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Top 7 Booking Form Templates to Automate your Business

Booking forms are one of the most resourceful forms you can have on your business. They are practical and can collect any essential information you need to cut down your work.

Booking forms are used by the most diverse industries since they allow you to book any service or product offer, and accept payments directly from the form. If scheduling is needed, then a booking form should be used. For example, any business can have an appointment booking form, since in every business you need to schedule appointments and meetings.

In this article, you’ll see seven booking form templates and learn when and how to use them. Remember that all MightyForms forms are mobile-friendly and easy to edit, using the drag-and-drop system. Build the best forms for your business.

Best booking form templates

Before we list the booking form templates, do you know what your booking form can’t afford to miss out on? Don’t worry, we’ll update you on the details. 

Here are the main some features your form needs:


The first thing is that all forms must be responsive. U.S.people are searching and buying on their mobiles, therefore, your website and forms must be accessible from any kind of device. 

Terms and conditions checkbox

One more thing is to add a disclaimer to the form. Make sure your potential customer knows your policy and how your business works.

This transparency also helps create business trust.


Web Form Designs - MightyForms

Any booking form needs branding. Customize the forms using the colors, typography, and, most importantly, the company’s logo. Learn more about how to design a web form.

Google Tools Integration

You can have your forms integrated to Google Tools, such as Google Analytics, Google Sheets, and even Google Calendar. This lets you create an organized process, where all data can be saved and you can access any form submission at the time you need it.

Definitely set up the Google Calendar integration. You’re booking meetings, services, or scheduling hospitality requests. No better way than to organize all your clients, avoiding overbooking. Make sure you have the right amount of guests per day.

By using Google calendar you can not only have the best form but also avoid double-booking.

Stripe Integration

Set Stripe payments on your forms. This can help your clients to complete the booking and nothing else is left to do but to enjoy your services.

1- Hospitality Booking Form

This form template works very well for all kinds of hospitality business you might have. You can edit it to meet your expectations and to represent your brand. Add your company’s logo, change the colors, add images. Personalize it according to your purpose.

 Hospitality Booking Form Template MightyForms

When should you use a Hospitality Booking Form?

The main use is for B&Bs, hotels, resorts, among other businesses of the hospitality industry. 

Hospitality forms are a way to collect information about guests. And you need that information to keep everything recorded and organized.

Which fields do you need for a Hospitality Booking Form?

When building your form there are some details you must collect so you can plan accommodations for your guests. You’ll need to know:

Name for the reservation

Phone number


Number of guests and rooms

Check-in day

Check-out day

It’s also nice to ask if there are any special requests. And, if you offer a pickup service, you can include a field  for it.

One last thing. These are fields your form must-have. But it doesn’t stop you from having more if you need it.

For instance, you can add testimonials on your booking page, so prospects can have some guidance with requests decision-making.

2- Student Accommodation Request

You use this kind of form if you have a service that offers accommodation for students. It can be for college students or exchange students. It can be also for a long period of time, like a year or more, or it can be for just a few weeks. You must first determine what kind of students you’ll be hosting.

 You can also see if families are accepted or if it is only female or male accommodations. If you’re going to provide meals or kitchen use. There are several points to analyze when deciding how your accommodation is going to be.

But, one point is certain - using a form can streamline your process in order to have more applicants.

Student Accommodation Request form template MightyForms

When should you use a Student Accommodation Request Form?

Anytime you’re offering a certified student accommodation you can use this form. Tailor the form according to what you’re offering, like  what kind of place and any convenience you’ll offer..

If you’re housing or offering some kind of hospitality business that accepts students, this form is also a great help to streamline your workflow.

Which fields do you need for a Student Accommodation Request Form?

You’ll need some mandatory information, such as the name and the length of stay. Other information you may require :

Some kind of documentation, like a passport for international students;

Special requests. In case you offer meals, per example;

Number of guests;

Number of rooms;

Type of room.

See all the options you offer and add the options for prospects to select it if they want. You can make this long form a little less overwhelming building it as a multi-step form. Divide the questions into multiple steps and make it friendlier for the respondent. It can reduce the amount of form abandonment.

3- Guest Registration Form

This is a form designed especially for hotels. And if you have international guests or are aiming to reach this audience, this form can help you achieve this  goal and have more guests.

Change the background, typography, and colors. Add your logo and edit the fields in order to cover all the information needed. . Customize the form in order to collect specific information about the guests you’ll be  hosting.

Guest Registration Form template MightyForms

When should  you  use a Guest Registration form?

