper
  • infographics
  • podcast

As an Insurance agent, you have a lot of content that can be given for free, in exchange for the lead’s email address and contact information. Give your best and receive more quality leads back, increasing your revenue in the process.

20- Create interactive tools

Interactive tools are great because you not only give free value content, like knowledge about the subject of your expertise insurance. But you also collect data, like lead’s email address.

You can, perhaps, build a quiz, so the lead can test their knowledge about the insurance world. This idea is fun, entertaining, and informative, all along. And it can certainly collect more quality leads to your business.

There are other interactive tools you may offer. It is interesting because it keeps the visitor entertained and it generates brand awareness.

Final thoughts

As an insurance agent, your main challenge is to convince people that insurance is one of the most important things they need. Embrace this challenge and follow our tips so you can conquer more leads and have sustainable growth.

MightyForms is a form builder that has integrations and features to create the best forms for your business. Try it for free.


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