Whichever business you’re in, you will be using web forms, even if it’s just for that plain and simple contact form to add to your website. So why does the form builder you use matter? Because with the right builder, your online forms can do so much more for your business’ success.

Launching a new kind of form builder

When MightyForms officially launched, as an MVP, it already stood out from its form builder peers because of two of its main features: the Real-time Data Capture, that shows you every submission in real time, even if they abandon the form, and PDF filling forms that send the filled out forms as PDFs straight to your inbox. These features tie in directly to MightyForms’s mission:

Help you create meaningful connections and optimize your business.

Getting the first customers

As it turns out, there’s a quite lot of people that want their businesses to be optimized. So many, in fact, that MightyForms was the #5 Product of the Day when it launched on Product Hunt.

Even before then, we were lucky enough to have counted with amazing beta testers that played around with the builder, pointed out bugs and offered invaluable feedback and suggestions. We will always be open for feedback, we don’t care about what competitors are doing, but what you need doing.

Creating powerful online forms

So how exactly does an online form become powerful? Think about it, online forms may have started as quick replacements to paper forms, but their potential is infinitesimally higher. Not only do they have a broader reach and are more practical to fill out, but they can also be integrated into multiple company processes to optimize a workflow.

Integrations, functionalities, and autoresponses are key features that can be added to your forms with the right form builder. These features are what make the biggest difference in creating a workflow that works for your clients and for you.

An example of a powerful form

A powerful form is one that includes only relevant fields, so it’s faster to fill out, the data is automatically shared with the right people and the next steps are made clear to all involved. So let’s say your company offers a service, like legal consultancy, you could include a Service Request form embedded into your website.

Team of business people

A Service Request form for legal consultancy can include fields asking for contact information, industry and company size and, more importantly, what specific legal matter they need to consult. Integrations with Google Calendar can make sure that a first meeting is already set up, autoresponses confirm the submission for the user and notifies your team, and Real-time Data Capture lets you see every submission as it’s filled out, even if the user abandons the form.

This form builder is for you

Based on feedback we’ve been getting, MightyForms is about to get a whole lot mightier (pun intended). With a large selection of templates, the ability to create forms from non-fillable PDFs and new integrations that will help you get the most out of your forms.

Try out MightyForms and let us know what you need to create powerful forms for your business.