You can use a guest registration form if you’re a hotel or other kind of hospitality service. This form is specific to this kind of industry. And it’s designed for big or small businesses. It’s responsive, which means that your guests can apply from a mobile phone..

Which  fields do you need for a Guest Registration Form?

These fields are necessary so you can have on your records any relevant data from each guest, such as:



Phone number;



Place of origin;

Type of room;

How many people are staying;

Length of stay

You can ask for more details, adding more fields, if you think it’s the case. Just watch for the form length. An extensive form can make people abandon the form without booking it. If you ask for too much personal information it also may scare off the lead and cause them to abandon the form, making you lose a potential guest.

4- Car Rental Form

Booking forms ain’t just for the hospitality industry. For example, if you have a car rental company you can also use a booking form. That’s because it is also a kind of booking. After all, you have to rent a car and keep it for a certain time. Booking it for a long time.

Car Rental Form template

When should you use a Car Rental Form?

This form is for the use of a very specific industry. Only if you have a company that rents cars you can have some use for it.

It is a dynamic and informational form. You can collect any data you need for your records and security system. 

Which fields do you need for a Car Rental Form?

Besides basic information, like name and driver’s license, you’ll need to ask:

Phone number;



Car type;

Fuel option

Car manufacturing year;

Car options and features;

Rental length;

Pick-up and Return location

You can personalize each field with car details, and customize the form to match your branding.

5- Hire a Car Form

This form is more straight to the point in comparison to the  form above. It is also about renting a car, but with less information requested. Perhaps you can use it for when you have fewer types of cars or when you rent for a shorter period of time.

Hire a Car Form template

With this form template, you allow your customer to personalize their request by adding comments. It’s interesting when the person has more specific requests.

You can, perhaps, have a niche business, that rents classic cars, per example. This form is perfect for your needs since it focuses on clients’ details.

The fields can match the car rental, and you can always add or remove fields, according to the needs and your purpose.

You need basic information and also data about the request. Remember to keep all information collected organized.

6- Appointment Booking Form

Book appointments and meetings using a specific form for it. This form template is a great start for your purpose. You can add more fields, personalize the data collection, and customize using branding.

You can invite and get confirmation of gatherings, business meetings, and any other kind of appointment you’re planning.

Have a business meeting set up using this form and get notified every time a guest confirms their presence. This can streamline the process and keep the meeting organization updated in real-time.

Appointment Booking Form template

When should you use an Appointment Booking Form?

Companies have meetings. Marketing strategy meeting, Financial meeting, Planning meeting, among so many other reasons. And sometimes it is hard to get everyone on the same page or the same day. Plan and senda form for confirmation in order to gather everyone on the same day, without having to spend time with a memo. An online form is cheaper and easier, and your company can organize the meeting system by using one.

Which fields do you need for an Appointment Booking Form?

On the form, you can add the reason and the date options for the appointment. Then, the necessary field is the attendance confirmation status and the name. But you can also ask, as well:


Date available for the meeting;


And any other field you feel like it’s necessary to set up an appointment or meeting.

7- Cleaning Booking Form

As we said above, there are more reasons for you to use a booking form than what you can think of. It’s not only hospitality that can use this kind of form. Probably your business can have a booking form in the organization, like the appointment booking form, or on the website, for  scheduling visits and services.

This is the case for the cleaning business. You can embed a booking form to your web page and let your clients and prospects select which type and which day for the cleaning schedule. You can also turn your booking form as a landing page.

Cleaning Booking Form template

When should  you  use a Cleaning Booking Form?

Cleaning services are the kind of service that people use from time to time. It’s a specific industry. Therefore, you only use this form if you have a cleaning business, or offer a cleaning service. 

You can add payment information, or even add the payment method on the form, using Stripe integration. Personalize your form to meet your expectations and needs. Use it to collect more leads and convert them into customers.

Which fields do you need for a Cleaning Booking Form?

Besides the usual fields, like name and contact information, you’ll need details about the service and the scheduling. You can include in your cleaning booking form fields and questions like:


Type  of service;

Number of rooms to be cleaned;

Cleaning level

Customize the form to attend your needs. Add the right number of fields, requesting only the necessary information. 

Final Thoughts

Forms can help you generate more leads to your business. Besides, it’s a simple way to keep your records organized and streamline your process.

Using MightyForms you can easily make any request with integrations, like Google Calendar, and set payments using Stripe. 

MightyForms has the features and integrations to make your job easier and to help you achieve your goals on lead capture and conversion.


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