Employee Emergency Contact Form Template Template

A brief questionnaire designed to gather the necessary contact details about an employee for an emergency situation. This template focuses on collecting the most basic contact information, but you can also effortlessly expand it with additional questions if you see fit.

Design & Personalize

Use this free template and customize your Contact Forms anyway you like. With MightyForms’ drag & drop editor, you can easily add, edit and delete a variety of fields. Include your logo and the colors and theme of your choosing. Any edit you make to the theme of the form is saved to your account, so you can use it on other forms. Add a personalized pop-up or confirmation e-mail to your respondents.

Publish & Integrate

Publish your Contact Forms with a click of a button. Just copy and paste the code to embed it on a website, send it to an email list or share it over social media. You can integrate your Contact Forms with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, that way you can more easily keep track of how well it is performing. You can also integrate your form with thousands of apps through Zapier.

Collect & Share

Keep track of real-time results and views of your forms right on your MightyForms account. Our templates are 100% responsive, so your respondents can fill out your Contact Forms from any device. Edit existing entries and download the reports anytime. You can also customize notification emails to be sent to you and members of your team, optimizing your workflow and keeping everyone on the same page.

Convenient sharing options

MightyForms provides the easiest and most comfortable way to share your forms on popular social media platforms, offering automatically generated quick links. Whether you choose the Embed or Popup option to share your form, you'll get a unique URL that you can use to send it to your mailing list, or seamlessly post it wherever you like.

Form tests with no limit

Check the functionality of your form immediately as you edit it, without having to spend submissions for the tests to be completed. Simply go to Preview > Submit > Submissions, toggle the switch, and see if your sample is ready to go live.

Limiting form access

The Form Limits feature is meant to control incoming fill-ins for each individual form, which can be especially useful when hosting events or conducting research. Enabling restrictions only requires you to set the maximum number of submissions per form, or specify a certain date until/after which submissions from users will be accepted. This tool also allows you to add a Disabled submissions message where you can thank your audience for participating, or invite them to take part in one of your other surveys.

Reports & Analytics

Finding out how well your forms' are performing and exporting your results can all be accessed from your form's Form Reports and Form Analytics on Submissions tab. The reports reflect the total number of times each of your forms has been viewed, number of new users completed, the time it took for reporters to complete your form, and more, so you can easily determine what improvements are needed.

Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager tracking ID

Boost your business growth with proven marketing tools. Track universal data from your online form straight in your Google Analytics reports and manage tags on your website/mobile app to conduct quality market research and gain a more complete understanding of the needs of your audience. MightyForms now offers the option of embedding Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager tracking ID to your form to provide the best results possible.

Referral URL for a form

Discover which pages or social media platforms give your forms the highest user engagement rates, and define those worth focusing on by leveraging a referral URL to share the forms and track their effectiveness.

Frequently asked questions

Nope, not a single line. All you have to do is drag and drop the required elements into your workspace using the wieldy MightForms editor, populate the fields with engaging content, and throw in an image or two for good measure. That's how your beautiful form comes into being in a matter of minutes.
Sure! MightyForms offers an unlimited selection of template customization tools to accommodate any goal and taste. Once you’ve chosen a suitable option from our plentiful template catalog, you can easily modify its fonts and colors, upload custom images, rearrange elements as you see fit, and even add your company logo for a professional touch.
Absolutely! After you finish editing the template and have it published, you will be presented with generated embed code that you can easily copy and paste wherever you want your form to appear. Alternatively, you can easily share your form using the ready-made shortcode, or simply by hitting the Share button.
Yes! Being armed with the plethora of integrations supported by the MightyForms builder, you can seamlessly connect your great forms to your favorite web applications, such as Google Sheets, WordPress, or MailChimp, and transfer data with no effort at all.
As of right now, for payment forms we're using Stripe to capture sensitive information such as credit card details. MightyForms doesn't record and store credit card data on it's side.

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