Avoid the Frustration

Everyone talks about ‘optimizing the workflow’ but not enough about the time spent looking for that solution, making sure it’s qualified for your specific business, and implementing it. Rather than dig through and waste precious time, stick with the proven solution that does PDF filling and so much more – MightyForms.

The cheap or free editors only offer basic features and don’t convert files accurately. Moreover, if you work in or with a heavily regulated industry, you are aware that basic features won’t do. 

Customizable and Fillable PDFs

MightyForms offers a new and better way of working with documents. You can upload an existing PDF form you can create and customize that form online, making it available by sharing it or embedding it into your website. Each submission can be saved and downloaded in the original PDF format.

Why use PDF documents

  • The PDF format is standard for the legal industry.
  • They’re portable, make for great storage, and powerful for search.
  • Along with these features, they’re easy to share.

However, a couple of the biggest challenges of working with a PDF are editing and signing. The majority of PDF editors are not easy to use or intuitive, nor do they function smoothly. Also, depending on your industry, you must ensure to maintain compliance and security. 

Specifically, for those working in either the legal or human resource industries, you are aware of the importance of:

Maintaining Industry Compliance, Maintaining Security and Ease of Use

If you work in HR, you are aware of how the process of onboarding new talent requires a hefty amount of paperwork, both initially and in the long term. 

From the Employment Application to the Hiring Process Checklist, and on to the Employee Career Development Action Plan and further on to the Employee Career Development Competencies Assessment, you can quickly build, edit and sign forms to your specifications and upload to the cloud for easy access and storage. MightyForms has you covered. 

PDFs provide security, in that unless permitting users to alter it, the document cannot be modified.

So go on and develop your Employee Performance Management Toolkit, as well as forms for Insurance-Request to Continue or Cancel Coverage.  Alternatively, build Organizational Charts, as well as covering Diversity, EEO and AA, Employee Development and Inventory of Employee Strengths and Development Areas. 

MightyForms gives you the power to build your forms for your unique needs while ensuring security and compliance. 

*You can create the above forms, and staff can submit the above via any device, and your organization can keep the completed PDF in your organization’s cloud.

If you are in the legal industry, you are also aware of the critical role of PDF documents, along with being the most economical and the most practical, PDFs offer:

  • Legal admissibility in court
  • Document security
  • Operating system compatibility
  • Searchability

*PDFs provide security, in that unless permitting users to alter it, the document cannot be modified.

How To Upload a Fillable PDF Form

  1. Upload a fillable PDF form to the MightyForms Dashboard
  2. Customize your form’s style
  3. Option to embed, with code provided

PDF filling forms

The Green and Time Saving Solution

Transfer your documents to a digital platform with a form builder- it’s great for the environment, as well as for optimizing storage space. Best of all, you save time.  

So, save yourself time, add efficiency, and streamline your document process by using MightyForms. Sign up today.