Property Seller Form

Looking for something to organize communication with property sellers? House sellers and real estate agents would definitely benefit from using this form. This responsive and multi-step form is a good point to start your own questionnaire. Use in pair with RealTime Data Capture Feature of MightyForms Builder and see if someone had started but posponed the request.

Design & Personalize

Use this free form template and customize it with MightyForms’ form builder. All templates are 100% responsive by default. Personalize the colors and fields, and make it your own with your logo and custom success messages.

Publish & Integrate

Publish your online form with a click of a button. Just copy and paste the code to embed it on a website, or use the link to send it to an email list or share it on social media. Automate your workflow with powerfull integrations.

Collect & Share

Keep track of real-time results and views of your forms right on your MightyForms dashboard. You can export your results as a CSV or have them automatically sent to your inbox or integrated with a productivity app.