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How to optimize lead generation with your contact form

Once your website’s contact page is up and running, you can’t help getting that feeling of excitement. Much like opening the doors to a physical store, a contact form is the digital bridge between you and precious new leads ready to hop into the sales funnel. Which it’s why it’s so important to make it as powerful as you can so you can optimize lead generation.

Get a lead-capturing form

You are ready to start receiving all those qualified messages immediately and give each one your full attention and unique response. Well, it doesn’t take a seasoned business owner to tell you that those two things either won’t happen or will only hinder your business’ growth for being too time-consuming.

Business contact forms

First, you need to create a powerful contact form that actually converts visitors into leads, and second, you could spend days just answering emails or you can save time and money by automating part of that process.

Get qualified leads

Most experts define a ‘qualified lead’ as a lead that has demonstrated an interest in the product or services offered and is more likely to convert into a client. This means that while the standard “Name, e-mail and message” fields of a contact form are great, your focus needs to be on what you actually need from a lead to qualify them and send the best pitch.

A ‘qualified lead’ is a lead that has demonstrated an interest in the product or services offered and is more likely to convert into a client.

Elements as simple as a dropdown or checkbox asking the lead to narrow down the reason for their outreach can help you save a tremendous amount of time and energy. It also means that you should fend off bots with a simple ReCaptcha V3 enabled in your form.

Get there faster with automation

Let’s face it, modern audiences are used to fast-paced customer service. Once a new lead fills out your form, something needs to happen so that they know that they made the right choice in contacting you. They need to receive a personalized message letting them know that they are a step closer to a solution for their problem.

Well done icon

The easiest and quickest solution is to make sure you create a notification with the autoresponder. Set it up so that the message goes to the email that the new lead submitted, and you can even personalize the message by adding data from the submitted form, like:

Success Message and redirect

Get accurate form analytics

Most studies will tell you that the best performing online forms are no more than five fields long. However, they will also say how performance depends on the industry, so how can you be sure about what exactly to change or update on your contact form?

analytics shown on the tablet

Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics are two free tools that can offer you invaluable insight when integrated into your form. You can do A/B testing and measure form completions as lead generation goals. Real-time Data Capture is one of MightyForms strongest features and can also be used to keep track of where leads drop out of your online form and the data they submitted, even if they abandon the form.

Advanced Settings

Get personal with a human approach

Nobody wants to be just another number in a sales client sheet, they want to receive proper attention and prompt service. All these automated messages and electronic forms are there so that you have more time and are better prepared to better serve your client’s needs.

workplace brainstorm

So, make sure that you show up for your client before your competition does. Create a notification that goes to your e-mail as well, that way you are immediately notified of a new sign-up and integrate your form with the CRM and other systems that you use to automatically onboard your new lead into your sales funnel.

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