As a lawyer or paralegal, you encounter people at what is possibly one of the most stressful times in their lives. Creating a more comfortable and less stressful experience is critical to earning, retaining business, and, more importantly, trust from a prospective client. 

From creating effective intake forms to cutting down on non-billable work time via using templates for boilerplate language, automating your administrative work with MightyForms is a smart investment. 

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No code

All of this is possible without the use of any code. Those with zero coding or web development experience can use the full suite of MightyForms features. With a robust help resource library and excellent responsive customer service, MightyForms creates a supportive, effective solution for those with zero coding skills.

Low code

Those who do have a bit of coding or web development skills can fully expand upon MightyForms features — creating low code solutions for various types of businesses and platforms via Zapier integration or WordPress

Cut down on non-billable hours

On average, drafting an employment contract should take less than 45 minutes. Building yourself a template with boilerplate language, and tweaking as needed per client situation is a beautiful advantage of using MightyForms to further cut down on non-billable hours. 

Stop losing leads

Larger firms can afford to outsource the majority of intake work. But if you’re a solopreneur or smaller firm with a lower operating budget, chances are you are doing the majority of intake work. In this case, the right intake form can make a world of difference. 

Setting up an autoresponder for form submissions is key to not losing out on leads due to reduced response time. What’s even better is utilizing analytics capability within MightyForms.

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Keep in mind:

The overall goal of the intake process is to improve client satisfaction.

Make intake convenient and straightforward.

The overall goal of automation is to cut down on non-billable work hours.

There is a delicate balance between obtaining absolute crucial information and just enough to open a prospective client file. 

Intake TIPS

Make it quick and easy to fill out.

Capture the necessary information to open the case; COMPLETE information promptly. 

Give an estimated timeline for the turnaround in reply, for example: “our goal is to respond in 48 hours”– don’t lose the lead, set up an autoresponder. 

Make it a combination of traditional and conversational form.

Just the facts, ma’am.

Basic contact information

full name


phone number (best one to reach)


Case information (varies depending on the type of law practice).

(example, personal injury)

  • Nature of the accident or injury
  • What injuries (if any) occurred
  • Date of accident/injury
  • Where accident/injury occurred
  • Income (establishes a client’s ability to pay)
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Send auto reminder 

Create your form (from a template or scratch), and plug it into your CRM or LMS. 

Using an essential software tool like MightyForms to process leads can build immediacy. 


Asap is best, but setting up an autoresponder and process set up to contact prospective clients within 24-48 hrs is ideal. According to Law Technology Today, law firms take on average three days to reply to contact forms. Three days! An autoresponder and prompt follow up can give you a definite edge. 

Do you have analytics set up to see how effective/ineffective your form is? 

MightyForms features include:

Real Time Data Capture

Form Abandonment Solutions

Lead Generation Data Capture

Once completed, export into the software program of your choice. 

Legal Management System, CRM

Happy form building!