Although there is a day designated as Be Kind to Lawyers Day, there isn’t much cultural sympathy for lawyers. If only the public at large was aware of the hard work done behind the scenes. A lot of that work starts even before taking on a client. A good client intake form is where to start.

Take into account the whole intake process

A prevalent problem for law firms of all sizes is a surprising lack of an adequate intake process accompanied by poor follow up, moreover, for solo and smaller firms, prohibitive pricing of products such as Westlaw and LexisNexis. Before taking on a new case or client, a firm has to complete an intake with the prospective client. What is needed is a process that must be streamlined, efficient, and most importantly, mistake-free.

Add your own logo and provide an immediate follow-up

Larger firms have the financial advantage of outsourcing this function or dedicated departments, but for solo and smaller firms, a practical solution is utilizing MightyForms as an add on, building effective client intake form(s). MightyForms also gives law firms of all sizes a white label advantage, meaning that for a reasonable expense a firm can upload its own logo, resulting in a more polished professional presence which can be advantageous for a solo practitioner or smaller firm.

“Providing immediate responses to initial calls and emails were the most important factor for potential clients at 67 percent.”

Keep track of the form’s performance and never lose a lead

Real-time data capture is another advantage since lost leads result in lost income. With MightyForms’ autoresponder, you can immediately notify your relevant team members about this new prospective client and the next steps. The potential client receives a customized message you create, letting them know there will be follow up. Many firms do not purposely ignore a lead, but they do not have a structured process implementing online resources like MightyForms.

“Online services… are available in abundance, but close to 70% of lawyers are not using any of these tools, representing another underutilized area to be explored.” -American Bar Association, TechReport 2018

Automate the intake process

With MightyForms, the law firm gets an e-mail notification that the form was filled out, as well as relevant information from that form. The page the prospective client was on auto redirects to a new landing page. The potential client also receives a welcome email guiding them through the first steps with your firm. PDF filling forms are another advantageous feature of MightyForms.

Google Analytics and Tag Manager integrations

With the work put into creating your form, you also want to ensure you are tracking analytics. This is to verify where your marketing budget is best spent wisely. You can check the analytics of the form with the integrations you’ve chosen. MightyForms integrates with Google Tag Manager, Google Drive, and Google Analytics. With a solid intake form and process, you’re now well on your way to securing new clients.